Thailand's Got Talent, transgender, gay blog, gay news

Thailand’s Got Talent(ed Transgenders)

Thailand's Got Talent, transgender, gay blog, gay news
Bell Nuntita, Total Babe

The gorgeous and talented Bell Nuntita has achieved Susan Boyle-international recognition by shocking the judges on Thailand’s Got Talented. The beauty had us hook, line and sinker only a note into her performance. Homegirl’s voice is honey-sweet and smooth.

And then things get interesting around the one minute mark. Don’t spoil yourself though. Her entire performance is fantastic.

We love how accepting and supportive the audience is! Sure, they are shocked, but also genuinely impressed with the talented young woman. It’s hard to imagine Simon and Paula err, Simon and Ellen um, Kara jeezums, Steven and Jennifer not guffawing up a storm, supportive as they may be. American audiences likewise would be equal parts OMG and WTF. You know they would.

We’re stoked about this talented singer advancing to the next round. Thailand’s Got Talent is suddenly must see t.v. Who knew?

  • Brilliant.

  • This is awesome!

  • Can’t wait to see more of her! 😀

  • Lexi Suarez

    She’s beautiful and has a wonderful voice.

  • Ashley Valencia

    Wow. That was seriously impressive. She’s got a wonderful voice, good vocal range. And it was very inspiring how supportive the crowd was. Go Thailand!

  • Buddy Englett

    Awesome! I’d like to start an Entertainer Exchange program. She can come stay with me and we’ll send them Emenim.

  • Emily Phillips

    In a lot of asian cultures, transgendered people have been accepted and encouraged for centuries. I’m not surprised to see how readily accepting they are of her. She is beautiful!

  • Emily Phillips

    Oh, you.