gay blog, gay news, anti-gay, discrimination, most offensive fifteen minutes ever, gay education, schools

The Most Offensive Fifteen Minutes of TV Ever

gay blog, gay news, anti-gay, discrimination, most offensive fifteen minutes ever, gay education, schools
The supernatural evil spell of homosexuality? Wingardium leviosa!

“WARNING: Your children and grandchildren are being re-educated in public schools to accept the gay lifestyle as normal. WARNING: They are being taught that it is normal to have two daddies or two mommies.”

Uhhh…it is normal. It may not be as common at having both a mother and a father, but just like having just a mother, or just a father, or a mother+stepfather+father+stepmother, or a foster mother or any other combination of legal guardians who love and care for you, it is absolutely and obviously perfectly normals.

Hundreds of thousands of children in the United States alone are being raised today by same-sex couples. We’re well past the point of arguing whether this is normal behavior or not. The fact of the matter is that it is happening. Get over it.

Some greatest hits include:

“Is this the course that nations take just before their final destruction?”

“There’s a supernatural spell being cast in public schools to control your children!”

“You cannot possibly be a practicing homosexual and a follower of Jesus Christ at the same time.”

He gave his sexuality to Jesus, and he became heterosexual. How do I know it? Because he got attracted to my sister-in-law, Robin, who you knew, and they were happily married until he passed away a few years ago, and she said everything was totally normal.” Right-o, buddy. That situation is totally normal, but a child having two mothers is not. Riiiight.

The crazy quotes in this clip are like Pokemon, there’s too many to catch them all! What are you favorites?

  • Cc

    I am like two minutes into this video and i’m already so offended i could punch someone. at least i’m used to it enough that i can find the humor in the fact that some people actually believe this bullsh*t.

  • Justice Calo Reign

    Does anyone else but me LOVE the fact that “On Knees For Jesus” is up in the top left corner for the entire video? LOL.

    And yes.. I think we gays need to admit the fact that we do in fact have goals and go even harder after them!

  • Justice Calo Reign

    “Sid, God gripped me.:” Apparently God gave him such a powerful message for the nation and then told him.. but don’t give it to folks unless they give you a donation of $30 for it! blah blah blah blah. And did he really try and turn the Stonewall uprising around and make it look like the drag queens initiated and attacked the cops.. such a disgrace..

  • Maяk Яichдяd Mдиlєy

    oh my ! such awfull acting and openly discrimitatory !

  • Ashley Valencia

    I’m not even confused or anything, I’m just sad.

  • Okay, after watching nearly 11 minutes of this bullshit… I just had enough. This is pissing me off more than my mother getting disgusted when two gay males kiss on TV. All of which he is saying is just plain offensive. Who the hell does he think he is? “You cannot possibly be a practicing homosexual and a follower of Jesus Christ at the same time.” Bull. I believe you can. He irritates me. I hope he burns. (Sorry for my violence. It comes out when I’m the most pissed.) -_-

  • OMG! I love that, too! I saw it, but I never paid any attention to it. Till now anyways. 😀

  • I can’t watch this…I wanna beat their asses.

  • I lol’ed.

  • I want to know where this “Doctor” thinks that the American Government can tell a preacher what he can or cannot preach… This is just crazy. The Government, as a whole, does not stick their nose into religion. Yes, individuals in the Christian faith that work for the Government can be bigoted, but I have not seen the government as a whole come out and say what this “doctor” is claiming will happen if a stop is not put to this.

    The little story about his brother-in-law, can be heard from numbers anti-gay followers of the Christian faith. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been told this story by someone of the Christian faith that is trying to “save my soul” from the fiery depths of hell. Because if I don’t convert and denounce my homosexuality, I will end up in hell.

    WTF?! Can people as a whole really be brain washed this badly? I mean, yeah if you get enough people together, ignorance and stupidity can run rampant, but an individual should be smart enough to know better.

    I also want to know what this man is a doctor of. Enough ranting on my part, but I will say this. I’m not Christian, but I was always taught growing up that there is only one that has the right to judge, and that 2011 years ago, a man I will have never met died on a cross for my sins. Should I die tomorrow, and found out that GOD does in face exist, I can promise you that I will not being to hell, and if by some chance I do… I’ll be sure to inform the “good-doctor” above that he really shouldn’t have judged me, or anyone else.

  • Oh dear Jesus H Christ on a FRIGGIN CRUTCH. =__ =”

    Ey. Homosexuality is in 450 different species. Homophobia is only found in one. Which one seems more unnatural? [insert an annoying derpface here].
    the clock can keep ticking. God can keep gripping you to do stupid things. if you ACTUALLY read the bible, you should check the fact that judging people will put you in hell. The more you imply that being gay makes you go to hell, the more you make us judge ourselves. the more we judge ourselves, the more we are on our happy little way to hell. Thanks! You’re sending us straight to it! :D!

  • Ian Adams

    ………OMFG yes lets add super sappy music to sway our furiously pissed off heart strings because obviously i need to take the advice of a fictional book and its fictional Saviour

    Also really?! lets talk about stonewall……. YOUR POLICE FORCE WAS BEAT BY DRAG QUEENS! this being the case you deserved to lose they’re performers not fighters

    Frankly you’re just upset because you probably couldnt get a date…. well ever so now you take it out on us gays because we actually know how to look good dress well and get someone to love us, and you cant

  • Anonymous

    This is unbelievable, and yet believable at the same time. Yes, there are people who exist that will hate. The sad part is, is that these are Christians that are putting down homosexuality. I am gay, and I was raised a Christian. I am still a Christian even if I’m gay. The God that I was taught to listen to loves all people. It’s between us and God to be judged and punished. Not the followers. You have no power. Worry about your own relationship with God. But until you become divine, love one another, as your God has taught you.

  • girlygirl1983

    Um, why is a “Christian” show titled, “It’s Supernatural”? Christians were attacked, persecuted, jailed, killed when they first started up. Heck, they were a “cult” in Roman society. So why should we be doing the same things to the GLBT community? I am a Catholic with my own views on different subjects; I don’t always agree with the Church’s stances. This show embarasses me as a Christian. I’m a staight woman with a young daughter who is proud to stand up for the GLBT community.

  • princess

    People who think god is talking to them are clinically insane. I hope you read the rest of that book about; judge not, let he who is without sin cast the first stone, love one another, etc. How can someone violate so many of their own rules while pointing fingers at other people? Nutso. OMG Drag Queens assembled?? So did women. Peace keepers. Worker’s advocates. And racial minorities. The cops usually don’t like it. That’s one way we got our voice. This is America. If you replaced all the gay references with “women” or “African Americans” this would cause an uproar. These dudes scare the crap out of me and I’m not even gay. Wrong is wrong.

  • omg that is the same idiot that was on the tyra show in the transgendered kids. trust me that is one idiot that u can not forget. stupid idiot with a stupid mustache

  • yes! hahaha i was like hey! i know a guy names jesus…… lol but it is funny!