semen infographic, what is semen, what is in semen, infographic

The Scoop on Semen Infographic

Which animal produces the most sperm? Can foods really affect the taste of your little swimmers? How far is the world record for farthest…uh…shot?

All this and more in today’s infographic.

semen infographic, what is semen, what is in semen, infographic, sex infographic

  • Anonymous

    Not too sure how seriously I’d take the information provided by a source that doesn’t know that Jaguars live in South and Central America as far north as Texas and/or that the Cheetah, native to East and South Africa (pictured on the graphic) can run up to 70 mph.

  • perhaps they meant a leopard… some people do call the west african leopard a jaguar because of how similar they look in body shape… even tho they are not the same species… and to be fair this is about sperm not about jaguars… details details…

  • Anonymous

    Shit man I thought I was a shooter with about 6-7ft but 18 feet,That is some serious head sqeezing shot.And who wants to Papua New Guinea?Who’s your Daddy???hahahahaha!!!

  • Renee Frye

    what about someone with a vasectomy? what takes place of the spermies? 

  • Dude that would suck to be allergic to semen D:

  • Anonymous

    LOL, true…
    However, I still wonder how accurate the semen facts might be if they get a basic nature fact like that wrong…