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Tracy Morgan Issues Apology To Unicorn Booty and Um…All the Gays He Hates

tracy morgan threatens to kill son, tracy morgan meltdown, tracy morgan homophobic, tracy morgan anti-gay
"My bad!"

Tracy Morgan’s publicist, Nicole Chabot just sent over an apology from Tracy Morgan regarding his offensive anti-gay meltdown, and threat to stab his own son to death if he is gay.

“I want to apologize to my fans and the gay & lesbian community for my choice of words at my recent stand-up act in Nashville. I’m not a hateful person and don’t condone any kind of violence against others. While I am an equal opportunity jokester, and my friends know what is in my heart, even in a comedy club this clearly went too far and was not funny in any context.”

To be perfectly candid, we gave Morgan and Ms. Chabot the opportunity to respond to the nightmare scandal last night when we broke the story, but they refused. Now that 60,000 people have read our story, and Tracy Morgan has been trending on Twitter with our article attached, they have deemed the LGBT community worthy of an apology.

We don’t accept your apology.

  • I have an apology.  I’m sorry I ever watched you or even thought you were funny you fat black ugly mother-fu#k@!

  • As a recovering hate addict I can say… “been there done that.”

  • Your choice of words don’t make it any better. :/ You could have just said “I’m sorry I ever watchded you or even thought you were funny”.

  • if by “we” you mean you. cool. don’t speak for “us” all, though.  i am a fan of Morgan and was fairly surprised and yet not so much.  he isn’t usually hateful, but he does push the limits of good taste.  while his message was unfortunate at best (come on now…don’t you think the stabbing business was comedic hyperbole?  ), i see no reason to dismiss his apology regardless of it’s tardiness. 

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t an apology, this is a mockery. “I’m not a hateful person and don’t condone any kind of violence against others”?! I call bullshit – obviously when he’s in a setting where he feels comfortable enough to say what’s on his mind without thinking about it first, he is absolutely hateful and does condone violence! It’s going to take a lot more than a predictable paragraph written by someone obviously NOT Morgan to erase this from his record.

  • Like I explained to a four-year-old kid the other day: Saying you’re sorry only makes everything all better when what you did was an accident. But if you do something on purpose – whether you call someone a name or you slap them in the face – saying sorry no longer works that way.When you say you’re sorry after you do something you wanted to do – that type of sorry does not make everything OK … it only means that now you know what you did was wrong and you also know you deserve to be punished for it.

  • Caleb Andrew Beal

    Well if he’s sorry,……….it’s because he got called on it. Those weren’t jokes.

  • Victoria-nola

    Morgan empowered homophobes big time with this rant, apology or no apology. I’m sorry he decided to take his career in this direction. While I’m glad he sees the need for the apology, I feel like it was a demonstration of what is in his heart and it isn’t pretty.  Either that or he put aside his own true feelings in order to pander to the homophobic culture of Nashville. Either way, I’m not sure I could trust him again, and I’ve enjoyed his madcap style.

  • No, Lisa Lampanelli is an equal opportunity jokester. This is just rediculous. It reminded me a few years ago when Chris Rock had some bit in one of his acts about how its never okay for white people to use the ‘n’ word but there are choice occasions when it is acceptable for someone to call someone a ‘fag’. And just like in Morgan’s audience there were people standing up rooting “You go Chris” or something to that effect. 
    Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Tracey Morgan… are we noticing a trend yet? 

  • Shouldn’t be hard for Tina to write him off the show before the next season. I never thought his character was that funny even after five seasons.

  • Lorenzo Van Ness

    It’s bulshit to say that you’re an equal opportunity joker unless you’ve made other jokes about stabbing people to death because of their identity.  Make a joke about stabbing a jew to death or a person of color or someone mentally challenged or any other marginalized community, no he probably wouldn’t do that.  I don’t endorse making super fucked up jokes but don’t try to hide behind, “oh it’s just a joke.”

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never even heard of this guy before. Of course, if this show is his one and only gig, then he can probably say good riddance to his career in entertainment.

  • Wonder if he’s apologized to his child?!

    It shouldn’t take a publicist to offer such a statement. How do we know he was involved at all in the wording, lame as it is? This was big enough news he could get his ass in front of a camera and attempt a sincere public apology wherein his body language and words could be interpreted. Having someone else prepare a statement that is issued to various media outlets is not an apology. 

  • like most “actors ” they sometimes say what they think is funny of shocking just to get a reaction. In this case he screwed and now must take his punishment.

  • Anonymous

    OMG.  Get over it.  Really.  Yes, the words were offensive and wrong, but he is no Michael Richards (who btw, broke the wall and verbally  attacked an audience member with racial slurs ).  It was a comedy bit that went very very wrong.  He went over the line in an offensive way, but I do accept him at his word when he says that he is not a violent or hateful person.  He is the type of comedian in which words just fly out of his mouth.  I do not believe he truly meant what he said as true for himself personally.

    I, as a gay man, accept his apology.  Has he tainted how I view him, yes to a degree.  Overall though, I am fine with him now and will continue to watch 30 Rock.

    Sometimes I think that we are TOO sensitive and TOO quick to judge.  We have to look at each individual circumstance and individual then take a moment to pause and think – an perhaps even forgive.

    If I am hated for going against what everybody else on this posting thinks, then so be it.  After reading some of the postings (some bordering on hysterical), I just had to comment.  Thank You.

  • Anonymous

    As my Daddy used to say about some people, “He’s just sorry.”

  • H8guide2

    Poor guy. I hope someone tells him it gets better.

  • More importantly, no matter HOW much trash she talks, it’s talk, pure and simple, and everyone going into her show knows this.  It’s who she is.

    Not only does Lisa Lampanelli act like she loves her GLBT fans, but she walks the walk too.  She isn’t going to apologize, because she knows where the boundaries lie.  By the same token, though, we know she means well — and we’ll give her a little leeway as a result.

  • Poor guy. I hope someone lets him know it gets better. 

  • Anonymous

    Time to get rid of this dead weight Tina… Get rid of him on 30 Rock!

  • Thomas Baggett

    God I wish I could imitate Lana Kane’s voice here when I type, “Nnnnooooooopppee.”

  • Thomas Baggett

    Ok, Lisa Lampanelli is AWESOME.  Yes, she’s vulgar and offensive.  BUT!  She donated $1,000 per protester of her show from the Westboro Baptist Church to a gay men’s medical fund IN THE NAME OF Westboro Baptist Church.  It totalled $50,0000! 

    Is she god-awful offensive?  Yes.  But!  She knows the line, plays precariously near it, and is careful never to go over in the worst ways.  Also, she’s a total hag (in the BEST sense of the word).  Love her, hate her, but she’s nothing like Morgan. 

    First of all, she’s funny.  He ain’t. 

  • Zandra Ellis

    What bothers me more than what Tracy said is the number of people cheering him on and agreeing with him. As much as I hate what he said, I hope people who feel the same way he does actually takes this as a learning opportunity so they can expand their minds and stop the hate. One can only wish and hope right? 🙁

  • Stephonie

    What a royal P.O.S… he felt comfortable w/ his surroundings, he said how he felt and now it has come back to bite him in the ass. He is ugly and his personality makes him even uglier. He has never been funny in anything he has done and I hope this is the ending chapter to the career he was never able to conquer~ 

  • Doug Wilkowske

    He’s a giant Jackass!

  • Doug Wilkowske

    He’s a giant Jackass!

  • ShowMeGuy

    I don’t know the age of Mr. Morgan’s son, but how can he look his son in the eyes after saying he would stab him in the neck if he were gay?
    I love a good gay joke.  Mr. Morgan’s RANT was neither good nor a joke.

  • And as MY Daddy would follow up, “Sorriest damned thing I ever saw.” I think our daddies would get along.

  • Ashley Valencia

    …that’s his apology? A two-year old could do better. Apology NOT accepted. Those weren’t jokes it was hate speech of the worse kind. How dare you? You disgust me.

  • Anonymous

    Elizabeth, you are so right about that!

  • Julian Powell

    I could’ve sworn Tracy Morgan was at least a little queer. Homophobia is deeply conditioned, Tracy Morgan didn’t invent it although he is perpetuating it. If this apology were not just PR but was sincere, I’d accept it if he then took accountability measures towards educating himself and de-conditioning his homophobia and became an Ally. 

  • Matt Charles Smith

    I just don’t buy his apology one bit. I think it’s fake. Further more I think CPS should be called in and the guy undergo a psychiatric evaluation since he did say on stage he would Stab his son to death if he found out he was gay. His type of behavior is highly inappropriate.

  • Saying that your sorry for your “choice of words” isn’t much of an apology. His problem is not his choice of words but rather what is truly in his heart. No one says all those mean things if they don’t believe them and THAT is the problem. Sure he’s sorry that he said he would stab his son (that is an incredibly bad “choice of words”) but there is no reference here to the rest of his rant. There is CLEARLY a great deal of religious based homophobia here and I personally have no room in my life for those who hate in the name of God. He should move to Tennessee and run for political office. He’d probably fare pretty well there.

  • Are you homosexual?

    If you were, you wouldn’t be taking this so leniently.

    You would know how it is like being despised, hated, humiliated and oppressed, even by your own family, from the time you were a child.

    I think you’re an ignorant ass full of bull, or maybe a masochist.

  • Kisaki Anrui

    I can appreciate your sentiment, but I do not feel the same way. Targeting any other minority group and saying the things he said WOULD end most celebrity careers. If this does not profoundly impact him (apology or not, honestly I consider it meaningless) then it sends the message that outing yourself as a bigot only matters if you target a group of people that matter (i.e. not the gays). Just my feelings.

  • I didn’t think of tracy as being bigoted and hateful before. I do now. 

    I always thought Tracy seemed a little gay, I suppose that is confirmed now. God I loathe closet cases, at least now his wife can figure out it’s not her, that Tracy has some other reason for not giving her loving like she should be entitled to.

  • I would be inclined to agree, but I read the a report of the content of the rant. It was not funny, it was sincere and extremely anti-gay. Please note that Tracy apologizes that his point of view was expressed humorlessly, not for his point of view. Tracy is entitled to Hate Fags and believe we chose to be Fags, if he is a closet case like most homophobes – no one whould know better than he.

    Myself, I’m Gay and don’t have to support anti-Gay entertainers. Tracy Morgan can entertain people that agree with him – The KKK might want to invite him to do entertainment at one of their functions!

  • He is just stating the obvious, though. He isn’t using any racist terms. The guy is black. He’s ugly. And he’s a motherfucker. He didn’t generalize the Black population or threaten to kill anyone based on their race. His comment seems fine to me.

  • Brianific

    Equal opportunity jokester… how insulting. What does that even mean? I should have an equal opportunity to openly hate you for who you love? I really want one person to explain to me how what he said was at all a joke because all I see is an opinion from a disgusting animal.

    There is really no room for an apology here, he made sure of that when he said he didn’t care if he “pissed off a couple of gays”.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t believe the jokes Morgan tells reflect what’s in his heart. 

    He likes a big fat ass?  No way.

    He likes to make a woman gag and feel vomit gush over him during oral sex?  No way. 

    He would kill his own child?  No way. 

    You can say he offended on purpose because of course he controls what comes out of his mouth.  But he has a high-pressure job.  Entertaining with humor requires some sponteneity to be maximally effective.  The audience needs to feel he’s “soaring without a net” to get the full  thrill, and that means some of what he says is unscripted.  As an idea takes shape live on stage sometimes what springs out goes to a dark place and it all happens too fast to really think through all the ramifications, and whether it will be received as good satirical humor or univiersally found to be on poor taste. 

    We’ve got this going for us.  Killing his son would be illegal so he has an incentive not to do it.  Likewise for anyone he might influence. 

    Compare that to a joke he might tell about having his son’s foreskin amputated.  The law doesn’t protect the innocent healthy normal son.  THAT would be reason for outrage.  In fact it IS a reason for outrage.  US girls are protected from even a pin-poke to draw one ceremonial drop of blood.  The 14th amendment demands equal protection. 

    SPEAK OUT for those who can’t, and who ARE NOT protected. 

    Protect boys too. 

  • Byron Outlaw

    Yes, there are clear differences between homophobia and racism,
    between the experience of Blackness versus the experience of Gayness.
    Here’s one: if you are, say, an African American, you are born into a
    community people like you. You have an automatic support system, you see
    people like yourself every day. When someone discriminates against you,
    you have plenty of allies who have experienced the same thing, and will
    understand, and will likely be willing to help in any way they can.

    is not the case for gays, who usually come to recognize their own
    natures with the onset of puberty, and who often spend years in hiding,
    isolated, thinking that there is something wrong with them, that they
    are the only one, that their parents and friends are going to reject
    them, maybe murder them, that they are going to burn in hell. That they
    neither deserve nor will find love within their lives. There have
    recently been several high-profile suicides of LGBT youths, and for
    every one of these kids that the public sees on the news, hundreds more
    exist. I do not see corresponding epidemics within any groups of racial
    minorities; black kids are not out there killing themselves for the
    “sin” of being born black.
    Here’s another difference:
    Black people(and straight people in general!) are not constantly
    conflated and/or defined by the sex acts they might or might not
    participate in. This one kills me; any time homophobia is a topic of
    conversation, person after person brings up anal sex, rimming, and
    dozens of other explicit sexual practices to point how “disgusting”
    “amoral” and “sick” members of the gay community are. This is a huge
    problem right now, specifically in Uganda, where AMERICAN CHRISTIAN
    GROUPS have been doing “missionary” work by distributing explicit
    pornographic photo slides and giving sermons where they accuse gay
    people of recruiting. As a result, gay people and activists have been
    murdered in Uganda, and the government is trying to pass a bill that
    would make homosexuality a crime punishable by death. Thousands of
    people in that country have been whipped into a frenzy; they’ve been 
    taught that homosexuals are predators who target children and literally
    ingest shit from the rectums of other homosexuals.
    problem here? No sex act that I can think of is specific to the gay
    community; straight people perform  just as many potentially disturbing
    sexual practices as gay people. In many instances, straight people
    invented the practices in question: so why are gay men conflated with
    anal penetration while straight me are not? I’ll let the straight
    community in on a little secret here: all gay men do not perform anal
    sex– lots of people in our community do not like it. Lots of people in
    YOUR community do enjoy it, from both active and passive perspectives.
    It’s all a matter of personal preference, how your body is built and how
    it responds to erotic stimuli.

  • Atlanta Blue

    Today is the Pride Parade in LA.  Perhaps all you west coast folks could take a trip to Burbank and visit NBC Universal and voice your contempt?  I mean, there will be a hundred thousand people there, why not do something after the parade?  I would if I was there.  Also if you want some satisfaction, contact your local affiliate and let them know that you will not watch their network until they do something about it.  After all, it’s the local stations that pay NBC for the programming.  And they don’t want to lose viewers more than ever.

    Happy Pride!!!

  • I don’t blame you guys for not accepting.  I wouldn’t have accepted it either.  I clearly read that you had given his publicist a chance to make a statement and she said “no comment”.  Then they saw the backlash, and NOW they apologize.  Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame

    Tracey Morgan got a little too cocky from all that sweet Tina Fey induced fame he has now, and he thinks he’s a comedian in the ranks of Chris Rock or the Waynes brothers- Tracy, you actually could have gotten to that caliber, but sorry, you dun goofed.

  • saying that makes just as bad..

  • Oh yea, and My publicist also told me to say….BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! Been there done that, heard the excuses!! Your act was a total RACIST ATTITUDE to a different MINORITY!!! Thanks!! Dont let our issues get in the Way of your RACISM!! ASSHOLE!!The Peanut Gallery, not wanting to hear it!!!

  • I think everyone over reacting.. fighting hate with hate is just make things worse.. just like fighting is worse than walking away..I know how hard it is.. but maybe sometimes in order to get acceptedence (sorry my spelling and grammer not the greatest) you must give acceptedence…i hope you understand what I mean.. The world would happier place if we didn’t grudges even is hard as it is.. That my views please don’t cuase of them.. I hope one day we all will be treated equalily…

  • but it doesn’t give you the right to him a nigg or motherfu … cause that make you stink to his level..

  • judge**

  • Anonymous

    There is a fine line when it comes to joking about minorities. All humans are ridiculous, and some of us (because of who we were born as) have a particular kind of silliness we choose to embody. To make fun of stereotypes can be amusing, because we should ALL learn to laugh at ourselves and find humor to lighten the load of oppression. However, to make jokes about doing violence against somebody, especially a minority, and ESPECIALLY one’s own child for ending up as that minority, is neither funny nor acceptable. I can laugh at the jokes about my fashion sense, my flighty nature, my inability to go 5 minutes without using the word ‘fabulous’, but stabbing one’s child to death? Seriously? Lets see Eddie Izzard make a joke about stabbing his child because they came out Brown, or Islamic, and see what happens. 

  • Tracy who??

  • Timothy Domian

    Personally, I always thought he was on the DL. Might explain his homophobia?

  • Morgan Watson

    “I’m sorry” means I wish I hadn’t said it because it was wrong and hurtful. “I’m sorry” means I will not do it again and will  make amends for what I did do. How about putting your money where your mouth is and kicking in some bucks for queer youth programs. The Trevor Project and Make It Better come to mind. His hate speech (not jokes) are exactly the reason kids take their lives.

  • Harry Ung

    BTW, I accidentally pressed “Liked” on your comments. I do not Like your comments.

    No, it’s one thing to attack a person’s ugly behaviour, words or actions, but to involve their their racial, religious, spiritual or political identity into the fray is inappropriate. Criticizing and attacking a person for being physically or aesthetically challenged is, in my humble opinion, immature and ugly behaviour.

    Stooping to his behaviour doesn’t excuse us from practicing what we preach.

  • Harry Ung

    I’m inclined to accept anyone’s apology no matter when given, on condition that it is backed up with words and actions that sincerely show their remorse and willingness to change and to provide appropriate service to the wronged person or community. The seriousness of Morgan’s venomous words demands more than a mere apology. Perhaps seeking some sort of counseling is in order as Tracy’s rant may have deep roots owing to his father’s death from AIDS. For that, and his other troubles, I can truly sympathize. 

    “Humility is the only true wisdom by which we prepare our minds for all the possible changes of life.”   George Arliss

  • @facebook-504574512:disqus , TOTALLY DISAGREE, an apology is an apology. And you should do YOURSELF the favor, as well as those around you, of learning to understand the difference between discipline and punishment. If you think saying you are sorry is wrong, what do you offer as an alternative??? We all have regrets, do you not agree????

  • What Tracey said was uncalled for, but I don’t think what he said is as important as where he said it.
    I don’t agree with the statements he made, but I agree with the first amendment, and everyone is entitled to believe what they want to, whether it is “correct” or not. If he had said these things among his friends, it wouldn’t have mattered, but instead he spoke his beliefs on stage.
    Sorry may not be enough to make everyone feel better, but he doesn’t owe the public anymore. The public opinion of him has changed, and that should be enough.

  • Jeff Mullersman

    I agree, well put. 
    Each person offended will need to accept his apology on their own terms.  Accept it or dont, certainly your choice.  Everyone makes mistakes.  You start by apologizing and then we will see how your actions support it.  But it is a start.  We are so quick to judge people, like we have never made a mistake before.  I certainly won’t be the first to cast the stone.           

  • Dear Mr. Farrell,
    please don’t presume to speak on behalf of the entire GLBTQ community.  Nothing any celebrity ever says in apology ever seems to appease you.  While I do feel that the issued apology is more selfishly motivated than heartfelt, you (UB) have a history of never accepting apologies regarding offensive statements. y’all better not be afraid of heights up there on your moral high-horses.

  • Scott Thompson

    Pretty much. Jesus, gay or not, I’d probably never talk to my dad again. Because a real father shows unconditional love for his son. Maybe not acceptance, but love. Talking on public media about killing your son is not unconditional love.

  • Guest

    oh my gosh, you guys are still on that shit! get over it already! seriously!

  • Luinne D’Llard

    Suck my big gay dick, Tracy.  Do a good job and I might forgive you.

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