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TN Senate Passes ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill

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Don't Say Gay, Don't umm...Be Gay?

This here gay blog told you earlier in the year about the controversial (and ridiculous) bill proposed by Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield and Rep. Bill Dunn that seeks to make saying the words “gay” or “homosexuality”, let alone discussing the topics, illegal in Tennessee schools.

It is with deep regret that today we inform you that a panel within the Tennessee Senate has passed the bill by a vote of 6-3. The three dissenting votes came from Democrat senators. This thing is on its way to becoming law in no time.

Knox News reports:

As introduced, the bill would have put into law a declaration that it is illegal to discuss any sexual behavior other than heterosexuality prior to the ninth grade.

But when it came before the Senate Education Committee, Sen. Jim Tracy, R-Shelbyville, contended current law already prohibits such instruction by deeming it a misdemeanor to teach any sex education that is not part of the “family life curriculum” adopted by the state Board of Education.

Campfield contends homosexuality is being discussed in classrooms. Spokesmen for the Board of Education and the state Department of Education told the committee they are unaware of any such activity.

Legislation like this is obviously troubling for a number of reasons. Preventing teachers and guidance counselors from discussing homosexuality with kids in the midst of puberty is an obvious concern. A gay student being shunned at home by anti-gay parents will find no solace or assistance from what may be the only other trusted adults in his life; his teachers.

On a personal note, when I was in 8th grade, I was teased relentlessly for being perceived to be gay. We’re talking fights in the school yard Every. Single. Day. My homeroom teacher, Mrs. Kessler, was there for me without ever making me feel embarrassed or less-than. She feigned a back injury for me so I could assist her at lunchtime, rather that go out for recess and get the shit kicked out of me every. Single. Day. Acts like Mrs. Kessler’s are being made illegal in Tennessee, and gay students are being legally cut off from the help and support they desperately need to make it through the day, let alone middle school.

We’re deeply concerned about this law. Yesterday we told you about the Kentucky church that voted to no longer sign marriage licenses until gay couples are legally permitted to marry as well, and boy oh boy was it a hit. Thousands of you shared the story with your friends and families. This story is equally important to share. For every church deciding to do the right thing, there are entire states legislating to keep us down. Spread the word. We cannot let this stand. Lives may be at stake.

What do you think of the Don’t Say Gay Bill?

Via Knox News

  • So I guess newspapers and news magazines will be illegal in schools now. Looks like the speech police will be making Tennessee more like the Third Reich.

  • Ouch… My home state. This is ridiculous!

  • OK, so correct me if I’m wrong…

    …but if there’s anti-gay bullying going on in schools after this law goes into effect, doesn’t that mean the bullies will be in violation of the law? Can they go to jail for gaybashing in school?

    If so, there’s a very faint silver lining to this. In either case, this is utter bullshit.

  • This report is inaccurate. the bill has only passed in committee. it has not made it to the floor yet.

  • So if a gay student needs help, he/she will just be shunned?

  • Unbelievable! Absolutely unbelievable….I cannot believe in this day and age there are still such small minded, hell, CLOSED-minded people such as this, and apparently enough to pass the bill. It is displays of absolute ignorance such as this that makes me weep for what the world has become…

  • very nice thought, at least perhaps there will be an added deterrent to gay bashers…

  • So if I go to Tennessee, and I hear some pompous little brat making fun of a child for being homosexual in a school, or a teacher saying that it’s ‘wrong and to shut up about it’, I can call the cops because they were discussing it? Remember that people. Remember that.

    But this is just bull shit. I could barely get through middle school without talking to someone about things like this. Kids have it worse today. Those poor kids..

  • This is absolutely ridiculous and nothing more than pure bigotry.

  • Geologyst

    How does this NOT violate the first amendment?

  • John R. Petrozino Jr.

    What a crock of shit! Somebody needs to shove the 1st amendment down the throats of the TN Senators!

  • Anonymous

    My english is not the best. I don’t undertand this americans. It’s not allowed to say gay or homosexual in school? So what about sissie, fag or buttfucker – what I found in my synonym-dictionary? Can they use this to discuss? Could someone ask for it Mr. Campfield? Pleas help the little german stupid…. Ramona from Germany

  • Anonymous

    Gay, gay, gay, gay. Free speech anyone? Oooo I forgot we’re gay and we’re here to stay. For g-d sake grow up!

  • Breaking news: Local school on lockdown after student says he’s gay!

    This is the most ridiculous bill ever! I’m sure TN has bigger things to worry about than this!

  • No surprise there. Unicorn Booty is developing a bad tendency to go for sensation at the expense of accuracy. Note the omission of the key element: “prior to the ninth grade”

  • “IN THE NINTH GRADE” – that’s a key piece of information. It’s in the body of the Knox News piece quoted, but completely left out of this report. Please, do better – with Queerty gone, we need more fact, and fewer “Advocate-style” sensational headlines.

  • Audie Volker

    NOOOOO! We’re buying our first home in TN this month. I will NOT be a welcome face in my childrens’ schools, believe that!! This is absolutely disgusting!!!!

  • I live in TN but have not heard about this as of yet…
    Having spent the last 90 minutes online reviewing the truth about the vote, etc. I wish to correct the author.

    On April 20, 2010 the TN Senate Education Committee voted to send SB0049 (which was amended twice during the session by the addition of section 2, and rewording of section 3) to the TN Senate Calendar Committee to be scheduled for a vote by the TN Senate.

    Currently, the TN code 49-6-1005(a) states “It is unlawful for any person in any manner to teach courses in sex education pertaining to homo sapiens in the public, elementary, junior high or high schools in this state unless the courses are approved by the state board of education and the local school board involved, and taught by qualified instructors as determined by the local school board involved.”

    So, as it stands, the decision about what specifically to teach is left up to the discretion of the state and local school boards….who have currently adopted standards which prohibit ANY kind of sex education in grades K-8, said education to begin in grade 9 covering the curriculum as determined by state and local school boards.

    Long story short, the purpose of this bill would be to amend the TN code to mandate that the State Board of Education SPECIFICALLY include the following language within its curriculum framework regarding sex education in grades K-8: “No public elementary or middle school shall provide any instruction or material that discusses sexual orientation other than heterosexuality.”


    It doesn’t mean that students are prohibited from saying anything about anything. It seems that more of my tax dollars have gone into another stupid attempt by some folks to legislate sexual behavior of other folks, and a poor attempt at that. In my humble opinion that makes about as much sense as legislation to prevent laziness or rudeness. Dear legislators….please pull your heads out of your asses and start tackling the true problems like healthcare, domestic hunger/starvation, and maybe job creation too!!!!!

  • Brett Taylor

    . guess this is how bigotry continues from one generation to the next. i really feel sorry for those students and I would hope that someone will take up a case and bring this to the supreme court

  • Brett Taylor

    . guess this is how bigotry continues from one generation to the next. i really feel sorry for those students and I would hope that someone will take up a case and bring this to the supreme court

  • Kyle Mark Donovan Nys

    Did the state of Tenn. spend a little too much time celebrating 4/20? Because they must be high to pass such a ridiculous bill!!!!!

  • Mark Doerr

    So let me get this, If you can get the Bully in school to say gay or homosexual, then you can have them arrested?

  • Justice Calo Reign

    This is unconstitutional pure and simple, and it will only work against them. Go Tennessee!

  • Thorn

    There is no silver lining to censorship….

  • Britton Noah Bennett

    42-year-old unmarried Campfield made clear his motivations: “We’re not going to teach about homosexuality, the homosexual lifestyle, the lesbian lifestyle, the transgender lifestyle.”

    42 and unmarried? surely some guys will come forward and say they’ve slept with this hate-monger.

  • One can hope.

    Unfortunately, the way things are starting to backslide lately, I’m wondering if hope is getting to be too expensive to hold onto.

  • I’m ‘Gay’ at the moment, if that means Happy! *smiles*

  • I’m ‘GAY’ at the moment, if that means Happy! *smiles*

  • SORRY about the repost!

  • This makes me even more embarrassed to tell people I live in Tennessee. This place is FUBAR and I have GOT to get out of here.

  • Nope – this law will only apply to school staff. So it will still be perfectly all right for Bubba and Ray John to kick the shit out of little Joey in the schoolyard and call him a fag.



    Signed, ~Desperate to GTFO of Tennessee.

  • No. First, just so you’re aware, the words in your synonym dictionary are all offensive. But no, if this law is passed, it will mean that it is illegal for any teacher or other school staff (like a counselor) to talk about being gay at all.

    In other words, if a kid goes to his or her counselor and says “I need help, I think I’m gay,” it will be illegal for the counselor to say “That’s all right, it’s perfectly okay to be gay.”

    Keep in mind, though, that in Tennessee, the chances are very small that the counselor would say that. It would be more likely that the counselor would say “You need Jesus to fix your gay.”

  • Xtina

    This creates NOTHING but SHAME.

  • Anonymous

    If the words are prohibited, how can a child tell an adult they are suffering anti-gay bullying?

  • This is ridiculous! Though it hasn’t made it it the floor yet we NEED to make sure it doesn’t get that far. I feel we should somehow contact the Supreme Court on this one cause even a highschooler like me (though I’m a junior) can see that this is blatantly unconstitutional!!! I’m honestly going to start googling ways to reach the Supreme Court!!!

  • WOW REALLY??? Okay so i dont get it.. my teacher was there for me in school.. she was the best teacher ever.. but taking this away will really in my eyes increase the suicide.. in my eyes.. I dont get this at all yes lets really let this go on.. yeah i want my child to go to school and get beat up while the teachers satnd there and watch cuz of this.. idk this make me so mad.. WOW well lets ban the word heterosexuality in schools.. wow i am pissed…

  • And they wonder why kids skip school.

  • WHAT THE F and i dont mean fag …I have to agree with Geologyst how is this not going against the 1st amendment!!!!! I’m from Oklahoma and we are behind in times and fighting hard , but goodness TN must be really back water crazy to even have brought a bill like this up. I will post this on my facebook … we need to fight as a nation and a world for equally right for EVERYONE!!!!

  • Hopefully shedding light on this will help to rally the logical voices here, and put this idiot in his place.

  • I assure you this isn’t going to happen.
    1) It was a senate committee, not the senate. I understand the point of the article is to draw attention to how shitty this bill is, but it would be nice if it didn’t skew the situation.
    2) The Tennessee legislature is always coming up with dumb shit that makes the news but no further. All it takes is for a few hyper-conservative idiots from the boondocks of Tennessee to come together (and there are several) on some cause for a bill like this to pass through committee. If you remember, every once in a while an english-only bill pops up, but thankfully the rest of the legislature isn’t so braindead and it consistently fails. Not much can be done about it (nor this one), but honestly there’s nothing to worry about.

    So until this bill actually passes and is signed, let’s not get pissed at the state, just the morons that proposed it.

  • Anonymous

    Wow really!! Unbelievable honestly, we have so much more going on n this world that yall political assholes want to focus on the word gay or homosexual being said really?! I think yall should pull yalls head out of Ur asses n focus on stuff that needs to b takin care of like healthcare! Really it is the dumbest thing ever to try n pass! Suicide rate is about to go through the roof bc of assholes like yall!! Guess the 1st amendment means nothing now, well guess what gay gay gay gay gay! Freedom of speech or did u forget about that law?? I think that kids have it hard enough now a days with living with parents who want nothing to do with them or ppl who constantly judge them every waking moment of their life bc of who they are. Remember it does say Judge Ye not less Ye be judged in accordance with God! Yall really need to think about laws you pass because ya know what this could b someone u love very much that kills himself or is killed by gaybashers like urself! It’s 2011 u didn’t get rid of us back n bible times n u sure as hell won’t now, no matter how many laws u pass we r here n spreading our rainbow fuckin cheer!!!

  • Chad Kozlek

    Well this will just send the gay teen suicide rate in TN through the roof, I hope they like blood on their hands.

  • Hello First Amendment violation! Obviously this is being pushed out by a bunch of old bastards… No offense. This is the most ridiculous crock of shit I’ve ever seen.

  • Anonymous

    I would support this bill, if they passed a similar bill making it illegal to say the words “G-d” or “Jesus” in a public school.

  • TC Wilson

    This absolutely breaks my heart because I’m from TN. This will only makes things worse. My ex-girlfriend’s daughters won’t be able to proudly declare that they have two mommies without being further shunned than they already are.

    We exist. We always have, and always will. Trying to ignore us won’t make us go away.

  • Nick Neibauer

    As an educator, I want to thank the government of Tennessee for making our jobs in consoling our youth in time of trouble a crime. Teachers are where these students fall back on when they feel they have been completely left alone, and now it is a crime to do our job.

    Tennessee, you have now changed from “a government for the people” to “governing the people” – that type of change has historically never gone very well…

  • Steven Cooley

    sounds like more judgmental christian hate put into law

  • This post is not true! There was no law passed (yet) and this will not change anything that educators do anyway…I doubt that it will pass. Read my previous comment!

  • This post is not true! There was no law passed (yet) and this will not change anything that educators do anyway…I doubt that it will pass. Read my previous comment!

  • Matt,

    The hyper-conservative idiots are actually from Knoxville (either the 2nd or 3rd largest city in TN). FYI…

  • First….it is NOT a law.

    Second….even if it passes it will NOT proscribe the free speech of anyone, only affecting curriculum decisions for sex education in grades K-8. Even then, it won’t really cause a change anyway! (see my comments on the TRUTH rather than this sensationalist bullshit story)

  • Karem Herrera Urbina

    That’s gay, bros.

  • OK – so how does this work. Someone in Kindergarten has same-sex parents. How do you enforce a rule that demands that a 5-yr old be taught to lie when talking about their family?

    The presence of censorship on the part of the speech of school personnel will only lead to more overt bullying since any attempt to stop it would have to address the cause.

  • Anonymous

    First of all, it is against the freedom of speech!
    Second, show a state still in the dark ages; lot of ignorance!
    Third, young ones already know about sex and should be educated on words and what do they mean if there’s such a thing as well educated teachers/professors in that state, which I seriously doubt.
    Kansas Board of Education prohibits to teach the Evolution theory in schools, after hundred of dinosaur, other species, and human skeletons have been found dating thousands of hundreds of years! ignorance isn’t a sin, but rejecting valid testimonials of truth especially through and from scientific researches, then that’s when problems start.
    This nation is ought to move forward in times. Tennessee wants to go back to mid 20th century! Wheels of times always move forward, why Tennessee wants to go backwards towards ignorance and stupidity?

  • This is outrageous it isn’t fair for kids not to be educated on different relationships they can encounter other than the heterosexual kind. We should all be educating ourselves and other about the different possibilities that there are in this world to create a relationship.

  • Anonymous

    The statement this law makes to the school children of TN is what concerns me. This law makes the statement that, we are not treating “those we don’t speak of” like humans. They are less than human, and we don’t even need to acknowledge their existence.

    The problem with this attitude is that it creates an elitist environment among the children themselves. The heterosexuals are allowed to be acknowledged therefore they are people, human, better than those we now refer to as, “those we don’t speak of.”

    This law will provoke the “elite children” to mistreat, bully, abuse, and essentially dehumanize worse than ever before!! The “elite children” have been told by their parents and churches they are, “doing the work of God by not tolerating gay children,” and now they’ve got the schools support to boot!!

    I know it’s so simple! It’s just that the teachers aren’t allowed to mention it in class right??

    This “simple and harmless” law conveys the message to “those we don’t speak of,” that YOU ARE UNEQUAL, AND THEREFOR WE HAVE DOMINANCE OVER YOU!

    Shame on the conservative America who supported this, and shame on the many of you who know how ridicules it is and you refuse to break party lines in fear of being an outcaste to your after church buffet buddies!!

    Honestly, there’s no telling how many of you have gay children and you don’t even realize it. You think you’re safe bc you don’t have the kid with the black eye liner and painted nails. I’m over 30 years old and I’ve had more than 20 friends who were perfect little, athletic, church going, jesus loving kids who couldn’t come out to their parents until they were in their 30’s with families, and some simply decided death would be a better option. The decisions you make to show a group of individuals that they are UNEQUAL AND TO BE TREATED LIKE ANIMALS are the same statements many of you are telling your very torn and confused children.

    God save us from your people!!

    Shame on you!!

  • Anonymous

    The statement this law makes to the school children of TN is what concerns me. This law makes the statement that, we are not treating “those we don’t speak of” like humans. They are less than human, and we don’t even need to acknowledge their existence.

    The problem with this attitude is that it creates an elitist environment among the children themselves. The heterosexuals are allowed to be acknowledged therefore they are people, human, better than those we now refer to as, “those we don’t speak of.”

    This law will provoke the “elite children” to mistreat, bully, abuse, and essentially dehumanize worse than ever before!! The “elite children” have been told by their parents and churches they are, “doing the work of God by not tolerating gay children,” and now they’ve got the schools/governments support to boot!!

    I know it’s so simple! It’s just that the teachers aren’t allowed to mention it in class right??

    This “simple and harmless” law conveys the message to “those we don’t speak of,” that YOU ARE UNEQUAL, AND THEREFOR WE HAVE DOMINANCE OVER YOU!

    Shame on the conservative America who supported this, and shame on the many of you who know how ridicules it is and you refuse to break party lines in fear of being an outcaste to your after church buffet buddies!!

    Honestly, there’s no telling how many of you have gay children and you don’t even realize it. You think you’re safe bc you don’t have the kid with the black eye liner and painted nails. I’m over 30 years old and I’ve had more than 20 friends who were perfect little, athletic, church going, jesus loving kids who couldn’t come out to their parents until they were in their 30’s with families, and some simply decided death would be a better option. The decisions you make to show a group of individuals that they are UNEQUAL AND TO BE TREATED LIKE ANIMALS are the same statements many of you are telling your very torn and confused children.

    God save us from your people!!

    Shame on you!!

  • No, because now the bullies are doing good things for the community. Getting rid of the gays will make God soo happy.

  • I went to public school in Tennessee K-12. I think the closest we ever got to sex-ed anyway was being forced to look at pictures of genitalia mangled by STD’s our senior year.

  • Really idiotic, my kids who are 4 and 8 have already seen alternative families with two moms, or two dads, or one mom, one dad…etc. To not recognize that people are free and lifestyles differ is to just promote ignorance and intolerance. Seriously, with all the hate, war and violence in this world they are going to push such idiotic agenda’s. They entire two party system needs to be abolished, there shouldn’t be a “republican or democratic party” at all in my opinion.

  • Eric Hoff

    The bill “limits what teachers and students are able to discuss in the classroom,” said Ben Byers of the Tennessee Equality Project. “It means they can’t talk about gay issues or sexuality even with students who may be gay or have gay family.”

    Before y’all get bent out of shape further….As of Wednesday, April 20, 2011 …”A Tennessee Senate committee on Wednesday approved a bill that would prohibit teachers from discussing homosexuality in kindergarten through 8th grade classrooms.” The bill has yet to make it to the Full Senate, where, if passed, it would become law. So there is still time for you to contact your State Legislators and demand that they strike down this discriminatory bill.

    Always, always, always do your research and don’t let ONE article throw you into a tizzy. Sensationalism from the Democrats, the Republicans, or any group is dangerous. The intent of sensationalism is to rev up your emotions and get you all bent out of shape. Leave your emotions on the couch and read these things with an open mind and determine that you are going to investigate any claims to make certain that you aren’t being duped or doped.

    Just sayin’

  • Step Collins

    Crap like this is going to bring a thunder that bigots aren’t prepared to deal with.

  • Maxie Byron Fuqua Jr

    THIS IS SUCH BULLSHIT! how on earth did anything like this even get past the senate?

  • well thats gay!

  • Anonymous

    You are right, it isn’t a law. Yet.

    If it DOES become a law, it is in fact a violation of the first ammendment. The fact that free speech is “only” being prohibitted on “SOME” people BY THE GOVERNMENT doesn’t stop it from being a direct violation of the first ammendment. The first ammendment makes ANY government enforced abridgement of free speech illegal. Please read your constitution. This law is being passed by congress, making it a DIRECT, STRAIGHT-LINE, DOWN THE MIDDLE violation of the U.S. Constitution.

    Please read the constitution before commenting again. You look dumb when you don’t.

  • Anonymous

    ‘homo sapiens’?

  • Jack

    I read in the morning paper that a man’s property taxes went up from $1700 per year to over $10,000 a year. Just because his partner of 37 years passed away. Because they did not share the same rights that straight people enjoy. He is something less than an American. He is a gay American. Not even capitalized. Something to be loathed, laughed at, put down, beat up, picked on, killed. Something to be ignored. I read that Tennessee introduced a law to not say “gay” in schools, and because of it a young boy committed suicide because his faith told him he was wicked, his teachers could not counsel him, and his parents rejected him. I read how another young man was beaten to death because he was different.

    I have news for you, I send your kids to that school, I pay for the roadways you drive on, the bus you sit in, the welfare you collect, the salary you get, the fire and police protection you deserve. I write your story, I act it out, I create the clothes you wear, I teach your kids, I take care of you when you get sick. I drive you to the store, I operate the crane that builds your towns, the highways you drive. I feed you when you are hungry, let you rest when you are weary, caress you when you are lonely, support you when you can’t make it alone. I am your friend, your neighbor, your son, your daughter, mother and father. I am you. But I am less because you don’t acknowledge me. I am more than you think, more than you want, more than you know. I am you. Acknowledge me. I do exist. I am.

    I feel pain, I bleed, I get envious, jealous, mad and happy. I am confident, secure, pensive, weak, strong and sweet. I am blonde, brunette, red haired, blue eyed, green eyed and sometimes red eyed. I have dogs, cats, fish, snakes, spider and no pets. I drive a Honda, Chevy, Toyota, Jeep, Mercedes, Rolls. I live in Malibu, Memphis, Topeka, St. Louis, Louisville, Grand Rapids and everywhere in between, above, below and next to. I am successful, down and out, average, middle class and broke. I am army, navy, air force and marines, and I am civilian. I am a scientist, a doctor, a file clerk, a musician, and actor. I am a car salesman, and an IRS agent. I can work for you, take care of you, feed you, be your boss, be your congressman, judge, jury and executioner. I am in every corner of your life, every nook and cranny, every day in day out connection. I walk with you, talk with you, consul you, advise you, laugh with you, cry with you, die with you. I am Catholic, Mormon, Jewish, Muslim, Agnostic, and Buddhist. I am you. Acknowledge me. I do exist. I am.

    I don’t want more, I don’t want less. I don’t want special treatment. I don’t want to be revered or feared. I don’t want you to exalt me or to shame me. I don’t want you beat me or kill me. I don’t want to rape you or molest you. I don’t want to be afraid to walk down a street or to be called names. I don’t want to make you gay or straight, or to turn your kids gay. I don’t want you to hate me because I am gay, I don’t want you to love me because I am gay. I don’t want you to fear me because I am gay. I want you to acknowledge me. I do exist. I am.

  • Wow! You are my Hero! My Martin Luther King. Jr.! Bless You!!

  • Sounds like it is time for a boycott of all things Tennessee! Nashville, Knoxville and Dollywood will miss us this summer!

  • Cassandra

    …I understand, but at the same time I have to say what the heck?! Our government needs to pay attention to REAL PROBLEMS. Besides, that new bill goes against the constitution. Last time I checked, FREEDOM OF SPEECH was allowed. If that bill becomes a law, they’re breaking the law (because they can’t go against our rights as Americans – which the bill clearly does.)

  • Scottie Corley

    Is it just me, or does the bill set back the homosexual movement a couple of decades?

  • Amy Cain Newsom

    That makes my heart sad Tenesee can expect more youth suicides with this law, I just hope all these folks behind all these anti-gay laws and the hate crimes these things are encouraging will like their place in history because I can guarantee you it will not be a favorable mention!!

  • Ha!!! Good one…actually, I just cut & pasted from the TN code itself. Maybe I could call the Senator up and notify him at once so he can get that changed to ‘hetero sapiens’ or, in his case, ‘non sapiens’…;)

  • Amy Cain Newsom

    Tennessee can expect youth suicides to go up, I just hope all the people who are pushing for anti-gay legislation and the suicides and hate crimes being inspired by them like their place in history, I guarantee you it won’t be a favorable mention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Excellent!

  • Jack

    Thank you. It’s true, we are everywhere…

  • Jack

    BTW, the above is Copywrited. All rights are reserved, please contact me if you would like to reprint.

  • Anonymous

    Good lord, are you one of THOSE? You know… the guys who will go around and around, desperately avoiding the facts and hoping that SOMEHOW you can keep wearing away at a subject until you become right? Okay let’s end this here and now:

    This was not some “standard” passed by a board of education (which solely govern behaviours and standards in schools and are made up of educators and concerned parents in individual counties and provinces). It is a proposed LAW. The law being passed here was proposed by the Tennessee CONGRESS (an actual governing body that has jurisdiction over the ENTIRE STATE when they pass a law). It is a Congress. It may be a State congress, but State congresses fall under FEDERAL laws. They have, in FACT passed a law to abridge the use of a WORD (not just a “curriculum” which would be “iffy” only if it was passed in individual provinces as a behaviour code, but actual words being outlawed throughout and entire STATE by LAW).

    Now read this:
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    I know you have either not read this or choose to ignore it, but that little piece is a thing I like to call the First Ammendment. The part that has been BLATANTLY infringed upon is the bit about “abridging [meaning editting] freedom of speech”. They propose the opposite here. This is a direct abridge of speech. They aren’t “employers”. They are the govenment.

    What you have confused here- and this is an increasingly common misconception made by people who don’t bother to find out- is the Rights of individuals versus the Rights of Government. An individual can tell you to shut up or tell you what you can’t say and fire you if you don’t follow their rules. A government, Constitutionally- does NOT have that Right. They aren’t just an employer. They are bound by a highr set of laws than you are. The first ammendment RARELY applies to you except by protecting you. It rarely applies to them except by RESTRICTING them. IF this passes as a LAW, they have breeched that restriction.

    Now I know you will argue further- probably by throwing out examples of hypotheticals, but look at the First Ammendment and stop wasting your time. This is one of the FEW times it’s clear as a bell. You being “right” or saving your “pride” isn’t the issue here. This might be one of those times to just… learn… something.

  • Charlsey

    This is extremely sad and unbelievably hateful. Who are these people to determine such personal things for everyone? People have a right to their own identity and shouldn’t have to conceal, deny, or refrain from revealing it. It’s unconstitutional. Hopefully, this bill will find its way to the Supreme Court. Such bigotry is so embarrassing for all decent Tennesseans. And as a former Tennessean, I know there are plenty of good folks there who would never agree to this kind of discrimination.

  • Jeremy Dykes

    Mike, I hate to tell you, but what you’ve said is not quite accurate. (This has been all over the news here in Nashville every year since Campfield started introducing it 6 years ago.) You’re correct in that the bill has NOT passed the Senate, just the Judiciary committee. (unicornbooty should be ashamed for the sensationalist headline to this article.) However, you’re not correct in your assessment of its impact. The bill will not ONLY affect actual sex eduction classes. It would prohibit educators from discussing or acknowledging “any…sexual orientation other than hetero” in any school-related context.

    That means a boy who tells his teacher he’s being bullied for being gay (or being perceived as gay) would receive only the most superficial of assistance, since the teacher would not be allowed to acknowledge the cause of the bullying.

    It means a girl who goes to her guidance counselor because she thinks she might be a lesbian would receive no real meaningful advice.

    It means a child with same-sex parents would not be allowed to bring both parents to school functions, or if they did, the other children would receive no clarification on why Heather has two mommies and the fact that this is just a different type of family.

    It means the kid who seeks out his health teacher for info on how to protect himself in a same-sex sexual encounter (and yes, this does occur pre-9th grade) would get no help.

    It means discussion of current events topics such as DADT, DoMA, ENDA, even this very bill itself could not occur since that discussion would require mention of homosexuality.

    So while you’re correct that this so-called “don’t say gay” bill would have no impact on sex education classes that don’t occur anyway, the bill’s tendrils go far beyond just those non-existent classes. That’s why the Tennessee Equality Project (TEP) and other TN GLBT organizations have been fighting this thing every year.

    Hope this clears things up…

  • Jeremy Dykes

    Unfortunately, that’s not correct JaySBee. For one thing, this is NOT being passed by Congress…it’s coming from the Tennessee Legislature. Even so, it’s not restricting PROTECTED SPEECH, it’s restricting CURRICULUM. It’s well established that states/boards of education/school administrators have the right, ability, and responsibility to require or ban various topics within the framework of a school curriculum. That’s how sex ed can be banned until 9th grade to begin with. Furthermore, employers have every right to ban certain speech within a work context as a condition of employment…for example, discussion of pay between employees. Just as teachers can be legally & legitimately censured for, say, advocating for legalized marijuana in the classroom, they would also be impacted similarly should this moronic bill manage to become law.

  • Tiffany Ayers

    This is absolutely the most stupid and idiotic thing I have EVER heard!! My Mother has a girlfriend that she has been with for almost ten years, and every since they have been together my Mama has been happier than I have ever seen her!! People need to realize that they are people also and deserve to be loved and give love to whomever they choose. Nothing would ever change the way I feel about my Mama… She is absolutely the best Mom in the world, and I don’t know where I would be without her! Anyway, I knew there was a good reason why I disliked this state so bad, which of course there are PLENTY of other reasons also. I just think that everyone has a right to love who they want to love… it is in no way bothering these people, so why not just move on and be happy for the people that do find true love… there are people in this world who never get to experience that kind of love!! It’s hard to come by, but when you find that person.. man or woman… You should be able to shout it from the roof tops!!!!

  • RickG

    Why boycott. We need to embracethe fine people of Tennessee and let them know that gay people have enough love in their hearts to overlook the stupidity of a few. You mention Dollywood. I think it is time we had an “Out at Dollywood” day like we do at Cedar Point on Father’s Day each year. Father’s Day is “Out at the Point” day, so lets make the 4th of July “Out at Dollywood” day. When visiting Cedar Point we write gay dollars on all our money we spend. Let’s do the same there. Fun Time Amusement Park Tours will be at “Out at the Point.” Now I think we will plan a trip for “Out at Dollywood.” If interested please go to our website and leave your information.

  • This is getting ridiculous? So now they are passing laws that are in direct contrast to the Constitution. Got ‘Free Speech’? Where does this end? Will they now ban the Flintstones? In the opening song..there is a line that says…”lets have a gay ole time”. Will they ban old movies that use the word ‘gay’? Are they gonna take the word ‘Gay’ out of the dictionary? This is becoming ridiculous and they are cutting off their noses to spite their face. That law will be overturned.

  • Another thing, what if the child’s last name is ‘Gay’? Did they think this thing through? Since when can you take words out of the English language and legislate whether you can say them or not?

  • trnpntr

    This comes from Stacey Campfield and Bill Dunn. Enough said. Campfield is an idiot and a bigot, Dunn doesn’t have children in the public school system so it doesn’t affect him or his family so neither one is concerned about the public perception. One has to wonder why the people of Knox County keeps sending these two back to Nashville year after year? Are there not two sensible people that can be found that will actually do the right thing because its the right thing to do? Are these the best Knoxville has to offer?

  • trnpntr

    One has to remember this comes from Stacey Campfield and Bill Dunn. Campfield is a bigot and Dunn has no children in public schools so this doesn’t affect them in any way. One has to wonder why Knox County continues to send these two back to Nashville year after year? Are there not two sensible people from Knoxville that can go to Nashville and do the right thing because its the right thing to do?

  • M Sovis

    Bullshit. Unconstitutional madness.

  • Anonymous

    only in TN…lol

  • jenniferw

    Knoxville is the third largest city, but Campfield is still not representing his district. there are many people who love different people, both straight and gay that dsiagree with Campfield. instead of spewing rhetoric about how stupid the bill (it is still a bill) is, wouldn’t it be better to organize a grass roots efford to recall this quack.
    As for the state legislatures actions, this is what happens when single minded people are the only ones who turn out and vote.

  • jenniferw

    Knoxville is the third largest city, but Campfield is still not representing his district. there are many people who love different people, both straight and gay that dsiagree with Campfield. instead of spewing rhetoric about how stupid the bill (it is still a bill) is, wouldn’t it be better to organize a grass roots efford to recall this quack.
    As for the state legislatures actions, this is what happens when single minded people are the only ones who turn out and vote.

  • Brian L

    Actually, there are several issues at hand here. First and foremost, as the person you are arguing with said, this is education law, which allows the 10th Amendment to supersede the 1st’s right to free speech in many instances, and if you take the time to look, you will find many US Supreme Court decisions supporting that position. Education and the laws governing it are clearly and solely in the realm of the state governments.

    Secondly, you are ill-informed about the rights of individuals versus the rights of the government. In the last couple years, the Robert’s Court has redefined the government and other such entities to be endowed with the same rights and privileges as the individual under law. Although in may cases it is seen that the rights of the individual come ahead of that of the government, that is not always the case. For instance, the old adage that you cant yell fire in crowded building is a restriction on free speech by the government. That is to protect the general safety of the public. In many states, including my own, the government has the right and ability to limit and restrict what can be talked about with children, taught to children, and shown to children as defined by legal statute. This situation is unique, and I am not aware of another instance, but it is perfectly legal and withing the defined rights of state government.

    Also, just to make a point, state governments are not called “congresses” they are called “legislatures.” The term congress is usually reserved for the Federal government especially when using it in its singular form. To indicate a state government make sure you say “the state congress” if you must, but it is best to avoid that usage.

    Basis for My Statements:
    27 years practicing constitutional law

  • with all the things in our state that need help do you really believe this should even be a thought??? and on top of that you ask our opinions .it may not but good manners but you guys are idiots.

  • Jeremy, I suppose that your proposed scenarios would depend upon the interpretation of the bill. Certainly, as the amendment has been approved for consideration, there is no proscription of discussion in grades 9-12.

    Prior to that there would indeed be problems with distribution of information by guidance counselors performing their job duties (one only hopes that these individuals would comply with a higher moral imperative and ignore this stupid amendment should it pass).

    However, I don’t think that the case of bullying nor the case of same-sex parents attending school functions would apply as these do not constitute ‘instruction or material’ within the school curriculum.

    I am not aware that the amendment

  • Thank you Brian L

  • Anonymous

    alright you heard it people, Tennessee needs a new word for homosexual and gay, lets get on it, we’ll get those senators to ban so many goddamn words we’ll render them mute

  • Anonymous

    Point one: The tenth ammendment says that states can make rules not already covered by the other ammendments and not already PROHIBITTED by those ammendments. Infringing upon freedom of speech is already prohibitted, so there may be some legal trickery you have through the magic of practicing constitutional law, but it still seems pretty clear cut, especially using only what you cited.

    Secondly the Roberts court did NOT give government “the same rights and priveledges” as individuals. That argument is a GIANT hyperbole. It makes me doubt your credentials when you make such an over reaching statement that is simply untrue. Yes, they have extended latitude to govenment and corporate entities. Corporate entities have gotten a HUGE leap in rights and are in most cases treated like people. Governments are NOT given that much.

    I can only assume, by the way, that you chose to lump changes in corporate rights and government rights as the same argument in an effort to switch to corporate rights or because you assumed no one knew the difference. Either way, that’s just plain condescending. If you REALLY practice law and stay CURRENT, you know that you have tied two different entities together.

    Lastly, your semantic argument on what is vernacular in regards to State government is sheerly moot. The formal title for these people is “Senator” which is defined as the upper house of congress.Let’s PRETEND for a moment that isn’t true (which, it is, by the way). Even if you- semantically- decide to call them “legislators” you are admitting that they are PASSING legislation (law). That means that those passing laws- whether you call the people passing them “senators”, “Congressmen”, “legislators” or “silk hats- are bound by the constitution to make those laws fit the criterea OF the constitution. It’s far, far different from a private company policy. Now laws that go against the constitution get passed all the time, but they never stay on the books. it may take years to get them off the books. it may take seconds. This is an unconstitutional law. And your claim to be in the practice of Constitutional law is in serious doubt to me because of the poor argument you ushered. You may well be, but you certainly aren’t showing it with this tenth ammendment argument.

  • Anonymous

    Should hold off on thanking people premeturely, mate.

  • I remember when being a homosexual was illegal back in the 50’s – is this were some of the states are headed?

  • Students have rights just as much as adults. This law should not be considered and if it does pass it will be deemed unconstitutional for violation of the 1st and 9th amendments. It is the same reason why you cannot teach ‘creation theory’ along with evolution, it violated speech (students were not allowed to question the theories) and rights not specifically mentioned (the right to believe in another theory). This law limits the speech of all GLBT students and teachers and violates their 9th amendment right that says specifically ‘The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.’.
    Even if this is Tennessee Legislature, stuff like this has been over ruled such as Brown v Board and Tinker v Des Moines Independent Community School District. Both are school districts that have made laws that limited the 1st and or 9th amendment and have been overturned.
    I have done my research thank you and believe you to be ignorant

  • Though this isn’t a law yet I know it will probably pass. Because of the religious fanatics in Tennessee. There are some in my state Georgia as well, which is making a law on illegal immigration. That law affects my friend’s family and I wish Deal would shove it up his butt and actually make laws that are important.
    On this topic,the law violates the 1st and 9th amendments. Right to speech and group and rights otherwise not specified. If this does pass, a lawsuit will probably commence and we will have another Tinker v Des Monies (school related case on free speech). That is because this law prevents students from speaking about anything relating to being gay or homosexual and prevents them from grouping together. This also is under the ‘rights not specified’ given that gays do have rights and this infringes on their rights.

  • CQScafidi

    Nashville should think long and hard about this. Who will be buying those classic Country Female Singer albums after they run all the _____________’s out of Tennessee?

  • Unbelievable.

  • Alec Powers

    Let me start out right away by saying I in no way whatsoever agree with the content of this bill. Neither am I gay, but I believe the people who are deserve the same rights as all other Americans. Unfortunately however, this bill does not violate the US Constitution.

    Now I would like it made clear that JaySBee, you have lost, you have lost sight of the argument and broken down into insulting your opponents. Before you accuse me of the same, however, I will refute your most recent argument so no one else must waste the time.

    First of all, state legislatures are just that–legislatures, not congress. You use the argument that by a single definition all senators belong to the upper house of congress. If you look at many other definitions, you realize that it is not necessarily a member of congress as you put forth.

    Next, your argument of the first amendment blocking the tenth from giving this right to the states is invalid. The first amendment does not apply to states’ governments. Therefore it is not “prohibited by [the constitution] to the states”.

    I can’t really argue against what you said about the roberts court because I don’t really know enough about it, but as it is hardly relevant, I don’t feel too bad.

    Next time you’re in a debate, please refrain from resorting to insulting your opponents simply because you have run out of things to say.

  • Alec Powers

    Students do not have the same rights as adults. Their free speech can be censored; in a far more recent case Hazelwood v Kuhlmeier, this is exactly what happened.

    Tinker can easily be ignored because one of the important parts of that decision was that the armbands did not cause any disruption. All Tennessee would have to do would be to argue that talking about homosexuality cause arguments and violence. Which, unfortunately, in some cases it does.

    Brown v BOE is completely irrelevant in this case. The precedent set in that was that separate but equal is inherently unequal. That in no way applies to this particular case.

  • Anonymous

    YUP!! 🙁

  • Anonymous


  • Wow, nice to see Tennessee has well-maintained and resourced schools, where teachers are paid what they deserve as they shepherd every brilliant child through High School and on to higher education which guarantees them equally well-paid and productive jobs.

    Because that has to be the state of play if this is what the Tennessee State Senate has to occupy its time. Right?

  • Tristan Lee

    Hey Jack, I love your post at the top and yes I would like to get permission to reprint this. It is wonderfully written.
    My email is

  • Anonymous

    I don’t normally post comments about these stories, but this really saddens me. The only people they hurt in that state are their children! What a terrible loss for the state of TN! Homophobic people can fight, squirm, scream, and pass stupid laws all day long, but history shows that they won’t win. People used to stand outside the voting box and harrass black men and women who wanted to vote, and at times they won, but look at the world now, I for one haven’t heard a single story about any African American being turned away from the voting booth for decades now. So let them fight… in the end the new generations will look back on them for what they are… horrible people!

  • patrick graham

    you’ve been tweet-linked by Graham Linehan retweeting @ebertchicago This means. I hope, up to 90,000 people in the UK have now read this… I trust with their jaws dropping that any school curriculum instructions (never mind the attempt to make it law) can be so amazingly backward…

    these 6 need to be sat down in a locked room and shown “It gets better” videos until they learn what being human means – and requires of our school rules…

  • Radek Nowak

    hey jack i want to reprint ur wonderful speech and wish for your permission, please email me at

  • Kyle Edwards

    I may not be gay, or a woman, or Mexican, or of African decent, but I am a human being, and I am a compassionate human being. When some one else is hurting, I hurt. I have something called empathy, and I also have no love for my government, and never have. I do not see the current government, or any past governments I can remember, dating back to Reagan, as doing anything substantial in regards to overall human rights. I see a once great nation dwindling into what the Corporate and bigoted single minded Christian agendas want. We will see no progress; no furthering of evolution in any way, shape or form; no great leaps in science or human progression as long as the Christian and capitalist agendas are allowed to have precedence over the rights of the population in general. It is time to agree that enough is enough. It is time to do something radical, and consider this government no longer capable of governing the people, whom by all rights, come first!

  • Anonymous

    Send it to some editorial/opinion pages, won’t you?

  • Anonymous

    judging from the effectiveness of strict anti-racism laws in australia, i “hesitantly” support this bill

  • Anonymous

    I’m impressed with the intelligent and thought-provoking comments that have been posted here. I’d like to put this all in a wider context and hopefully provoke further discussion. The actions of the TN school board are a small part of what is happening in our country. The Religious Right/Tea Party/ Top 1% of the wealthy have taken over our country. Not “are taking over”—they HAVE taken over. The Intelligent/Liberal/Humanitarian citizens seem to have rolled over and surrendered. It is as if Obama was expected to single handedly fix the social and economic ills of our country and when he didn’t do that in the two years he’s been in office, the left leaning of our country just gave up and shut up. Where are the politicians and commentators (who can get the air time) to energize a movement to counteract the fundamentalists and robber barons? Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity could have been the start of a liberal revolution but no one “caught fire” and rallied the seemingly apathetic left. What will it take to mobilize our disparate groups–LGBT, environmentalists, poor, immigrants, liberal voting populace?? What concrete steps can we take?

  • Skippy Parnell

    There’s enough, and more than enough, anger posted on here to pull a regiment’s worth of triggers.
    Sooner or later (likely later as gay people , by and large, do not possess the moral depth of courage to go the last step that requires “the last full measure of devotion”, i.e. the willingness to die that others might live free) it will come down to bullets and bayonets.
    Some who read this would state that the “haters” have been using bullets and bayonets on “us” since the year about, oh, say 326 AD.(The Council of Nice’) A correct and a plain truth. Never heard of it?! The Council of Nice’ is “Ground Zero” for the legitimization of state sanctioned death for “us” under the authority of the Catholic Church. Read it up, you really should.)
    Lock and load queers, its coming.
    Remember, the people who origin bills, such as mentioned, will not be satisfied with anything less than “our” non-existence.
    On the other hand, most all of these types of “haters” are cowards at heart and a “shot across their bows” might do the trick.
    It needs to be stated, for the record, at this point, the unequivocal expression of horror that I and all normal, well-adjusted humans feel at pointless, random murder (since 326!) and further that I, personally, could not condone the taking of life without justifiable cause.

  • Linda

    Your revealing the same prejudice characteristics your complaining about

  • Skippy Parnell

    Come to think of it, if EVERY GAY PERSON IN THIS COUNTRY became a full member of the NRA
    (and the NRA IS vunnerable in this aspect) then “us” would control the most powerful lobby and voting block in these un-united states.
    The power is there for the taking…………. shall we?
    Consider, NO legislator would dare to what is being dared now. The backlash would hit them in their pocketbook (you know, that place where BOTH of their heads, little and large, are connected).

  • Paul Johnson

    The 10th Amendment never supersedes the First Amendment. Period.

  • Linda

    Some of your post I agree with. First and formost God is willing and able to save as many as will come unto Him. He (God) is not a respecter of person. The Gay movement For the most part is Correct in that they should have equal rights. But what is equal rights if not to protect all, not just those with a certain agenda. The average joe or josephine that considers homosexuality above or below any other sin and chooses to condemn should realize that all have sinned. So with this in mind I say yes Give all equal rights. I also have sinned and am not worthy of God’s Love. But if only those who are worthy are Loved by God then All are Lost. Many have forgotten this and choose not to realize their Perfection is only in Christ. Many do not believe in God or Jesus. You can say That something isn’t true till your blue in the face, wont change what is or what isn’t. Calling Homosexuality just a alternative lifestyle is like saying any other form of sin is an alternative lifestyle and therefore not a sin. God Loves all the World just not Our sin. There is none any better than another. We are all equal in God’s eyes, For all have sinned and come short of God’s glory. Yet I do not want a child to be taught the fine art of being thief or liar just to name a few of the many other sins all of mankind is guilty of. All of which God is willing to forgive through Christ to as many as will call upon the name of Jesus the Christ.

  • Allison Pearlman

    Hey Jack! Just wondering if I could repost this on my facebook….All credit to you of course. Please email me,

  • Linda

    It’s up to parents to correct the many false teachings in school. I as a grandparent have to show and tell my grandchildren many things they are being taught that are not only a lie but impossible. The textbooks are full of lies about a multitude of things. Yes I am a christian but not a hater. I don’t believe Homosexuality to be a Alternative Lifestyle but also consider it to be just as forgivable as any other sin that sinners commit. Every Human other than Jesus the Christ has sinned. God Loves All of Us SINNERS just not our SIN.

  • As an apiring teacher and member of the gay community, it is mordifying to think that Tennessee would pass such a dangerous bill. This generation of young people has proven to be extremely emotionally unstable what with gang membership on the rise, fights, teacher abuse, parent murders, suicide, and now this. We have to be a support to our young people! Teachers are no longer teachers of Macbeth, but how to deal and function when the last bell rings at the end of the day, and now Tennessee says it’s illegal. I pray God’s mercy on the hands of those who shall wear the innocent blood that will be shed due to the passing of this deadly bill.

  • Pete Cento

    What ignorant hypocrites. As if there are no closeted “gay” Republican “homosexuals” in Tennessee.

  • Jim

    I want to read this on my talk show! (Not to mention repost it on my FB page and my blog.)

  • wtf

  • Scott Bechtel

    A legalized hate crime is still a hate crime. Isn’t there a fedrel law that can ban this. I don’t know say the first amendment? Or anti-hate crime? Or common sense. Wait that last one doesn’t live in TN.

  • I am a British gay man living with my partner in a Moslem country. We formed a civil partnership in the UK before we moved (which provides legal recognition of our relationship in Britain and most countries of Europe). We live openly, though discretely and have never received any bad attitude from our Moslem hosts. I am shocked that the in the USA, the land of the free, such bigoted discrimination is allowed to flourish.

  • Sex Ed curriculum should just be “this is how your body works this is how a baby is made you can get this if you aren’t careful this is how you use this contraceptive and if you forget the instructions are in the box… if you don’t want babies or STI’s use these now take some and be on your way”

    the bill is just bogus. and like America’s check to everywhere it needs to bounce (be vetoed or repealed for those who are actually serious about this political shit) Still there are some good points to the bill as well… I mean isnt there good and bad in everything? the words fag, cocksucker, and everything else would be banned too. (if that is what this bill is actually about) homophobic teachers wouldn’t be able to say shit to make their students feel unwelcome in the class room and those terrible moments in the showers would be gone too. yes maybe im playing a little bit of devils advocate with a little bit of wishful thinking but still.

  • “A gay student being shunned at home by anti-gay parents will find no solace or assistance from what may be the only other trusted adults in his life; his teachers.”
    But that’s the point, isn’t it- they want to promote this legislation to shame the kids into being quiet and hiding their sexuality, with the misguided aim that this will somehow make the “problem” go away. I have one thing to say: I’m so happy that I don’t live in Taliban-controlled Tennessee. Republicans are all about “freedom”, as long as it’s to do with carrying weapons or not paying any taxes. In most other areas of life, they would rather see our rights restricted.

  • Matthew Fahey

    I would like to repost this on my facebook as well as use it on my online talk show (no broadcast has been made YET, but this summer it begins online…)

  • Matthew Fahey

    There are limits to any freedom before you make yourself look foolish again i advise you to not yell fire in a movie theater unless there is indeed a fire…you will be arrested because that is a violation…its inciting a panic…despite free speech you do have cases where its not protected…end of story.

  • Matthew Fahey

    i am sorry Alec but the 1st amendment does indeed apply to the states as a result of the 14th amendment.

  • But the child who is born on the Sabbath Day
    Is bonny and blithe and good and gay.

    (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

  • Jack,
    Don’t let the actions of these degenerates make you think that all Americans are this ignorant- there are many of us who stand beside you and are appalled at this crazy law. believe it or not- change is coming to the US in most places, but it is slow.

  • If these people keep getting elected, then that tells me that their political and social ideology is shared by the majority of the voters. This says a lot about the intelligence of the individuals in this state.

  • quite the contrary you are thinking of christian conservatives… true republicans don’t care if ppl are gay or not… Christians are the group of people that support the republicans the most so the Republican party has no choice but to appeal to them. us libertarians the far right wing have a live and let live mentality closest to anarchy you can get with little gov’t control. study up… it might help a little know know some more facts

  • WHAT
    I have worked with youth, and having an adult who will talk to them openly and honestly about sex at all is a rare but very wonderful thing. This is so beyond stupid I can’t say anything else.

  • Kara de Guzman

    What. The. Hell.
    I have no words to express how horrifying this is for me. That is just purely wrong and totally unethical.

  • Thabbesha

    Somebody ought to counter this legislation with a bill proposal that specifically targets Campfield and Dunn, and makes it illegal for them to claim that the 1st Amendment applies to them. Then, if they ever say anything bad about Obama in public, we can haul them off to jail under the Alien and Sedition acts, which will REapply to them once they’ve had their freedom of speech taken away. 😉

  • Kirk

    Linda, most of your post I agree with although, as a woman, I trust you have been silent about this in church and consulted your husband before posting your opinion. I also assume you adorn yourself
    in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array. But I do not think that the term “alternative lifestyle” is anything but an attempt to help those understand that, as you posted, there is none any better than another. The agenda you hinted at (The so-called “gay agenda”) is really no more than the agenda for equal rights. Gays just happen to be today’s hot hope in elevating the self above the other, also as you said.

  • The literal definition of GAY is happy.  So by not allowing people to say gay, Tennessee Senate, that means by definition you don’t want people to be happy, including my brother who is gay.  I just hope that you don’t feel too gay that you passed this bill and that you now know that there are many xmas song you can’t sing or talk about the lyrics to now on top of that in Tennessee schools. You’ve also restricted sex ed topics, as well as a lot of biology topics by restricting the word homosexual.  Well done, enjoy the increase in STD’s and ashamed kids that won’t developmentally function well.  As a social worker, I find this appalling.  How dare you decide to limit the first amendment right of freedom of speech and keep kids from expressing themselves. Whoever is fighting this in the state of Tennessee I hope you win and that you feel very gay when you get this ignorant law overturned. 
    Good Luck

  • Marc Shouse

     No, they’re not showing prejudice per-say, just saying that if one lifestyle can’t be talked about, another that proves controversial and divisive as well shouldn’t be as well.

  • Anonymous

    First off it is unconstitutional to restrict free speech. Secondly no one tells me what to say or think. The more I am told not to say something the more I will say it in protest. A law prohibiting a word or words? You gotta be kidding. Any fag suggesting can go to hell.

  • Chris Hopkins

    Just to let you know I am suing the State of Tennessee over this law and have been gathering momentum, under the radar, which, when brought public, will embarrass Tennessee into complying with me and reversing the passage of “Don’t Say Gay”.  Tennessee is an embarrassment to this country!  The lawmakers in this State have over-stepped their boundaries!  They like to push the Jesus Agenda on everyone… I am here to make sure that they don’t!!!  I even have several very out-spoken celebrities that will be embarrassing Tennessee when the time comes 🙂  I will enjoy watching Bill Haslam and Stacey Campfield squirm!!! 

  • Linda

    If You noticed or would have read all of my post I wrote that I like all the other Billions of Humans that occupy this Planet am also a sinner. Jesus the Christ forgives as many as will come to him of their sin – past, present, and future. This abundance of Grace and Mercy has nothing to do with the law or ordinances but rather Love of God for his creation. Yes I wear modest apparel, am not required to be silent or to check with my husband of 42 years. To old to have broided hair and have no concern for pearls or gold trinkets, but not due to said ordinance of Paul not Christ

  • Linda

    The word God and or Jesus is not a Lifestyle but throughout history has been used in reference to the creator of all things, the ultimate supreme being above all in whom there is none comparable, specifically in the christian teaching.

  • You could always claim fair usage 😉

  • I’d like to reprint this on a custom t shirt for myself and anyone else who wants it – not to be bought from me. I’ll simply save the design on custom ink, and you can have the option to get it there. Would this be possible? I feel as if this could certainly stand out in a crowd as something real and meaningful.

  • Jeremy Cantrell

    that definition of gay was anachronistic in the late 1800s. in went from happy, to sexually promiscuous(a gay man was someone who had a lot of sex with women, a gay house was a brothel) to homosexual.

  • what a wonderful peace, sir!!!

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