The History of STDs (Infographic)

Which STDs are your grandma at risk for? 85 percent of Americans will become infected with WHAT in their lifetime?! And which STD literally makes the skin fall off your body?

All of this and more in today’s infographic.

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Go get tested. Seriously.

  • Rainbow Bright

    I am one of the many Americans infected with HPV, I was simply told I ‘have’ it, NO TREATMENT WAS EVER GIVEN TO ME NOR DID ANY DOCTOR TELL ME THERE WAS ANY KIND OF ‘TREATMENT’ I AM NOW CONCERNED THAT I’M MISSING SOMETHING! I was told by a friend to just make sure I get regular PaP Smears, I learned more from friends than the incompetant ‘Doctors.’  WTF? Any Advice you can give me?

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