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“They Don’t Even Like Who You Are”

GOProud has gay blog readers scratching our heads this week (and any other time we dwell on them) after Christopher Barron jousted with Cenk Uygur on MSNBC, going so far as to claim  Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’s repeal is a product of Republicans supporting gays more than their Democratic counterparts.

We’re with Uygur on this one. The host begged Barron to “Wake up man. In 2004 they ran a whole national campaign against hating you.” Conservative sensibilities are one thing, but any self-respecting homo throwing their vote in with a political party that votes against us EVERY TIME is going to have a hard time convincing us that they are all that self-respecting after all.

If we have any GOProud readers in our midst, “Why on God’s green earth are you a Republican?”

  • Nick

    because i support fistal responsibility!

  • Matthew Thomas Gural

    Um, I just pulled up this page and in the top right corner is an ad asking the readers to sign a petition to vote against marriage equality in NC. You might want to police your advertisers…

  • Guy Tee

    I agree with Nick’s short answer “because i support fistal responsibility!” I’m assuming it was meant as “fiscal” but I support financial responsibility and oppose overspending unless it’s on education in which you will see a 100% return on your investment. Personally I identify in the political minority as a centrist. I believe the government should do for the people what they are unable to do for themselves i.e. sky-high unemployment rates and help encourage businesses resource jobs back to the U.S. but not hinder people with social welfare (which was amended by President Clinton with Republicans). We need to stop taking such extreme views politically because it prevents anything from getting done and creates too much static arguments.