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Teacher Bullies, Makes Classroom Oink at Student

gay blog, gay news, bullying, oink, teacher, student, apology
Oink oink! The Bowers Elementary Teddy Bears do impressions.

Bowers Elementary School in Harriman, Tennessee is facing criticism today after a teacher’s bullying left a student in tears. And by bullying we mean:

Hayes allegedly told the student, “Your area looks like a pig sty. Oink, oink.”

According to the letter, the teacher went on to tell other student to “encircle (the child) and call him a pig and make pig noises.”

She was suspended without pay for one day and offered the opportunity to apologize to her students, but there is no word on whether that apology took place.

Oink oink? Eek. No word on that apology? Can we get word on it, please? And if it didn’t occur, can we get two words? Like maybe “you’re fired”?

You can read the director of schools’ smackdown letter to Ms. Debbie Hayes HERE.


  • God. Human beings today. That teacher shouldn’t even be called a teacher.

  • Anonymous

    Very sad. She should have been fired!!! Case closed … If teachers behave like that what do you expect from students?

  • TC Wilson

    Growing up with ADD, in the first grade (but no one wanting to admit it), my mind was usually flipping channels instead of doing classwork. So, by the end of the day, I ended up with only partially completed assignments. My teacher at the time encouraged my classmates to call me names like “pokey puppy” and the like, which left me in tears the majority of the time. She even attempted to keep me after school without my mother’s knowledge (who had to come find me, thinking I had gone missing). The woman even gave me a copy of that “Pokey Puppy” children’s book for Christmas!

    While it has left me feeling inadequate for the past 20 years, I did come out of the experience able to withstand any bullying I received from then on. Right down to the fights I got into with kids from that class when we were all in the third grade.

    I feel for that kid. I really do. I wish my mother had been able to do something about what that teacher did to me emotionally. So, I hope that child’s mother does as well. His area being a mess might have been a reflection of his home life, though. She should have been at least mildly concerned.

  • amy

    i whould have fierd her too.. we get enouf of that stuff from kids we do NOT need or want it from teachers too. arnt teachers supossed to be there 4 kids and to help them. not to make them cry by oinking at them…..and watt does she mean i did not no they were tounting the pour chiled thats most likely wat she wanted

  • Why wouldn’t it happen again? She got away with it the first time! Smh. She humiliated, mentally abused, and bullied a little kindergatner kid over a little mess?? This teacher should be fired! And all of the administration who protected her, including dude in chair (who is acting like “reasonable” actions have been taken ~did she get her butt whooped? did she get fired? then no reasonable actions have been taken) should be fired right along with her. The administration seems to be condoning this “teacher”‘s actions. Fire her. Why isn’t she fired Mr. Director of schools? And why aren’t you fired for not taking the correct action against her?