anti-gay, schools, stacey campfield

Tennessee Senate Has Passed Don’t Say Gay Bill

anti-gay, schools, stacey campfield
Shame on you, Tennessee.

We told you earlier in the year about Senator Stacey Campfield’s Don’t Say Gay Bill being passed by a Tennessee Senate committee. Today, the entire Senate has voted to approve the bill. The Don’t Say Gay Bill, which will prohibit Tennessee schoolchildren from even uttering the words “gay” or “homosexual,” is just two stops away from becoming the Don’t Say Gay Law.

The AP reports:

NASHVILLE, TN – (AP) – A measure that would prohibit the teaching of homosexuality in Tennessee public schools has passed the Tennessee Senate.

Under the proposal approved 20-11 on Friday, any instruction or materials at a public elementary or middle school will be “limited exclusively to age-appropriate natural human reproduction science.” Republican Senate sponsor Stacey Campfield of Knoxville says “homosexuals don’t naturally reproduce.”

Campfield says current state curriculum is not clear on what can be taught.

The companion bill has been withdrawn from consideration in the House. But its sponsor has said he will bring it up again next year if the Senate version passes.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, Tennessee would become the first state to enact such legislation if the proposal passes.

The AP report also points out that students with same-sex parents will be unfairly targeted by the bill, and legally prevented from even discussing their parents while at school. They aren’t the only ones being victimized by this bill.

Gay students struggling to come out will be unable to discuss their problems with trusted teachers, gay teachers will be legally prevented from talking about their spouse, and guidance counselors will be required by law not to dare speak up to help a suicidal gay teenager who is being abused and outcast at home.

This isn’t hyperbole. This is becoming law in the state.

We’re absolutely mortified that grown adults could even think up the idea of this bill in the first place. The goal of this bill is to pretend gay people don’t exist. If gay students end their lives due in part to this literally state-sponsored hate against them, they will only be helping Tennessee achieve it’s goal.

We’re speechless. Please share this story with your families and friends. Please post it to Facebook and Twitter. We have got to show our brothers and sisters in Tennessee that we are there for them, that we are mourning the passage of this bill, and that we will be here for them the second they turn 18 and hightail it out a state that would rather see them dead then have to hear someone even say the word gay.

  • well here we go we can say the pledge of alegence and no we can say GAY or HOMOSEXUAL wow what r we coming to now a days damn people…… 

  • WTFH???????  I guess I can’t be surprised…but this makes me ashamed to call Nashville my home.

  • Okay, I am now glad that I did not choose to go to school there. Wow, what is TN coming to? Wow wow wow wow wow.

  • How the hell can they get away with this?????? All americans, str8/ gay/lesbian/bi sexual. black/white hispanic.whatever race or gender you are . Are entitled to “freedom of speech!!!!!!!! The last time i knew that was a constituational right!. Young People.. do not give up who you are or what u are because of some predjuice state. stand up for who you are. and stand proud!!!!!!!!!!! dont let some predjuice, politicians tell you who you can and cant love.. That goes for the whole state of Tenessee, glbt community. Dont stop believing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t help our cause that your article is accompanied by a “penis bedazzle”… 

  • Randal Lewis Haskins Jr


  • Candi

    If the world ends tomorrow, it’s because the people voted yes. I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY! 

  • Jen Normoyle

     I have a strange feeling this might be overturned simply on the First Amendment amongst other illegal ramifications. Someone needs to challenge this right out the door. 

  • Ben Hennessy

    At least it’s okay to say “Takei”.

  • Kate Hollandmorechocolate

    This is simply outrageous!! How can anyone exercise such hatred? Doesn’t anyone have some common sense?! Well, good job, you will have accomplished what you intended, that is, if you intended the gay suicide rate to get even higher. What the hell? Why does your personal opinion on gay people have to put many others in misery? If you don’t like them, sure, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to take away their basic rights. 

  • Ashlyn H

    Being a minor, and student, in the state of Tennessee, I am outraged. I’m straight, but I have friends who struggle with opening up about their sexuality because people in the “Bible Belt” are so closed-minded when it comes to anything that challenges their Bible. If you don’t like gay people, don’t hang around them. It’s that simple. Not only is this bill immature, it’s completely disgusting and goes against everything America stands for. I don’t understand how something so discriminatory is being passed! I’m guaranteed freedom of speech. If they want to take away part of that, I’ll exercise it in a very angered email to my state representative. Blacks had to fight for their rights, women fought for theirs, and now it’s time to fight for freedom of sexuality. Congratulations America, you never cease to disgust me.

  • Kate Schirmer-Smith

    This is horrendous.  All I can say is stay strong!  This will never stand up in court.  Tenn. has a very dark cloud over it but please know that so many people in this country support the GLBT community.  Please youngsters, support each other and don’t let these narrow minded, cold hearted people let you forget that IT DOES GET BETTER!  All of you straight kids out there show the old doddering fools how it is done.  Support your GLBT friends, stand up for them—and plan a trip to Vermont! 

  • Alexi Murphy

     Well Tennessee lawmakers just cemented their place as the most homophobic assholes in the nation.


  •  This is definately a form of discrimination. 

  • John T

    I think it will only be a matter of time before this is ruled unconstitutional. 

  • Scotty

    It almost makes you want to cry, but instead, I want to scream and yell and raise some serious Hell! This is absurd and NOT AT ALL what schools need to be enforcing. I understand there’s a lack of wiling to teach about “homosexual behavior” but solely basing it on our lack of “natural reproduction” is insulting, cruel and disgraceful. The homosexuals are adopting the kids that come when these protected students go out and reproduce “naturally” and don’t really want the child because it was a mistake. We clean up your messes! Stop bitching about us! We make you look good… I bet you she is wearing clothes designed by someone who doesn’t “naturally reproduce.” This is obnoxious and astounding. She needs to learn a little more about the world before trying to blindfold children. 


  • Anonymous

    The people who voted for this should be charged with the murder of every struggling teen who ends up committing suicide because of it. This is so sad it makes my heart break.

  • BlueEyedCubETN

    My parents never failed to make sure I understood that no American under the age of 18 has ANY freedoms. Freedom of speech is for adults. Minors do not have the same rights under the Constitution. This solidifies that fact. This is an attempt to control children at the STATE level. I am totally against the bill, and I think it is disgusting to allow this.

    Also, I would share this, but Unicorn Booty’s name and the fact that it doesn’t always check out facts before posting ‘news’ keeps me from doing so. What kind of person will change their mind by clicking on a link named “Unicorn Booty?” I will find a link from a much more reputable source to share. Sorry.

  • BlueEyedCubETN

    I live in the state of Tennessee, and it is just going to get worse. There’s a new bill in the works called “Special Access for Discrimination.” This bill will allow businesses to fire or refuse to hire anyone who might be gay. It is an attempt by businesses to hire based on their values and the values of the patrons of said businesses. The state of TN is making sure the gays within its borders understand that they are NOT WANTED THERE.

  • This is exactly what we don’t want in Tennessee. What gives this bigot the right to legislate hate. I will follow up on this by writing my state representatives and senators. If we take the time to put into writing how we feel, then we can say we did something to stop this.

  • This is dumb as shit.. i hope they all burn in hell!!! stupid haters..

    it should not matter if your gay or not.. you are still human…

  • Anonymous

    Ever heard of freedom of speech?  this will  never stand up when it gets challenged in court.  these politicians are supposed to REPRESENT ALL THE PEOPLE… 

  • Greg Peterson

    this bill is pretty gay..

    umad Tennessee? 

  • This is SOOO stupid, I mean doesn’t our Government Workers have more to do that pass ignorant and useless bills into law? If you teach kids at an early age that things are wrong then they grow up that way, IDIOTS!

  • honestly this is a dumb bill isnt this a free country people should b n do as they wish putting stupid bills like this is just takin away freedom

  • Holly Ralph

    These people literally just signed away their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT and have zero problems with it. Don’t they realize that once you
    start banning words associated with something you dislike, other words
    will replace them? And since they set the precedent of being able to
    actually BAN WORD USAGE, you are no longer protected in any way with Freedom of Speech. This is dangerous ground!!! And nobody seems to care… And yet, a NY congressman lies, but then admits fault, about something that has ZERO effect on anyone else, and everyone’s up in arms calling for him to resign against his will?!? What the hell, nation!! Get with the program!!

  • Kate Schirmer-Smith

    What is wrong with this stat?.  We really need to hit them in the pocketbook and make them aware that we will not travel to their homophobic state until they change this law and their policy.  They are declaring war on the GLBT community and on The Constitution.  I can’t wait for this to find it way to court.  Another state that we can all feel ashamed of—Texas, Tenn, Arizona, WI (keep fighting WI!!!), Florida.  I am getting ready to throw the towel in on New Hampshire, too.

  • Kate Schirmer-Smith

    I am thinking we need to arrange a bus trip to TN and arrange a “Gay In”.  We will just go and visit the State Capital and yell “GAY!” (in a peaceful way, of course) for a few days.  What do you think?

  • Greg Phillips

    *Sniff* *sniff* I smell an UNCONSTITUTIONAL bill!!!

    If this passes it should be taken to the Courts, it’s clearly a violation of the Constitution – mostly in regards to Freedom of Speech (in 1st Amendment), but slightly also Equal Protection under the law (in 14th Amendment).

    If the conservaHICK “legislators” (legislators my foot, how do these nutcases get elected?!) in ye olde hick state of Tennessee do get this through, the Courts should smash it down.

    It is disgusting and goes against everything America is about & stands for: Liberty, Equality, and Justice for All. It’s conservaHICK actions like this which make the US the laughing stock of the civilized world (ie amongst developed nations). 

  • Lisa Holyk

    I think the idea behind it was to stop harassment of gay kids ( I could be wrong), but per as any zero tolerance policy, it goes too far.

  • I agree! Let’s do it!!

  • Lex0019

    Look yall! I live here in TN! And I can assure you Stacey Campfield is a Homosexual! And he knows it! 

  • Private

    Jason Garrett is gay and he represents us gays very well in the NFL. Go Cowboys!

  • Kaitlyn Enlow

    Because, apparently, we are all wrong in thinking that we should belong (Yes, satire.) This is going to cause more teen suicides than anyone needs to deal with, along with unneeded cruelty.  -_- ‘

  • Rita

    No it doesn’t.  Unless they left it out in the article.  Kids can use derogatory terms like queer, fag, etc. towards gays.  These are the same people will tell you they should be able to use the n word for blacks.

  • Logan Clark

     I think your parents forgot to mention to you that ALL CITIZENS are protected by our constitution. What is the definition of citizen?
    A legally recognized subject or national of a state or commonwealth, either native or naturalized.An inhabitant of a particular town or city.

    That means anyone recognized as being born or integrated into the populace is a citizen. The Constitution does not discriminate against a “minor”. It is simply, minors usually do not have to protect their rights by using the rights given by the Constitution.

  • Hilda Whitby

    I think the bill looks appalling – refusing to discuss gay people as part of the curriculum is ridiculous. But I don’t see where it says what you describe.  Could you quote the relevant passages?  The passage you quote talks about the curriculum, not about having personal discussions, or forbidding students from saying the word “gay” or forbidding students from saying anything.  Does it actually say that?  If so, what does it actually say?