gay abomination, left-handed gay, left-handed homosexuality, left-handed church

The Left-Handed Lifestyle is an Abomination!

Christianity’s abomination du jour wasn’t always homosexuality, you know.

gay abomination, left-handed gay, left-handed homosexuality, left-handed church

Sound familiar?

  • Trenton Flock

    Bigots will read this and say, “YOU CAN’T COMPARE THE TWO!” And I will say, “You’re right; left-handed people can learn to be ambidextrous.” And if they should be so obtuse as to proclaim that gay people can learn to be straight…I’m afraid I’ll just have to strangle them…with both hands.

  • Cara Andrichak Rosson

    It wasn’t just in the Middle Ages – sadly. Real story here. My aunt was born lefty. In Italy, around 1938. Growing up, she and my mom and uncle went to Catholic school (whatever they call it there) where nuns taught (small farm town, too). She was not allowed to be left handed. They’ve never said that they told her it was “evil” or anything, just not proper. They smacked her hands with rulers to get her to write with her right hand. And then punished her further when she wrote messily with the right hand. Poor thing! But now, she’s all kinds of ambidextrous – which is a decent upside to a crappy educational experience, if nothing else.

  • Patrick Clementine

    all you can really say is that as time changes, laws change, those laws worked for that time and now new laws should work for this time. Obviously we have evolved intellectually enough to know that lefties mean no harm so… lets stretch our brains…come on…

  • Anonymous

    Thats awesome. You totally can compare the two. My mom tells me her cousin got beaten and had his left hand tied behind his back so he couldn’t use it. And this was in public school right here in the U.S., late 60’s…

  • Samie

    My brother was taught to write right handed as well, and that was in America in the 80s, so it hasn’t entirely gone away. Not evil, but not proper. Of course, I’ve become way jealous because I wish I was that ambidextrous!