Toddler Gets Juiced Up After Applebee’s Serves Him a Margarita

Applebees LogoSomeone at an Applebee’s in Detroit somehow mixed up a margarita and apple juice, and served a 15-month year old toddler an alcoholic tequila cocktail – in his sippy cup!

Taylor Dill-Reese, the boy’s mother, said that her son was acting strange after he started drinking what she thought was apple juice. “He was saying hi and bye to the walls,” she said. “He eventually laid his head down on the table and we thought maybe he was just sleepy.”

Nope – he was drunk! After being rushed to the hospital, the tipsy toddler had a BAC of .10, a booze level that would have put him in jail for drunk driving he was of legal driving age.

Applebee’s called the incident “unacceptable” and has launched its own internal investigation alongside the local authorities’.

We knew those margaritas at Applebee’s were strong, but damn! Perhaps the bartenders should lay off the sauce long enough to realize that difference between margarita mix and apple juice…

Toddler Mistakenly Served Alcohol at Applebee’s:

  • Ariel B. Dreamfalling

    Imagine if the kid started singing “Wheels on the Bus” slurring? LMAO OMG so wrong but still soooo funny! LOL I know I shouldn’t be laughing at that but I just freaking LOST IT!!! LOL

  • That poor kid…

  • Gillianne Rountree

    I blame the parents for not checking the cup in the first place… or bringing their own juice for that matter with a kid that age. Especially since most bar and grill places keep their juices at the bar. How much you wanna bet mama was drinking a margarita?! Poor kid. Last I saw on the news, the BAH wasn’t .10 it was .01, but either way…

  • If they mixed up the margarita and the apple juice, putting the margarita into the sippy cup, then didn’t the mother get apple juice instead of her alcoholic drink? How could she not realize this when she took a drink? The stupidity of parents everywhere continue to amaze me. People like this shouldn’t be allowed to procreate. Let the responsible lesbians and gays adopt them and there wouldn’t be so many problems like this :/