teacher writes s, aclu, anti-gay

Teacher Writes ‘S’ For Sinner On Gay Student’s Hand

teacher writes s, aclu, anti-gay
Andrew Braham, 17, says he is facing expulsion for BEING CALLED a gay slur, not for saying it himself.

Paloma Valley High School is under investigation by the ACLU, the granddaddy of “You did WHAT now?!” establishments after a laundry list of incidents involving discrimination, homophobia, and ineptitude on the staff’s part.

Students were prevented from participating in National Gay & Lesbian History Month, the victims of bullying are being disciplined rather than their harassers, and in one case, a teacher even wrote an “S” for sinner on a student’s hand.

Press Enterprise reports:

Teachers and students took their concerns to Paloma Valley administrators, the school board and the ACLU. District officials say they are addressing the complaints.

“We take them very, very seriously,” said Leslie Ventuleth, spokeswoman for the Perris Union High School District and its chief human resources officer.

Uh…except it sounds like you don’t at all. The ACLU doesn’t get involved with institutions that are doing an outstanding job of protecting American Civil Liberties all on their own.

Concern over their students’ welfare prompted Machado and teacher Elizabeth Darovic to speak out. Darovic helped form the Paloma Valley Gay Straight Alliance several years ago and is still an adviser.

“It’s your responsibility as a teacher to support kids,” said Darovic, an English teacher.

About 30 to 50 students, not all of them gay, attend weekly alliance meetings after school. Students have grown increasingly frustrated about the southwest Riverside County school’s climate, the teachers said. Some have filed formal complaints with the school district. Others spoke publicly at school board meetings.

“It doesn’t feel like a safe place to them,” Darovic said, but nothing happens when they complain. “There have been no consequences.”

Teachers and students cited several issues and incidents that have occurred recently, most during the current school year. In one instance, a teacher drew an “S” on a student’s hand and repeatedly referred to the student, who was wearing a T-shirt that read “Gay is Good,” as a sinner throughout class, according to a complaint with the district provided by a teacher.

The school says the teacher was “dealt with,” not fired. Students say the scarlet letter teacher struck more than once. Additionally, a student who argued back after being called a gay slur was suspended two separate times, while his assailant went unpunished. Students say they are the victims of hate crimes on school grounds that teachers and administrators refuse to do anything about.

Wowzers. It sounds like Paloma Valley High School needs to check itself. We’re so glad that students felt empowered enough to launch formal complaints and call upon the ACLU to protect themselves from a school that obviously is failing to do so. This situation should (But won’t if any of the myriad of schools in similar hot water for failing to protect their students from harassment is any indication) open the eyes of teachers and administrators across the nation. The jig is up. Do your job!

We’re horrified at the scarlet letter teacher, and Paloma Valley High School’s continued employment of the jerk. Thoughts?

Via Press Enterprise

  • Lexi Suarez

    Oh I’d be raising hell if my kids were in that school!

  • Kelly González

    I think this is abhorrent.

  • Ashley Valencia

    So much for all those policies put in place to defend our students from teachers who might bring in religion, discrimination, etc into the classroom.

  • Travis Owen

    Demand refund of tax money paid for that school and then start a home schooling group!

  • The Pandora Effect

    Honestly, the same thing has happened even as far north as Wisconsin, which really isn’t that surprising. I recall quite a few times where I was called gay slurs by other children, argued back, and I was the one punished. That happened a few times before I worked up the courage enough to put my foot down. Unsurprisingly enough, during one of those times, I had the principal of the school in question flat out ask me if I was gay, and demanded I answer him. I told him it was irrelevant to the situation at hand, and he disagreed. I got suspended for three days for that, until I snapped and threatened legal action and specifically targeted him. It just goes to show you though. Acceptance has come a long way, but the journey is far from over.

  • OOOOOOOOHHHHH MY LORD D: WTF I thought America had a fair and respectful education system…

  • ShowMeGuy

    I would be raising HELL if my taxes for school funding went to that school.

  • This is terrible. I really hope they find a way to stop this from happening. I hope they get more of the media involved as well as national media; I think that would greatly help their efforts since much hasn’t been changed. Someone should contact ABC on this one! :3 This stuff is so ridiculous, I hope it’s dealt with soon!

  • Anonymous

    What that teacher did was wrong, and the students there should respond by all writing a nice big “S” on their own hands in solidarity.

    And the teacher should be disciplined, probably fired. But why wait for that to happen, when the students can act NOW, in an effective but non-disruptive way.

  • no, we actually do not. Great Teachers are always under-appreciated… see how students over at Japan respect their Teachers?

  • I feel that the school district should get a very large lawsuit, and have the money allocated to support gay marriage legislation across the country. In addition, not only would they lose their jobs, but should be educated extensively on diversity, as well as attend those weekly GSA meeting’s and let each student tell their story about how these “Educator’s” have effected their lives.