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Staff at Cirque Du Soleil’s Vegas Show Kicked a Trans Woman Out of a Restroom

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A transgender woman has shared her experience with us about being kicked out of the women’s restroom by the staff at Cirque Du Soleil’s show at the New York-New York Hotel in Las Vegas.

Katie Charm is a trans woman who lives in San Francisco. She has been on hormones for seven months. During her “big summer vacation” to Las Vegas with her girlfriends, she repeatedly experienced problems using the bathroom of her gender identity.

We interviewed Charm exclusively: “I have taken a day to digest what happened, and my only goal is to try and help the queer community as much as possible here.”

While seeing Zumanity, Cirque Du Soleil’s “erotic thrill” themed show at the New York-New York hotel, she used the women’s restroom before the show began. Later, when she returned to use the same restroom, Zumanity and New York-New York staff was there to intercept her.

“They formed a literal barrier in the hallway blocking me from using it,” she tells us. “The first manager was unbelievable. He was like, ‘Well, look at you, look at what you’re wearing.’ I was wearing a woman’s baby doll tee and shorts, by the way. I was like, ‘I’m a trans woman! I have boobs even.’ I asked to speak to his manager.”

This is when Charm began to film the unsettling encounter that shows the staff members asking her for ID and questioning if she is really transgender.

“I asked for a refund and the manager was like,’Why in the world would we give you a refund?’ I had to leave because I became too emotional. We missed the end of the show.”

Charm explains the fear and self-doubt she has had to overcome since transitioning.

“I don’t know if you understand how scary it is for a newly transitioning person to use a women’s room,” she explains. “So afraid at any second to be called out and harassed for not belonging. So scared of those macho assholes waiting outside to hurt you for daring to use the bathroom next to their wife.”

“The titanic mountains of self-doubt you have to overcome just to feel OK being there. Months and months of fighting thoughts, “Do I really belong here? Am I a bad person for just wanting to pee in peace. The crippling self-doubt versus the absolute terror of going to the men’s room. After a few months of transition, you begin smelling like a girl, and people give you scary looks in the men’s room. It was a nightmare for all [the beginning] of 2017. It was a nightmare I finally felt like I had conquered.”

Since the incident, MGM Resorts — the owner of New York-New York Hotel — has reached out to Charm.

On her Instagram, they wrote:

MGM Resorts International strives to create a safe and inclusive environment for our LGBTQ guests. Under our policy, guests who are transgender may use the restroom of the gender they associate with. If you were not allowed access to the restroom of your choice, we would very much like an opportunity to address this matter with you directly. Inclusion is a bedrock value of MGM Resorts and we welcome the opportunity to make this right.

They have since apologized, and offered the ticket holder a refund – but Charm is sure it’s only because there is video evidence of the encounter.

“Would they have reached out if it it wasn’t recorded?”

“As much as they want to sweep this under the rug, I still want to bring this to the public eye.

“We show our happy moments and that’s what people see. But there is so much fear and pain between those moments.”

Read Katie Charm’s initial account here:

I had gone before that night, both times with girlfriends. I have learned in this city not to go by myself, and I’m so thankful for my girls who support me and have my back. Anyway, we got in and out in like a minute or two because we didn’t want to miss the show.

Apparently someone complained about my appearance that first time, and the second time staff were waiting to intercept me and block me. They surrounded me and told me I was a man and needed to use the men’s room. I explained calmly that I was a transgender woman, 7 months on hormones, and didn’t belong in the men’s room. “Look, I have boobs, I don’t belong in the men’s room”. The staff refused access, and got very aggressive towards me, especially when I asked to see the manager.

The first manager was unbelievable. He said things like “well just look at you, look at what you’re wearing,” (sadly not on tape). My girlfriends were so supportive – they were right there alongside me saying things like “but what did she do besides exist? She just peed, is it so bad?” and “I could have a dick, how do you know I don’t? You wanna check my ID too?”

Finally we got the manager’s manager to come talk to us, and he was even ruder than before. We told them clearly: “We are going to start recording.”

“I know I got very defensive, but I have tried to be so strong this weekend, and it looks easy sometimes but it’s not you know? I know I don’t pass, that I’m a thousand miles from ever ‘passing’, even though I’ve been on hormones seven months now. But just because I’m an ugly woman doesn’t mean I should be subject to ID search to use the bathroom. I shouldn’t need to ‘pass’ or be pretty to be treated as a valid female.

I’m just lucky my friends were there. Beyond lucky. This was a seriously dark moment for me, but they meant all the difference.

I don’t even know what to do next. Surely this can’t be okay? Surely Nevada doesn’t allow this type of thing, even if it is “private property and we can do what we want” as the manager said. I found this, which applies to workplace bathroom usage.

It’s just been such a difficult struggle to be confronted in 50% of the bathrooms in this city I’ve used, no matter how feminine I present, and my mannerisms and movements and makeup and nothing is ever enough… Most women in the restrooms are super supportive and friendly to me, but it’s just always the staff that seems to have the problem. This was the worst case by far though.

UPDATE: 2:30 PM – Cirque du Soleil and MGM Resorts have sent Unicorn Booty the following statements:

Cirque du Soleil’s statement:

We regret the incident experienced by one of our audience members on July 11 at New York-New York. Diversity and equality for every individual are foundational values of Cirque du Soleil, and our show Zumanity specifically celebrates diversity and love in all forms.

MGM Resorts sent us the same comment they posted on Charm’s Instagram.

  • imymejubilee

    That’s disgusting! I can’t believe she had to go through that. I wen’t through a similar experience at a Walgreen’s in South Carolina and called corp., they deeply apologized and assured that wasn’t their policy but I was still shaken up by the experience.

  • Danielle LivingwithLeukemia Ko

    I’m sorry but… sounds like a man. looks like a man. socially acting like a man. Please LOOK and ACT the part before stepping into women’s spaces if you want to breeze through this world trouble free.

    When I transitioned I sure as fuck wasn’t going into any women’s spaces after only 7 months. at that point nearly nothing has physically happened. I did however after 14 months and a legal name and gender change after tons of voice work and working on social cues step into those spaces trouble-free and have been for a decade now.

    It’s literally all these new “special snowflake” trans people that just expect it all to be instantly gratified with no self work that are causing issues for us people that actually worked for it and the rest of the community and then act outraged when something that walks, talks, and acts like a duck is assumed to be a duck.

  • Gemma Seymour

    From Wikipedia: ‘ In the 2011 Legislative Session, Governor of Nevada Brian Sandoval approved and signed into law three bills, A.B. 211, S.B. 331, and S.B. 368 which prohibit discrimination in areas of employment, housing and public accommodation on the basis of “gender identity or expression.” S.B. 331 also prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex at public accommodations, and S.B. 368 also prohibits housing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. All three laws took effect on October 1, 2011.
    In May 2017, the Nevada Legislature passed and the Governor of Nevada Brian Sandoval signed into law SB188. This law will add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity or expression” throughout the rest of Nevada statutes, alongside race, disability, creed, sex, religion, marital status, domestic partnership status, age, etc. This law goes into effect on July 1, 2017. ‘

    Unfortunately, the current political climate is encouraging people who believe they are entitled to police normative sex/gender standards to take actions which they probably do not even realise are unlawful. I am sure that MGM Resorts is desperate to avoid a very costly and public civil rights violation lawsuit. Ms. Charm has ironclad grounds and evidence to pursue damages, here, and I would advise her to seek the assistance of the Transgender Law Center, Lambda Legal, the ACLU, HRC, and/or the National Center for Lesbian Rights, all of whom have a vested interest in similar situations, if not for her own satisfaction, to make certain that a very public warning is made to everyone in Las Vegas and the State of Nevada that violations of the rights of transgender people will NOT be tolerated.

    As far as the idea of “this is private property and we can do what we want” is concerned, that is 100% FALSE. While it is true that the MGM property *is* “private property”, it is private property which is engaged is offering a public accommodation, and as such, they are required to comply with all laws applicable to equal access to public accommodations. Only truly private clubs—which have membership requirements and are *not* open to the general public—are exempt for public accommodations laws.

  • Gemma Seymour

    You are an asshole.

  • Michelle Helms
  • Agent_J

    Have to love that internalized transmisogyny, eh? “You only deserve to be regarded as anything more than something you’d give a dirty look and scrap off a shoe if you perfectly perform the part of a Stepford Wife.” The only thing of the typical rhetoric she’s missing is the demand to be het, too, undoubtedly a tailored exemption to make it okay for her but nobody else (she is married to another woman.)

  • Kare Alford

    She’s a BIG ASS HOLE!!!

  • Lee Anne

    I transitioned at age 61 and have been on hormones for the past 4 years. My looks have nothing to do with my being trans just as my genitalia did not define who I was at birth. I do not need to “pass” to be a woman. I am a woman just as I am. If passing was all I cared about I’d be as shallow as you.

  • Kare Alford

    The fact that she called herself ugly breaks my heart

  • Danielle LivingwithLeukemia Ko

    Oh Gemma knows me personally. My wife and I took her in when she burned every bridge she had where she was from and was homeless. She made her way across the country and from what I understood burned bridges pretty hard out there too on the west coast and last I knew was living as a hermit in a shack without electricity. Good to see she’s still got internet.

  • Reimor

    “It’s literally all these new “special snowflake” trans people that just expect it all to be instantly gratified”

    Not Instantly gratified. instantly “respected”. Funny that you’d even use such a word in context of transitioning. If you think gratification has anything to do with it, then you may just be projecting a fetish rather than sharing a legitimate transgender experience.

  • Danielle LivingwithLeukemia Ko

    the biggest.

  • Jennifer Ann Thompson

    They call what you said now << truscum. The new way is that anyone is what they identify as. I know that you have worked hard to get the privilege of being accepted. It just has been determined that no person should be denied whom they are because of looks or what they have had done.

  • alicedubois

    I actually agree with you. This person should have thought of something before stepping into a woman’s rest room… maybe consider other peoples feelings as much as yours. Those women might have been VERY uncomfortable… more than likely not have known/realized that he was trans. Even then…

  • Kathleen Stoughton-Trahan

    This is indeed strange because I know three members of cirque that are gay and they have told me many of their fellow entertainers are as well. Not good for relations.

  • Johanna Reynolds

    These people should be boycotted and sued. They don’t deserve our business and tolerance of such discrimination. Remember we are powerful and have a voice. No one should go through that. Let’s show them our power and strength.

  • Nathan Dorian Dale

    *SHE is trans, please don’t misgender her.

    If women are uncomfortable with someone going about their private business and using a toilet as it is intended, THEY are the ones with the problem and that is not her fault.

  • Nathan Dorian Dale

    Gay and transgender are completely unrelated. Also they have no control over how the venue staff act.

  • transmom223

    I am a low-level employee at another mgm resorts property and can say with absolute certainty that they are supportive of the LGBTQI community.

    My 13 year old son is trans (afab.) I witnessed a gender nonconforming coworker being harassed by another employee in our women’s locker room. The coworker was visibly upset. I was upset knowing this woman would say the same things to my child of given a chance.

    I went to HR. The coworker who was actually harassed also went to HR. They were EXTREMELY supportive and accommodating. They handled the situation exactly as I would hope they would.

    Clearly, MGM resorts needs to do more. Clearly there needs to be more training at all properties. I’m horrified to know this happened at a company that I work for. I can say based on my experience with this company that actually really do GAF. Way more than most. Clearly at some properties they need to be specifically trained not to be horrible human beings.

  • Aaron Warner

    Gay cis people are often just as transphobic as cishets.

  • Aaron Warner

    How do you think she would feel having to go to the wrong bathroom? Trans people shouldn’t have to sacrifice our safety for cis feelings.

  • Michelle Browne

    I just want to let the trans ladies and people here know that this is NOT ACCEPTABLE and none of you deserve this kind of prejudice. I and others I know are going to keep fighting on you. Someday, I hope all of you can feel safe and accepted and loved, not fear for your lives and safety.

  • Faith

    Yes, because only cis women’s feelings matter. Do you not think about how awful and terrifying it must be for her to use the mens restroom? How about unsafe? Someones safety is more important than someone feeling a wee bit uncomfortable.

  • Shoshana

    It’s pretty disturbing that this is your reaction, but I guess not everyone is capable of empathy. So your discomfort about a stranger’s appearance in public means that person should be treated as a second class citizen? How about work on your own discomfort, because the problem is with you.

  • Jacqueline awesome girl

    It’s a tough call on this one. Personally I waited till I was fully pasable. I waited to possible avoid being noticed by young girls. Where is the line drawn? Problem is, there are many very masculine looking women with a vagina too. Should all women be required to meet the gender binary? Can a man walk into a woman’s restroom and just claim to be trans? The ideal world would be every female, old and young, immediately accepted anyone in the restroom to be a female, and trust men not to abuse this. The real world says contrary to both of these. Our culture has been raised forever with gender binary and expectation of looks, that can’t be changed overnight, or a single generation. No easy solution to this. A lot of the backlash against trans women has been about “tricking men” and more recently the bathroom issue. Since trans are smaller numbers, it’s going to be hard to be accepted without passing. Today, we can’t force others to accept transgender women. Today it has to be earned… and that means pasable and believable. I never forced being a woman with a penis onto anyone and never had an issue ever. I am both fortunate and intelligent to have earned it. Until we all accept gender is not binary, we still have to live in the current real world. We can pass all the laws we want, but we can’t as easily change the culture… Patience is today’s only solution…. I feel for you girls out there who are beyond our current culture…

  • Sabrina Hawkins

    Thank you! <3

  • Deb

    First, thank you for alerting the trans community that New York, New York hotel in Las Vegas is not a safe place for anyone. We are planning a trip to Vegas and I will not only book somewhere else but will send a letter to New York, New York to let them know that your treatment is the reason we will not be booking there. Secondly, even crying you are a beautiful pixie of a young woman. Hugs.

  • tensacross

    in my opinion bathrooms are divided by sex, not “gender identity”. if you don’t “pass” as the opposite sex, step your pussy up until you do.

  • Deb

    Agreed, you are a kind human.

  • Deb

    Does anyone know of trans-friendly hotels in Las Vegas? We were thinking of going over Christmas break.

  • Pollos Hermanos

    Beautiful at any age.

  • homasapiens

    What I do NOT see in either the hotel’s statement or Cirque’s is anything about re-educating the staff to ensure this does not happen again.

  • Leslie Riegel Cully

    Michelle, you look extraordinarily like a CIS-gender female friend of mine. 🙂 Very pretty!

  • Leslie Riegel Cully

    I think Katie should definitely contact MGM about this! They say “Under our policy, guests who are transgender may use the restroom of the gender they associate with.” I say meet with them, demand they train their staff on the rules and policies, and let them pay her off (maybe), as long as she doesn’t have to sign any agreement to remain silent. Her experience was awful, but perhaps she could cause some positive changes as a result.
    I’m a straight, CIS-gender female, and I have ZERO problem with transwomen using the restroom with me. For god’s sake, girls just gotta go pee! No one is in there to do anything else. Sheesh.

  • Reimor

    Well considering how much pride you’ve gathered from your journey, it sounds as if it were plenty worth it. People have done worse for the sake of self aggrandizement.

  • Reimor

    That’s like saying you have to teach children what a sphere looks like by only showing them cubes. People aren’t going to get used something they never see. Those who hold prejudiced expectations have to learn to deal with seeing examples which don’t fit those expectations. I agree that it’s not going to change overnight, but telling non-passing trans people to remain out of site is a good way to lengthen that process, perhaps even indefinitely. If that’s a personal choice for you, that’s fine. I get not wanting to deal with other people’s discriminatory world views. But you should at least be proud of those who have the kind of courage to put themselves out there in spite of the cis-standard gender norms rather than helping the transphobes heap shame upon them.

  • Jacqueline awesome girl

    All actions have consequences….battle casualties… brave? Yeah… how do you stop men from abusing this? That’s the valid fear we hear the most. Sadly, there are too many twisted pedophiles out there. Many in the classroom…but trans are the scapegoats. I challenge anyone to post a link of a convicted true transgender man or woman. Yet hundreds of clergy and teaches, male and female, have been convicted. We need single stall restrooms for new construction, but who absorbs cost? Old restrooms will be abused by men. No easy answers here…

  • Hata H. Zappa

    Let’s be real, here. Most people who whine about trans people using the “right” bathroom aren’t afraid for their safety when they go. If they are, then they are hypocrites. But it’s always the “busybodies for Christ” contingent who create the problem with this illusion that they are “anointed” to police the world and keep it cis-normative. They do this because the Bible instructs them to; it’s that damned clobber passage 1 Cor. 6:9 that says the effeminate will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only depending upon the translation of the Bible you’re looking at, it says homosexuality. So the conflation of gender with sexual orientation is there, too. But the Bible also talks about not judging a neighbor for the speck in their eyes until you take out the log in your own. Cherry-picking at its finest. I digress. The denier of services in this case needs to not work in the hotel industry any more.

  • Hata H. Zappa

    Don’t bother with these trolls. They number in the millions and they get paid to come here just to bother us. I’m so glad that the discussion here is most respectable.

  • Mark Woodworth, Ph.D.

    Single person porta-potties everywhere, for everyone, everytime. Solved.

  • Minnwise

    Women who have been raped have PTSD. I have no doubt that Charm’s intention is not to harm, so I do not understand why she does not comprehend how her still male appearance is not triggering for a rape victim to see in a ‘safe zone’!
    Until Charm’s looks match a female more, she should not have a problem with using a solo room, or ‘family room’ (which was available) when requested. Unless she doesn’t give a damn about anyone except herself.
    It strikes me as extremely likely that Charm hasn’t had any friends or other loved ones who have been raped. But this still is no excuse. Charm and her friends need a whole lot more compassion. The world is bigger then their own personal experiences.

  • Lauren Brooks

    Let’s put this in perspective for a moment. Other women are using the excuse of being uncomfortable with a ‘transwoman’ in the bathroom with them. In this particular circumstance, the entire purpose of having bathroom buddies is to prevent others from bullying and discriminating against her. Seriously what the f*** do you transphobic cis women think, A gang of girls are going to assault you in the restroom? Here’s a clue ‘male predators’ masquerading as a women don’t have female sidekicks.
    For those of you that are supportive and inclusive, there are buttons available ‘I’ll go with you’, that let other trans people know they have someone they can feel safe with.
    That being said, transgender people should not have to face interrogation in order to just pee. Even a solo trans person should not have to face the ostracism created by transphobic people just because they are not educated or have not even tried to educate themselves as to the state of existence that is the transgender identity.

  • Lauren Brooks

    Sadly that is a side effect of the dysphoria that many trans people face. A small percentage do not face this but most do and it is a constant reminder of our imperfections ! I realize that many other women and girls have these feelings as well, however the feeling is compounded by the presence of anatomical anomalies.

  • Reimor

    Acting as if the misplaced blame and prejudiced stigmatization which transphobes are guilty of is somehow more worthy of accommodation than the rights of trans people whose quality of life is being minimized to the point of facilitating a record high rate of suicide, depression, anxiety and many other mental health issues is completely lacking in both empathy and rationality. You’re victim blaming. There is no difference between saying, “your public appearance is partially to blame for the abuse of trans rights and subsequently your own access to such rights”, and, “the way you dress is partially to blame for you being a target for rape”. In either case it doesn’t matter what you believe about the level of cause and effect that’s taking place, you’re still placing the responsibility for the effect on someone who is simply acting on their right as a human being. Any rational person who isn’t a complete psychopath could see how morally deprived your position is. …Actually, I’ve literally known a diagnosed psychopath who can understand what you’re failing to grasp here.

  • George Gryak

    I guess most of these clowns have never travelled outside their own little corner of the world. Some countries in Europe have co-ed bathrooms and nothing is even said or thought about it. It isn’t strange to see in the Balkans a man peeing at a urinal trough or squatting at a hole in the floor and a woman is in a stall next to him or at the next hole in the floor. Nothing is said about the female towel attendant handing you a towel after you shook the dew of your lily and washed your hands. I was taken aa gotta go, GO! back the first day I saw this when I toured the Balkans but then I thought when you gotta go, GO! I have a trans friend who I look upon as female since she did undergo gender reassignment operation and had female genitalia formed. She had trouble one time using the bathroom at a resort in Miami but after a complaint to management, that was straightened out. I taught physical therapy and massage classes at our local college before retiring and I had a trans student. The first day of class, she called me aside and told me she was a male in transition. I replied: “And?” She decided to tell the whole class since they had to pair up for practice sessions and had to partially undress. The class applauded her for her honesty and was well received. Incidentally, she graduated the course high in class standing and isa successful Physical Therapist today with a private practice and extensive client list! BRAVO MARCY!

  • Lori P

    Unfortunately, this doesn’t surprise me. I worked for MGM Resorts for 17 years, and when I first approached Human Resources about transitioning, they made it clear I couldn’t use the women’s restroom in either the front or back of house (employee only areas). It wasn’t until a similar high profile case regarding a trans woman being forcibly evicted from a competing property came to light (i.e. they got their asses sued) that MGM Resorts suddenly had a change of heart. In the five years I worked there post transition, I was subject to numerous insults and transgressions, all of which fell on deaf ears when brought to the attention of upper management. My advice to any gender non-conforming individuals opting to frequent an MGM Resorts property is to live your life, but be prepared to document everything via video should the need arise. Only when the ugliness of their true feelings toward gender variant people is exposed, will they do the right thing and treat you like a human being.

  • Jacqueline awesome girl

    I never discussed how others are dressed…. the topic is bathroom usage.. some people are so dense!

  • Will Kohler

    Tropicana. Its a Hilton owned hotel/

  • Toni Coughlin

    Women who have been raped have PTSD… And? Do you have any idea how many trans women are victims of sexual violence? For my first sexual experience, I was choked by a man in an ally and woke up in a pick-up truck. For my first job experience, I was fired within a month of disclosing my legal name. And for my first suicide attempt, I was verbally/physically abused by a doctor because my Social Security Number outed me in hospital records…

    Thinking back on the assault(s), the discrimination and harassment, the trip to the Emergency Room; it all wells up like rotten pit of despair where my stomach should be. And I would still turn down an ambulance if it meant returning to that hospital ever again, but MY anxieties stemming from MY experiences are MINE. Having been through hell does not give anyone any right to put others through hell.

  • Michelle Helms

    Thank you.

  • Keecha Katt

    This just disgusts me beyond words. Why should it matter? When you think about it? How many Transwomen have been using the stall next to you for years? You never knew. It didn’t bother you then? Why now?

    A different kind of discrimination? I’m disabled. I have a rare muscle disease. Once at The House of Blues Anaheim, in Downtown Disney. I was refused access to the disabled restroom which was on the upper floor. They had an elevator. The staff refused me access, because I wasn’t quite at the cane stage yet.

    So, I had to climb up and down two flights of stairs, very, very slowly so I didn’t slip. When I came back down the manager was chewing the staff out. He could see I wasn’t well.

    He apologized profusely and told them I’m to have access to that elevator any time I want.

    I’ve been there since and now I need a cane or a walker, depending on how I feel. With those aids, no questions whatsoever.

    What’s it going to take for transwomen? Do they have to show their boobs they are female? I’m heterosexual. Do I need to show my boobs too to use the restroom.

    If she had to show hers. I’d show mine. See a difference? No? Then let’s use the ladies room shall we?

  • Kevin Kylie

    I think that’s why they asked to see her ID. If it said female they probably would have let her in.

  • crimsons

    Since trans people are 0.03% of the population, which makes trans “women” 0.015% of the population, probably not very many are victims of sexual violence compared to the number of real women who are. Your bigoted attitudes against biological women (drop the insulting “cis”) are horrifying. Perhaps if you didn’t insist on pigeonholing women as giggly creatures who wear pink exclusively, you would be taken seriously. But a man dressing up in women’s clothing is a little hard to take seriously.

  • crimsons

    Thank you, awesome girl. I’m in the arts, so I’ve seen everything and know many transgender people, including a relative — and also two colleagues who have gone through surgery. Every biological woman I personally know is fine with TG women in the bathroom. It’s just that when it is legislated, that’s when the biological men who want to harm BOTH bio and trans women abuse the rules. (Yes, it has happened hundreds of times, and the vague “rules” include gym and YMCA locker rooms where children are changing clothes). The insensitivity of trans people regarding both the safety of themselves and bio women is alarming. I’ve gone in very undignified places outside several times as I was worried about my own safety. This story reeks of fabrication, as I fail to believe any transgender person in a bathroom would draw a shred of interest in Vegas. Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s illegal to assault someone so this shouldn’t matter. But when you cannot legally eject a (NON-TG) male predator from the ladies’ room, it gives him time and latitude to carry out his wishes — and that includes all definitions of women.

  • Jeanne

    The irony is that way back in the 80’s, nobody would have batted an eye. They would have chalked him up as a gay guy (whether he was or not) who seemed effeminate who wanted to use the girl’s room. Nobody would have even complained. Girls could wear tuxedos to prom and go to prom with another girl. There was no age limit for your prom date. It’s a shame we keep sliding backwards as a civilized society with the ‘live and let live’ attitude.

  • crimsons

    This person is not a woman, first, and evidently this hotel is actually one of the very few safe places for real women. Kudos to them.

  • crimsons

    There is no “she” here, you know. Basic biology.

  • crimsons

    These are not girls, hun bun. They are men who are much stronger than women. If anyone’s a bigot and phobic it’s you. Where are biological women supposed to pee now that men have taken over our private spaces? This whole agenda is ludicrous.

  • Reimor

    “some people are so dense!”

    Says the person who doesn’t understand the concept of an analogy. No point in going forward with a discussion if you can’t even wrap your head around something which even a small child can understand.

  • philman

    The poster was intentionally misgendering her. It’s their way of denying that trans people even exist.

  • philman

    Have you ever, even once, read of a case where a man posed as a woman in order to gain access to a women’s rest room and rape or abuse someone?

  • philman

    W Hotels are famous for being LGBTQ friendly. They’ve fairly recently opened a W in Las Vegas.

  • philman

    Does this apply, too, to cis women who are masculine? To women who are flat-chested? To women who choose to keep their hair short? To women who prefer articles of male clothing, for whatever reason?
    According to you, the only way to not “trigger” a rape victim’s PTSD (which not all women experience, contrary to your blanket statement) is ultra-femininity. That’s a little dangerous and scary.

  • john thomas
    yeah but what about that time she had a party and put a sign on the bathroom door that said “females only no exceptions”. seems a bit ironic.
    Overall she just seems to be an attention seeker, the crying seemed forced. Sorry not trying to be insensitive but something seems off.

  • Malaczynska Suzy

    her, please use the correct pronouns

  • Leon

    Nice transition Michelle!

  • Leon

    That she was trans alicedubois, get it straight!

  • Leon

    I think she’s trying at least.

  • kirrlaos

    I’m disabled, I have a spine issue, a bad back, knees and hips.

    I’m not so bad off that I need a cane yet and still can manage stairs if my body agrees to it. I went to a con a few weeks back …. I stood by the elevators cause disabled people and sutiers (it was a furry con) gets first call. Letting groups of suiters and other normal people go up cause I panic a bit and don’t like making a fuse over my issues .. And I just kept telling myself its ok, no ones gonna call you out.. Its ok .. So time 4 elevators go by I finally calm enough to get on .. x.x

  • Sara King

    I don’t understand all this happening in Vegas lately. As a Vegas local transgender woman pre everything who does not pass I’ve never had one bit of trouble using the restrooms here. I also read a reddit post about the same thing happening at MGM Grand recently. I go to these casinos everyday and never have an issue and even go to any club on the Strip as female and get female drink tickets when they’re handing them out.

  • Sara King

    Good information. I’m going to consolidate this and carry it on me since I’m a local. Though I’ve been using the restrooms her for over a year as a female and I’ve never had an issue.

  • Minnwise

    You have missed the point of my comment.

  • Minnwise

    So Toni, you would have no compassion on another woman who may be suffering PTSD?

  • Elliott Michael Prats

    It’s very sad and totally hypocritical that we allow one person to spread fear (why is a male in the women’s bathroom? Am I safe from an attack? As well as a host of other thoughts), create bouts of self doubt/internal conflict (I feel very uncomfortable with a male in the ladies bathroom but I’m afraid to speakout in fear of being labeled “transphobic”), along with a plethora of other emotions, thoughts, and feelings simply because ONE ADULT REFUSES to accept responsibility for there own feelings of inadequacy! This is a bizarre and illogical line of thinking; why does he insist upon enforcing the same crippling and “absolute terror” upon other innocent people?!?!? He had complains made against him from the first time he used the woman’s restroom, so no one can claim that his presence in the women’s restroom was harmless. Conveniently left out of this article was his REFUSAL to use to gender neutral restroom (family bathroom). This HIGHLIGHTS a key point – that he has ZERO regard for anyone else rights, feelings, or emotions at Cirque du Soleil but yet demands that he be treated special! As long as he has male gentital he is a male, and while he claims its traumatic to use the men’s restroom -we don’t recognized victims of ANY kind of trauma (ie PTSD, ect) with any special rights or free license to use a bathroom different than their current set of gentital! It’s actually very healthy (mentally) for someone to overcome their fears and face them, instead of ignoring them/running away from reality and the repercussions of this behavior. He mentioned a lack of self confidence yet refuses to take action on what will booster it. After using the men’s bathroom again which shows a respect for the rights of others, you’ll see that there’s NOTHING to worry about and that your fears were irrational – this will increase your self confidence (which you claimed is low) because you’ll no longer be afraid. In conclusion not only is supporting his selfish actions morally/socially wrong but it also stunts any emotional growth as well! This is truly a modern day CRY WOLF, I just hope that you don’t abuse others to the point that when you really NEED help they’ll still believe you and be willing to help!

  • Elliott Michael Prats

    It’s very sad and totally hypocritical that we allow one person to spread fear (why is a male in the women’s bathroom? Am I safe from an attack? As well as a host of other thoughts), create bouts of self doubt/internal conflict (I feel very uncomfortable with a male in the ladies bathroom but I’m afraid to speakout in fear of being labeled “transphobic”), along with a plethora of other emotions, thoughts, and feelings simply because ONE ADULT REFUSES to accept responsibility for there own feelings of inadequacy! This is a bizarre and illogical line of thinking; why does he insist upon enforcing the same crippling feelings and “absolute terror” upon other innocent people?!?!? He had complaints made against him from his initial use of the woman’s restroom, (that’s why security was waiting for him and blocked his entrance to the women’s restroom) so no one can claim that his presence in the women’s restroom was harmless. Conveniently left out of this article was his REFUSAL to use to gender neutral restroom (family bathroom). This HIGHLIGHTS a key point – that he has ZERO regard for anyone else rights, feelings, or emotions at Cirque du Soleil but yet demands that he be treated special! As long as he has male gentital he is a male, and while he claims its traumatic to use the men’s restroom -we don’t recognized victims of ANY kind of trauma (ie PTSD, ect) with any special rights or free license to use a bathroom different than their current set of gentital! It’s actually very healthy (mentally) for someone to overcome their fears and face them, instead of ignoring them/running away from reality and the repercussions of this behavior. He mentioned a lack of self confidence yet refuses to take action on what will booster it. After using the men’s bathroom again which shows a respect for the rights of others, you’ll see that there’s NOTHING to worry about and that your fears were irrational – this will increase your self confidence (which you claimed is low) because you’ll no longer be afraid. In conclusion not only is supporting his selfish actions morally/socially wrong but it also stunts any emotional growth as well! This is truly a modern day CRY WOLF, I just hope that you don’t abuse others to the point that when you really NEED help they’ll still believe you and be willing to help!

  • Seren Aislinn Aurora

    Do you not realize how hard it can be to get a gender marker change on your ID for some? Way to back the bigots, way to off handedly say “your only trans if ‘we’ deem you trans enough”

  • Kevin Kylie

    I feel bathroom policy should be up to the individual establishment, not the government.

  • Aaron Smith

    Typical half-assed apology–and clearly insincere, straight from a marketing brochure. I’m glad this was recorded, and I hope it gets spread far and wide. We deserve to know what kind of places we’re giving our money to.

  • Deb

    I don’t know about that, but it is certainly the right of the hundreds of thousands of trans citizens and trans allies to take our money elsewhere.

  • Jay Mills

    oh shut up

  • Piers Caillouet

    Leaving it up to individuals makes it WAY too easy to discriminate and get away with it. You’re being totally nonsensical, Kevin.

  • Piers Caillouet

    Wow, fuck off Aaron, that’s literally a bunch of discriminatory horseshit. Way to burn both ends of the candle, idiot.

  • Kevin Kylie

    I think businesses should be free to discriminate and people should be free to take their money elsewhere. Why do you or anyone else have a right to tell someone how to run their business? MGM ultimately decided not to discriminate.

  • Nonya Bizness

    I will never give Cirque du Soleil
    another penny ever! I dont care if they settled it. It shouldn’t have happened in the first place

  • sleezter

    All the males commenting on how unfair life is to them.. Amazing..

  • Madmouse

    LOL! The title was misleading, it should have read “man kicked out of womens’ bathroom”. Man’s dna = male. Unless you identify as a trash panda, then ok, you can be a trash panda 😛

  • I♥GummySharks

    Oh boo hoo… HE had go across the way to mens room… nothing got damaged here but this person’s ego and perception that the world isn’t intune with their gender identity. Cry me a river.

  • KB God

    If you look like a dude, go to the male restroom sickos

  • richard coughlan

    ‘She’ a he. I’m not sure I would be comfortable with him sharing a bathroom with my young daughter. You cant just go around using womens restrooms and changingrooms just because you feel female, when your a male. Born a male. Im not against transitioning from one sex to another, but its silly for a male to expect to use female changing or bathroom facilities. Period.

  • Sandra White

    Public bathrooms are uncomfortable for many people. In school it provides a private spot for bullying and is avoided by the shy kids.While convenient for catering to a quantity of people they have always been badly designed. I’ve seen gender neutral designs that actually give more privacy to the individual and should be more cost effective than building separate facilities for men and women. Than we won’t need bathroom police.

  • chalkz28

    They had good reason. There is many pedos out there who cross dress and are looking to rape a young girl in the bathroom. Imagine if she was that person and they did nothing even though they knew she was really a man. A little girl then gets raped. If you would have came out of a restroom one of my girls were in and I was sure you are a man. I would have beat your ass. So that being said the safety of the the transgender people and most importantly kids safety she should take this in stride and realize it comes with the territory. If you were born a man or woman you need to use those bathrooms. Or a family bathroom. I dont get to pick which bathroom I use. How are they or anyone else supposed to act when someone that looks like a man comes out of the womens restroom. Does anyone not see the logic here?

  • Independent Thinker

    Biology 101 -Birth gender: XY chromosomes = male. XX chromosomes = female. Male = men’s room. Female = women’s room. Restrooms really need futuristic DNA scanners like in the movie Gattaca, and the mass media needs to be purged of all the politically correct BS floating around all over the place.

  • Todd B

    The ONLY problem I have with her on this is that she does what many people do in situations…try to become mind readers on why people apologize or act nice. Christ! Can’t you accept even kind acts instead of trying to lessen them by accusations of “only because there is a video”. It’s all heartbreaking otherwise.

  • Todd B

    Thankfully, that’s not how our democracy is run. If it was, you would still be seeing “no blacks” or “no gays” on the front doors of PUBLIC businesses.

  • Todd B

    I expected, once reading the story, that it was going to be a “trans woman” who actually hadn’t done anything yet to conform to her gender identity(testoserone, breast enhancement, clothing) and was just someone who looked like a guy using the women’s restroom. Until you do something to conform to your identity, don’t expect others to just accept it. That’s not the case here and shame on those Cirque employees.

  • Toni Coughlin

    Here in Nevada, all you have to do is have your doctor fill out a form from the DMV… DLD-136 if I remember right. But even so, she might have been a tourist and security shouldn’t be hassling people over basic bathroom use, least of all the guests who support our state’s casino/show business.

  • Stephen Johnson

    If you still have a penis then you are a male.

  • Holly Bartlett

    Wow! Girl you are my new hero and inspiration!

  • Jacqueline awesome girl

    Keep in mind we as a society like the gender binary. We have very clear definitions in mannerism, feelings, clothing, hair style, makeup, shoes, underwear….the list go on forever. Women like their men dressed as men. Most cannot stomach a guy in a single bit of female clothing. Most break off their relationships if the find out their man is a “sissy”. Likewise, men love feminine women. All that aside, if you appear “female” in a woman’s restroom, then there is no issue. Even butch women are seeing as women. Looking at the individual in the story, one could never guess they might be trans or female. The person has had many years of high leveles of testosterone. We make decisions or react with the available imformation we have, and often in split seconds. If I saw this person, I would never have guessed. I don’t foresee changing our gender images anytime soon. In fact, the current young generation is more binary than the sixties or seventies. Madona separated the genders again in the eighties, and it continued to grow. Image is reality. Of course, I am speaking in generalities, and you will run into this everywhere. We tend to separate people by hormone types and levels, more than gender. This is why when we spend many years on female hormones we have a lot less issues. Facial hair or shadows are the biggest issue, followed by voice pitch, then body shape. Other can’t see how one feels inside, and we gender by looks. Men have preyed, hurt, violated, and worse on women for ever. Rightfully, women are taught early on to distrust men. A restroom is a private public space and women feel very vulnerable in them. Testosterone is very unpredictable and can’t be trusted. Anyone who appears to have testosterone in them and also appears male is not welcomed in this space. Before I transitioned teen stranger girls would never even make eye contact with me…today they do and even talk to me. In the restroom they never take a second look. Girls fear men and they should. Until men stop their behavior this will never change. We can’t teach our girls to trust men, with the possibility of them being transgender. Don’t blame women for this. Part of our gender appearance is to protect women from predatory men.

  • Jacqueline awesome girl

    Who is being prejudice? The women in the restroom, who rightfully must fear men? Or men who know how men are and can’t be trusted in the restrooms?

  • Jacqueline awesome girl

    Men have thought us to fear them…if you appear male….then no one can guess you might be female inside. Until men stop preying on women, gender makes un feel safer…don’t blame women…

  • Michelle Browne

    But trans women aren’t men. They’re women – trans is a descriptive word. Not a different category. And trans women are at a high risk of violence from cis men. We have to protect our sisters – who have never, categorically and empirically, attacked or sexually assaulted cis women in a bathroom, I might add. Trans women just have to pee, and we need to protect their rights to do so. Same goes for nonbinary folks, of course.

  • Jacqueline awesome girl

    This person appears male on the exterior…how can anyone know they might be a woman inside? Again, you appear male and you will be distrusted…

  • Jacqueline awesome girl

    Men’s behavior toward women now and over the centuries have made women distrust anyone who appears to have testosterone in them. How can a woman tell if someone is a female inside? Until men change their behavior this will continue…

  • Jacqueline awesome girl

    The internet …it gave a global pulpit to hate and allows equals to group…but the issue here is if you appear to have testosterone in you, you will be distrusted. Men over the centuries and today caused this…

  • Tulip

    so you’re saying you would not want to be in a place that triggers your PTSD, but women not wanting to be in a place that triggers their PTSD are bigots. cool story, bro.

  • Toni Coughlin

    Nah, dude. Because my issues are mine. And yours are yours. So nty on your story, bro 😉

  • Doll Parts

    People need to work on making men’s restrooms safer and more inclusive.

  • Alex Joke

    If you have a cock swinging between your legs, go piss in the men’s room and shit up. Mental illness is so strong in this country. Security should have thrown him out. He could have pissed outside.