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Tennessee’s Bizarre ‘Gay Men Will Rape Your Daughter’ Commercial

From America Blog:

Yes, that’s what was used to promote the anti-gay/trans legislation that Nissan, FedEx, AT&T, Comcast, DuPont, Pfizer, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Caterpillar, KPMG, Whirlpool, Embraer, Alcoa, and United HealthCare’s chamber of commerce in Tennessee lobbied for. A commercial showing a lecherous man stalking a four year old girl, with the intent to rape or murder her.

And these companies are saying they had no idea the legislation was intended to be anti-gay and anti-trans. It was only legislation intended to repeal a gay/trans civil rights ordinance, and to ban cities in the state from every passing another civil rights ordinance ever again. It was only legislation written by the religious right, and the chief lobbyist was from the religious right. And the ads showed men trying to rape small children. Yes, nothing intended to demean gays or transgender people there.

If you’re insulted by even the sheer stupidity that went into making this untoward commercial, or the hateful shenanigans behind it, get your booty over to America Blog to sign their open letter to the companies behind the legislation that should know better.

  • There are no words………….

  • Anonymous

    i dont see a vid??? 

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     i do now,had to play it twice

  • Anonymous

    Their position is deplorable, but the ad is just stupid.

    I’m gay, and about as liberal as they come … and would support an ordinance allowing transgendered people to use the bathroom of their choice. But what they are showing in the commercial is not exactly what you’re portraying. They’re saying, simply, that if the ordinance passes, MEN will be in public bathrooms with women (and possibly little girls). They could have been suggesting that men that want to prey on little girls could PRETEND to be transsexuals to gain access to them. If they had shown the same sinister, bearded man going into the bathroom in obvious drag, at least the ad would have made sense … however misguided its premise.

    They failed horribly in their portrayal, however, because obviously the man in the ad is neither transsexual or pretending to be, and his going into the women’s bathroom was completely unimpeded anyway. Obviously, a rapist can follow a young girl into a public restroom right now, WITHOUT any law that allows transsexuals to use the restroom they feel comfortable in … as their little scene clearly shows. Rather than an insult to male-to-female trans persons, the ad just shows a ridiculous lack of understanding of what’s involved … because who’s ever even heard of a transsexual woman who’s also a pedophile and rapist … and they’re not really saying that they are. But the other side of this campaign should have made a commercial showing a pre-op transsexual getting beaten up in a men’s room. That’s a more likely scenario.

    And gay men don’t figure into it at all. I don’t believe the ordinance would have made it legal for gay men to use the women’s restroom, only for transgendered ones to do so. Gay men who identify as men aren’t being invited to use a woman’s restroom if they feel more comfortable there. Gay men are always lumped in with transsexuals, when in most cases (and clearly this one), the two groups are completely unrelated.

  •  I would just like to say that I wrote a paper about homosexuality in literature, so I have done some research in this area.  I also have many GLBT friends.  Pedophiles, in most cases, have little or no gender preference.  Pedophiles love children.  Some are more interested in specifically girls, some in boys, but the important part is that they are children.  GLBTs are not and should never be lumped in with pedophiles.  There is no similarity in attractions.  Now to back this up with personal experience also, I (female) was with my gay friend, who is in middle school.  I am starting college next year, so please do not troll me about my age, thank you.  Anyways, I was talking to an adult friend of mine and his gay friend who apparently has excellent “gay-dar.” I asked him, out of curiosity, if he picked up on my friend being gay.  He said flat out that he doesn’t even bother checking the gay-dar on anyone underage.  He point blank told us that he and all of his gay friends and associates are interested in men, not boys.

    I implore anyone who is not already supportive of GLBT rights, go and talk to someone who is GLBT.  Not to bash them, not to tell them they are wrong.  Just talk to them as a human to a human, get to know them and ask them about what problems you have about them.  Ask them if they would ever go up and randomly make out with someone because they are the same gender.  Ask them if they are attracted to children.  And most importantly, ask them if they think love or sex is more important.  I guarantee you they are not the demons you think they are.  Put a face to the stereotype and I think you will be less inclined to attack them.

  • Madeline McGuckin

     This is the trash talk that has always been sub rosa….that gays and lesbians are just pedophiles in sheep’s clothing.  Seems to me if Tennessee really cared about child sex abuse, they’d ban the RCC, not GLBT people.

  • Peggy Keller

     Unbelievable, how could anyone thinks this represents the reality of gay/trans lifestyle. This is a “Willie Horton” ad and nothing more.

  • This is EXACTLY what hateful bigots attempted to do last year in Montana.  Missoula, MT was considering a city ordinance (which passed) lending protections to all people, regardless of gender or sexuality, and at the same time making bathrooms less gender exclusive.
    A campaign was then started by some members of the religious far right called “Not My Bathroom”. 
    It’s astonishing that people buy in to this crap.  Scare tactics, particularly focused on “our children” can sell any stupid, hateful propaganda they want.

  • Helena Handbasket

    Those that made this ad are sick jerks who lie and twist the truth and then claim to be religious people.   I hate them all, because are lying hypocrites and are the scariest most abhorrent members of society.  Yes, those who claim they are more moral because they are religious and are the very people you should never trust.   I’d trust a gay man or women to watch my child  any day over the religious lying douchbags that made this ad.

  • Caleb Andrew Beal

     most countries have unisex bathrooms. So I say throw the gender shit out the window and all share one bathroom.

  •  Stupid is, as stupid does!

  • Charlie Jones

     This is pure madness. What kind of twisted minds would think that this is the way gays/trans lives and make a freaking commercial about it????? When are people going to learn that everybody is equal and as worthy of rights and love. To say that some people doesn’t deserve those things because they’re not straight is unbelievable but when they say God thinks so too, it’s downright insane. It’s these kinds of nut jobs that’s given religion a bad reputation. God loves all, period.

  • ShowMeGuy

    Leave it to right-wing-nut wackjobs in Tennessee to create a commercial that doesn’t have anything to do with anything.  These anti-American losers are running out of *reasons* to discriminate against people whe are not just like them.  What’s next…..**Those people** have no rights to *rights* because there are 24 hours in a day……yeahhhh……Valid reason. 

  • Shawn Hartt

    The ad was just confusing and makes little sense. A little girl walks into a female bathroom then is followed by a guy who is apparently gay, implying that he will rape her? This looks like a pedophile “straight” issue, not a gay issue…

  • Sarah Jacobs

    Meanwhile, there actually _are_ plenty of straight-but-pedophiliac women on the prowl for both little boys and little girls, and it isn’t taken seriously because of some straight male douche’s “schoolgirl/teacher” or “schoolboy/teacher” porn addiction.

  • this is all so true and i also would implore people to follow suit and make sure that such things aren’t mislabeled due to ignorance like this is! and to report anything if ever they were to witness with the likes of this!

  • They’re trans sexual people not pedophiles or rapists. And openly homosexual people are no different. Jeezus, just because I like women doesn’t mean I want your child in that way.

  • On YouTube: 3 likes, 302 dislikes
    And the COMMENTS disabled! 
    That commercial has to be one of the LEAST clear messages ever. 

  • d

    I’m going to call you out on that, one person does not a trend make. 

    As a teen I for one feel very isolated from the gay community because, to appear ‘safe’ for the hetero community, it is only right to be rather effeminate and find older men attractive and little guidance is given to anyone below 18. Quite a number of gay people do find teens attractive, not children below 12 or 13 but teens who are past puberty.  

    Denying teens the right to have a sexuality is more damaging, the overwhelming heterosexual culture teaches them self hate – I’ve seen it in many friends, self harm, self denial – and I do wonder whether gay youth would feel so isolated if the gay community hadn’t abandoned any position on teens. Look at the consent laws in Japan, China, the Philippines and most of Europe, that are, in my opinion, far more able to recognize that fact. 

    I for one feel that had I partnered with someone older when I was younger, without fear of that person being lumped into a category of sadists and random attackers of very young children, or been given the right to do so with my peers, I, and my friends, would have more satisfying romantic lives. 

  • Ian Galope

    What would you define as a porn addiction?

  • Yes, if gender expression is allowed, then, um, transgender women will stop being trans, become masculine instead, grow beards and become heterosexual threats to underage girls!

    All that loss of fabulous would be a serious danger to the people of Tennessee, I agree. But the threat seems a bit divorced from reality!