Transgender McDonald’s Beating Victim Reunited With Rescuer

Chrissy Polis became a household name last month after her beating by two teens in a Baltimore McDonald’s led to massive gay blog coverage, and eventually national media attention.

Polis, who was beaten into a seizure while McDonald’s employees laughed and filmed the attack, was rescued by a middle aged woman dressed in white in the video. While her identity went unknown, she was hailed as a hero.

Finally, Chrissy Polis has been introduced to her guardian angel, Vicky Thoms.

Many thanks to Vicky Thoms for her brave intervention. It’s good to see you two girls together again!

  • Received an e-mail from McDonald’s stating that the employee that was taping it got fired

  • Anonymous

    All of our identities (race, gender, sex, age, nationality, disability, color, sexual orientation, etc.) are completely mind-made. The only true identity we have, is one of being human.

  • Anonymous

    I think that anyone on that shift should be fired if they witnessed the attack and did not call 911 or respond in any way. But that would imply good judgment, and I’m sure the upper-ups at McD’s are lacking in that department.

  • Marissa Cothron

    I wish more people saw other people not as different but as human.

  • Trenton Flock

    I’m Lovin’ It.

  • Veronica Williams


  • Sierra Vail

    “I didn’t look at her as different. I looked at as human.” —– Best quote ever!

  • I agree 100% that everyone who was working that day should be fired and I call McDonald’s weekly to let them know that I am still boycotting them until they fire EVERYONE that was working that night. I also mailed some receipts that I had showing them that I had been to that very same store multiple times in the month prior to this incident. The store where this took place is 5 minutes from where I work and I went there often for lunch or a beverage during the course of the day.

  • Emily Phillips

    Oh wow she’s pretty!

  • Richard

    We’re all a part of one giant human family. If people realized that instead of trying to separate us, the world would be a better place.

  • Im glad they were able to meet since that night.
    Why do we continue to look at each other differently…. I have had the ability to talk to our City Mayor and know that any hate crime will not be tolerated; but who really cares right,,, im just a straight guy that sees everyone the same…