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Town Throws Pride Parade For Its Only Gay Resident?

pennington, the onion, gay news, gay blog, gay pride
Love it!

“Today was a historic day in Pennington. The entire town turned out to honor Paul Webster, the area’s one gay man, with Pennington’s first ever gay pride parade.”

Paul, a 33-year-old hardware store owner was too shy to ask for a parade, but that didn’t stop almost 2,000 residents from showing their support for his homosexuality. Apparently Paul was so modest that he practically had to be  dragged out of his house and into the pink limo that took him to the parade where the whole town was ready to support him.” So good!

The Onion News Network, A tomahawk of honesty in the skull of lies, has the story.

The story, if you haven’t gathered by now, is a hilarious spoof. We’ll take it anyway!

What do you think of Pennington’s Paul Webster Pride Parade?

  • Ashley Valencia

    That would be so adorable were it true. 🙂

  • Geologyst

    You seriously had me going and I was almost getting ready to tear up!. However, Onion articles have been known to come to pass after time, so who knows!