Gay blog: Gay marriage may be illegal in Russia but these furries don't mess around!

The Fur Flies at Furry Wedding: NOT April Fool’s!

Gay marriage may be illegal in Russia, but furry weddings most certainly are not! Even if they are queerer than even the gayest wedding!

Yes, this video is for real. Yes, it is ok to laugh. No, we will not be dressed in furry suits at our wedding.

What do you think about these furries getting married?

  • I know this was in Russia but I’ve met people here in the US who would do this and probably have (-_-) Sanctity of marriage my ass….

  • Anonymous

    The looks like so much fun! xD
    But I wouldn’t do it for a wedding.. c’mon.. weddings are supposed to be at least a LITTLE serious.

  • Ok, I am a furry, and I wouldn’t get married in my Fursuit…you’d get cake and stuff all over it. Really large pain to clean out.

  • here here! though, a decent fursuit does cost about the same as a wedding dress these days, eh? :-p

  • TGD

    WTF? As in, why is this being mocked? I’m a gay furry and I WOULD have my wedding in a fursuit. Screw what others think.

  • So… as a community of people we, LGBT people, want the mainstream to take us seriuosly and treat us with respect, even if they don’t necessarily agree with us. Don’t we then have a responsibility to treat other communities and groups of people with the same respect?

    I submit that we do have that responsibility, and absolutely should offer every single human being respect – even and perhaps especially if you don’t understand them.

    I applaud anyone who has found a way of life that allows them to express who they are in a way they are comfortable and happy with – especially those who have found partners to share that life with.