Gay blog: Gallagher likes his jocks!

Teenager Masturbates Onto Jock’s Underwear? Yep.

This video pretty much speaks for itself, but here’s the story.  He’s seen breaking in no less than 11 times! During one fun visit, he left a used condom tied to one boy’s shoe.

Kansas City’s Fox 4 reports that two students eventually discovered Gallagher and chased him out of the locker room. Gallagher, being the bright light that he is, was wearing his FedEx uniform while committing his transgressions. How queer!

Here’s more:

(via Queerty)

  • Did anyone notice the squirrel on the tree when the one guy was talking? It was quite entertaining. 0:18 Seconds in.

  • i’m too busy watching them to pay attention to the story :p

  • so, my question is, why were the underwear out in the first place, instead of locked in the locker? i know that i, for one, never left my stuff out.

  • Sloppy jocks! ;D

  • Is it weird how much attention I paid to the squirrels on the tree in the background?



  • ME TOO!!!

  • I was thinking the same thing, Brian. And I’ve been out of school 30+ yrs…we had locks back then. Something’s fishy here!

  • steveogurule

    What does him being gay have to do with it? Why are you featuring this story? Do you think we want to claim him or his actions? WOW unicornbooty, you really did us all an injustice by posting this ridiculous story.

  • Emily Phillips

    Do you really want them to be the rainbow version of Fox News?

  • Anonymous

    Oh.. phew… thought I was the only one!

  • Me too!

  • branni

    pft, those jocks wanted it. hence the reason they left there underwear out or they were doing some teenage exploring in the back or something…….

  • Jason Shreeve

     I like how the cameraman pans the camers over to them.