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The Golden Girls On Marriage Equality

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1987: Didn't we almost have it all?

There. It shall be as it is written, or something. How can homophobes even compete with Sophia from The Golden Girls on marriage equality? I’m moved to start sending this video to Republican politicians. The word has just got to get out!

But in all seriousness, check out this gem from the prehistoric year of 1987. If only we knew now what we knew then. Wait a minute. That’s not how that saying is supposed to work…

Kind of makes you wonder how much progress we’ve really made, doesn’t it?

  • This made me smile. It would be nice if everyone’s mind could be changed that easily, MBK. The world would be a better place for us.

  • If only it were that easy to change someone’s mind about marriage equality… Stay golden. 🙂

  • Ronald S Cirillo

    So ahead of the times…..

  • MBK

    If only everyone’s mind could be changed as easily as Blanche’s was.

  • Calynn Torres

    So cute! Maybe I should have paid more attention to my sister’s golden girls binge days.

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful clip.Sophia explains it all.

  • She is funny, we could have been BFF. same year I was born too, coincidence?

  • Jean Tenney

    That says it all!