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Transgender Woman Beaten Into A Seizure At McDonald’s

gay blog, gay news, gay bashing, hate crime, mcdonald's, seizure
Crissy Lee Polis, 22, being dragged across a McDonald's floor

22-year-old Chrissy Lee Polis was simply trying to use the restroom at a Baltimore area McDonald’s when she was violently attacked by two teenage girls. McDonald’s employees did nothing to stop the attack on her – nothing except film the violent assault – and after being being kicked in the head and dragged across the restaurant floor by her hair for several minutes, Polis began to seize.

Three minutes of the brutal attack were caught on video by a McDonald’s employee, ironically making him an accessory to the crime. McDonald’s employees can be seen in the video laughing at the attack, and the only person that comes to Polis’s defense is an elderly woman who attempted to protect the victim before being punched and kicked herself.

The video is extremely violent and difficult to watch.

With the exception of the woman who came to Polis’ aid, everyone else in the video may be considered an accessory to the crimes committed by the attackers for either filming or simply watching the attack for several minutes. People can even be seen simply stepping over Polis’ body and looking down at her without offering assistance as she goes into a seizure.

HuffPo reports:

“This latest attack highlights the extraordinary level of violence and brutality that transgender people face in their everyday lives,” Michael Silverman, Executive Director of the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund told The New Civil Rights Movement. “We call upon the authorities to fully investigate this attack as a hate crime, and hope that the victim will receive some measure of justice.

On average, a transgender person is murdered every month in the United States. This violence is intolerable. We all must redouble our efforts to stop hate-motivated violence directed at transgender people.”

McDonald’s released a statement condemning the attack. “We are shocked by the video from a Baltimore franchised restaurant showing an assault. This incident is unacceptable, disturbing and troubling. Nothing is more important than the safety of our customers and employees in our restaurants. We are working with the franchisee and the local authorities to investigate this matter.”

While McDonald’s was busy speaking out against the attack in their restaurant, Vernon Hackett, the McD’s employee who filmed the assault posted these ignorant and offensive comments on his Facebook page.

gay blog, gay news, hate crime, gaybashing, Vernon Hackett, facebookgay blog, gay news, hate crime, gay bashing, vernon hackett

It’s worth noting that just last week the Maryland Senate killed the Gender Identity Non-Discrimination Bill, which would have offered protections to transgender Marylanders in housing, employment and banking. Though the bill wouldn’t have provided additional charges against the attackers in this case, the attack is an obvious hate crime and will be prosecuted as such, Maryland’s refusal to pass the bill sends a powerful message that transgender Maryland residents do not deserve protection under the law.

Statistically speaking, a transgender person is murdered every month in the United States.

  • You know being racist is just as bad as being transphobic.

  • This is yet another reason McDonald’s is disgusting. Was there any trigger to the attack? I can’t bring myself to watch the video.

  • This is beyond sad. I was happy when that old lady finally came in. But I still feel nauseous after watching it. The laughing really got to me. I can’t wait for a day where we don’t have to worry about violence like this…Not even just violence against the LGBTQIA, but violence against our peers in general.

  • Ariel B. Dreamfalling

    I have no words for this. The video fills me with rage. Had I been there I would have beat the crap out of those two poor excuses for human beings who were picking on someone different from themselves. I hope all those employees get fired and do jail time and those two excuses for “women” get plenty of punishment for this as well.

  • Anonymous

    Those (I can’t think of a word for those that did this) that did this to that girl should get 5-10 years in jail, for acting on such hate. If you hate and are that out of control and act on it, then your a menace to society. They should be locked up. Even if the trans girl said something smart, you cannot behave like those other girls did.(Like sub-humans; neanderthals )

    That pice of crap that filmed this and did nothing should get 5-10 years because he did nothing. Maybe he does not like LGBT, but that is not appropriate conduct for any restaurant employee even MC Donald’s .

    There is a certain amount of reasonable safety one should expect.

    And Mc Donald’s is investigating it? Really???

    How week. Their is a dam video of the attack filmed by there own employee while on duty!!!

  • Anonymous

    FYI — it is NOT illegal in the US for men to be in a women’s restroom, or for women to be in a men’s restroom. It is simply a social custom. If those #@$%!’s didn’t like who was in the restroom with them, they should have simply left, or complained to the manager.

    Where is Obama’s loudmouth on this??? He always loves to stick his nose into such stuff as this. Huh??? …..yeah, just what I thought…..

  • Anonymous

    I can’t watch the video, I just can’t. I’m crying just reading the comments of those that did watch. How can people just stand by and do nothing? How do people like that live with so much hate in their hearts?

  • Brian, I’m 22 years old–and I can guarantee you, those that find fights fun to watch are not the future. I hate fights, cannot watch them–cannot be around them… I feel terrible for whoever is getting beat up. I don’t even really like MMA! These kids that like those type of video’s are ignorant and naive–and probably have no stable home life… What’s up with the parenting these days???

  • I am not racist by any means whatsoever–but events such as this are the REASON why there ARE racist people in this world. These girls just definitely made black people look ignorant. While positive black women such as Oprah are a role-model for women of all age and race, these girls just destroyed that positive image by a strong black female within a matter of a seconds. Ignorant narrow-minded fools. Grow up little girls, have fun doing time in the Pen. Hope you get a taste of your own medicine.

  • I am so freakin agravated at this.
    What makes me mad the most is I can understand the black girls getting upset about her being in the girls bathroom and getting snappy but the FeMale got snappy cuz these black girls had not rite to say one word. By them speaking there opinion they cause this person to probly get put in the hospital. People are alloweed freedom of speach but this is what causes problems and people get get hurt. Also the workers or MCDS were just standing there watching this happen and taking no action, by someone filming a video WHILE THERE WORKING is them being apart of the fight. All you hear is them laughing and saying stop, IF YOU REALLY WANT SOMEONE TO STOP THE VIOLENCE YOU WILL MAKE THEM STOP.
    Idk what is wrong with people now a days but this cruelty towards other individuals has GOT TO STOP.
    Its 2011.

  • Anonymous

    As a black queer person, I’m critical of this hate crime. But, I’m also critical of some of the racist comments being made about the attackers. Many comments (from different sites covering the story) have referenced the size of the girls’ asses, their race, their weave, that they are stupid/dumb, that they are bitches, animals, human trash, scuds, and that the girls should be murdered. I have read many comments over the years about many hate crimes against the LGBTIQ community, and the comments are always more severe against black attackers than white ones. Most of these comments are not analytical and will not help the situation. They are just lazy, ad hominem attacks on black people, which is a waste of time. Focus on helping the situation through intelligent activism, not dehumanizing the criminals based on their race.

  • It’s okay to assault someone because they could possibly be watching you pee.

    Fantastic- good to know.

    I had always assumed that it was what we had police for.

  • breadbox101

    Those two black girls cannot fight. If it was me, I woulda tossed those hood rats easily. And that one hood rat’s hair came out. haha Serves her right for picking on that poor trans person.

  • Anonymous

    After reading the “story” on this video I expected an awful scene. After watching the video, I found the story to be a gross misrepresentation of the events in the video. MCDonalds employees DID make an attempt to break things up, the girls DID stop BEFORE the man/woman had the alleged seizure and the attack on the man/woman was PROVOKED by the man/woman. I feel very strongly that violence is never the “answer” to any solution, however, I find that this article promotes a spirit of spite and an unwarranted rally to the man/woman’s defense. The girls in the video should be ashamed that they lack basic self control. The employees perhaps should have called the cops because there was an obvious assault taking place. The entire episode was actually not caught on tape and viewers can only speculate the innocence of the man/woman. Why do we assume that the man/woman was beat because he/she was a man/woman? The man/woman caused the argument by using the wrong restroom (apparently). The employees had no duty to interfere with the assault other than to alert the police. The boy who filmed the violence no doubt regrets it because it was stupid to do so. By the way the man/woman is legally a man and always will be. You’re telling me the man/ woman couldn’t have lifted a finger to help himself?

  • Anonymous

    For this comment alone I deeply respect you. It is nice to see someone who is directly affected by the bigotry wade through the propaganda.

  • Anonymous

    The point is that the man/woman made the women so uncomfortable that they reacted. Had the he/she simply been using the facilities I doubt that they would have attacked him/her so violently.

  • Anonymous

    Racist people existed prior to this hate crime, such as your European ancestors who enslaved my people for centuries. Read some history. I am a black woman (and a lesbian and an advocate of the transgender community) and you have lost your mind suggesting that black people are responsible for creating racist people. Black people did not create the racism of the British Empire that caused the systematic enslavement and murder of Africans in the colonies. The “ignorant” white people did that all on their own.

    NEWS FLASH: WHITE people commit LOTS and LOTS of hate crimes. The KKK, skin heads, and many white supremacists are homophobic and transphobic.

    Remember the two white dudes who killed Matthew Shepard?

    Are you seriously going to say that the actions of two teenage girls has lowered your opinion of all black people? I know that you couldn’t be saying that, because you said that you are not racist, when that’s one of the assumptions that a RACIST would make.

  • No, my opinion of black people has not changed–I actually discussed this with a black friend of mine, further proving that I am NOT racist, but for those that I know are–this is further adding fuel to the fire. If you want to change someone’s opinion, beating an innocent person attempting to use the restroom is NOT the way to do it.

  • Oh, and by the way–don’t become ignorant yourself. NEWS FLASH: Why do you think most people don’t like going into the ‘hood’ ?? There’s obviously stereotypes for EVERYTHING, so as I was saying–these girls are further pushing the stereotype.

  • Zandra Ellis

    This video brought me to tears. I just don’t understand. I hope everyone videoing it will be charged, especially the guy who told the girls to run before the cops came.

  • TC Wilson

    I wish I had been there. I wish someone else, period, had been there for her. Not just the older lady.

    I’m originally from the south, and the two transpeople in my hometown have never been treated that badly.

  • all these crime committed by all these people.. all children.

    Now my body only itches when: 1) when the weather is hot/humid 2) Frustration beyond mental comprehension

    I am going to Contact Mcdonalds by email to give them my 2 cents and more with the added “I will never eat at a McDonalds Francaise ever again!”

    – If you CARE to make a difference somewhere somehow, DO something.

  • Anonymous

    My point is that the stereotypes of black people were not created by black people, nor racism, as you claim. That is backwards thinking. Negative stereotypes about black people and racism were created by, and are still reinforced by, white people. They are used as a reason to degrade the entire race. Degrading black people includes saying things like, “these girls have made black people look ignorant” or that the positive image of a strong black woman has been “destroyed.” If the racist people that you know use these events as evidence of black inferiority, then that’s due to their own flawed, categorical thinking. You may not may not be racist, but your comment was racializing the hate crime. It excuses those that are racist from having to take any responsibility for their own misconceptions about black people, by suggesting that crimes like this are the “reason why there are racist people in this world.” The people who are racist, were racist before this event took place.

  • Brian Thacker

    I’m sick to my stomach watching this video. I’m disturbed by the humor found in it by the other employees or patrons. As a high school teacher I catch students watching fights on their computer often and confront them with questions of why this is fun to watch. Most often they can not give a thoughtful answer and just reply it’s fun to watch. I’m really worried about the future of this world. Are our young becoming desensitized to violence? Will the future include this type of violence as part of the norm?

  • Anonymous

    I called them Neanderthals and I will stand by it!

    Its not because of their race, but the way they acted….Their behavior was uncivilized, unintelligent.

    The definition of Neanderthal:(figurative) an uncivilized, unintelligent, or uncouth person

  • Chad Stewart

    Glad to hear all this info everyone, maybe tomorrow Ill dress up in woman’s clothes and go down to my local wendy’s and watch all the little girls pee and they wont be able to do anything about it….. because I am a “transgender”. they way those girls behaved is innapropriate but I don’t beleive that it had anything to do with the fact that this man wore a dress, I think they would have acted the same way if it had been a dude that had not chosen to make for him/herself a female identity. He had a penis and they didn’t want him/her watching them pee. I think a person should be able to have any gender expression they want, but if you haven’t cut your wang off yet you should use the bathroom matching your anatomical gender. If this person had been trying to use the correct bathroom and men had kicked his/her ass then it would be a hate crime. that being said I hope these girls get assault charges pressed for using violence when it isn’t called for but I am guessing they felt very violated. This transgendered girl has the rights to not be beaten but don’t our sisters and daughters have the right to pee in privacy as well?

  • Kate Riley-Bruce

    What is with people questioning the seizure? So what even if it was faked… what would you do if you were being beat like that and no one was willing to help or try to stop it? She had to do something… so if it was real then it was horrible… but if it was faked because no one would help and it was the only way to stop the beating then it is equally as horrible and heartbreaking that she needed to do that to make them stop before they killed her!

  • Kate Riley-Bruce

    She was not watching them pee. She was going into an individual stall to pee in the restroom which matched her gender identity. Everyone who says that trans people shouldn’t be allowed in the bathroom that matches their gender identity uses the excuse that the transwoman is going to molest or rape someone – TIME AND TIME AGAIN it is proven that the transwoman in never the danger but always the one in danger of being hurt or murdered by hatemongers like YOU.

  • Anonymous

    If they did not like the trans girl using the woman’s bathroom they could have gone to the manager or told the trans girl. (TG)she may have rebutted but , Com On the trans-girl doesn’t look like much of a fighter I am sure those two @#$%^&* started the fight and were the only ones doing the fighting according to the I-witness video. The trans girl was not attacking back, only trying to cover her head and shelled herself.There is never a reason to resort to violence. There is no excuse for what these two did!!!
    The employees have a duty to maintain a “reasonably” safe environment.

  • Xany

    Every employee of McDonald’s who was on duty at the time of the attack should be fired and the attackers should be in jail.
    It doesn’t matter if it was a man or woman who was attacked, it was a PERSON who was brutally beaten.
    Kudos to the older woman in the white outfit who tried to help her. She was the ONLY one in the entire restaurant with an ounce of class!

  • This post is full of such ignorance I can’t even formulate a response that isn’t a string of curse words. But let me try.

    1) Last I’m aware, there are stalls for a reason. If a chick is peeing in the sink or something, I think anyone would be staring and wondering what their problem is.

    2) Gender and Sex are two different things. She is of the FEMALE gender. While her anatomy may not match, surgeries aren’t exactly the cheapest and easiest thing to come about and can range into the hundreds of thousands of dollars and are painful and long processes that are sometimes not even worth it. Would you want to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars just to be able to call yourself a man like you know you are? NO? Well, I doubt anyone else would either.

    3) It’s not an identity that’s chosen. If anyone would choose this path, well, they’re incredibly masochistic. It’s not an easy thing, it’s not a fun thing, and it’s certainly something nobody would choose.

    I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be forced to use the girl’s room yourself, would you? I mean, you know you’re a man and someone is forcing you to go into the woman’s restroom. I’m sure you’d be pretty reluctant.

  • Anonymous

    The thing is, they shouldn’t have to go complain to the manager. Also, if the man/woman couldn’t defend him/herself he/she should not mouth off (and provoke a fight). You can’t be sure that the two ladies started the fight because neither you nor the camera was present at the site of the origin of the conflict (the actual restroom). Obviously there are people that feel very strongly about a transgender person using the “wrong” restroom. I am not saying that it is right but transgender people need to develop a greater sense of their surroundings and try not to put themselves in a position where harm could befall them. The two girls no doubt need sensitivity training, a fine and perhaps charges of assault because such acts of brutality are barbaric. I simply object to the obvious propaganda that the article produced! The article asks viewers/readers to make several assumptions that skew and slant events in the man/woman’s favor. It is distasteful! I know that this page is a forum for LBGT “issues” but this particular article made me want to argue for the assailants and the McDonald’s employees! Putting such a vicious slant on a video that could have spoken for itself is off putting for those of us that would or could be swayed to take up the cause though we are not LBGT.

  • Anonymous

    Well people like you are a HUGE problem! You were ready to jump into a verbal argument though there is nothing to substantiate your ire! Take a chill pill! If you can’t understand what I said and you obviously didn’t then don’t say anything! You were correct in calling me a bigot hater though I know you meant to call me a bigot and a hater (you really need to check what you write for the sake of clarity). It is funny that in an attempt to express your anger at my supposed bigotry you have shown yourself to be a bigot! Move to Iran? Really? What is wrong with YOU?!

  • Actually, the woman in question you do not know if they are legally a man or not. You have no idea what surgeries she has or has not had. You have no idea what the marker on her ID says. Your assumptions are a problem. Your disrespect in pronouns is a bigger problem. But your biggest problem is your apparent ignorance. It doesn’t even matter if she’s legally a man or not. Crissy is a WOMAN, not a Man/Woman.

    I may not agree with people’s opinions, but so long as they’re intelligent and researched arguments, whatever. Yours is poorly informed. Please at least do research before making comments 🙂

  • Also: The woman’s name is Crissy Lee Polis, and she has had surgeries and is legally a woman 😉 Mull on that.

  • Anonymous

    Again: If you can’t understand what I said and you obviously didn’t then don’t say anything! Thanks 🙂

  • You assume my disagreement of your opinion and my pointing out of your ignorance has something to do with me misunderstanding you. Rest assured I understood what you said perfectly.

  • Anonymous

    Develop a sense of their surrounding ? It is reasonable to assume a certain level of safety at a public place of business.

    They should have complained to the manager because its not those @#$%^& job to insure the proper sex is using the restroom, really its not their(@#$%^& ) problem. —What the trans girl would have tried to rape them they feared for their safety thats why they beat her , right ????

    The trans girl was dressed as a girl imagine how weird it would be to see a woman in the mens restroom the correct restroom according to her/his penis;

    wait we don’t even know do we what she had between her/his legs?

    Even if she did have a penis, sexual identity is so much more then whats between ones legs. She Should not have mouthed off if she could not have defended her self?
    Words are not actions. Actions are not words.
    People have a right to speak without fear of bodily harm.

    If someone calls me a w_t back I’m going to let them know they need to shut up. If they come after me I will film as I’m calling the cops!!! And preparing to due a Clara Harris.
    What the employees are the new ring leaders for the WWF ?

    What did Matthew Shepherd get what he deserved because he was a gay man in a straight bar ? Should he not have talked to people? Or hit on a man? Oh it was an unwelcome advance? Well straight men make un-welcome advances every day , do the women tie them to the back of trucks? No, The women tell the men to get lost.

  • We do know, actually! Crissy is legally a woman and has had surgery. So the entire ‘man in a woman’s room’ is completely null and void anyway. I’ve been face palming all evening.

  • I understand what you said and regardless of whether or not the blog was correct in every single part is irrelevant. If anyone in this world can sit there and watch a helpless person, of any race/gender/sexual orientation/etc, get beaten to almost their death to a point where they are seizing then they are absolutely disgusting. The workers that sat and did nothing need to be put into a mental health unit and watched because obviously they need to be treated – If you were a worker tell me – would you sit there and do nothing while someone was helplessly beaten? – EVEN the elderly woman stepped in and tried to help the individual, while the more “manly” and “younger” wastes of matter sat and laughed.

  • ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? They shouldn’t have to go and complain? If they have a problem you don’t senselessly beat a F***ing person you ignorant waste of space you talk about the issue and then if you can’t fix it you consult a manager. GOD DAMN it’s like common sense that you would do that.

    People like you disgust me. They need “sensitivity training and a fine” a fine doesn’t help the individual, they need to be put into a jail cell for a long time. An eye for an eye. Let the individual beat the sh** out of them with a baseball bat they’ll learn their lesson.

  • Alright, while I agree that they need to be punished, I can’t condone and eye for an eye as much as I would like to. Can’t help it, I’m a Gandhi fag. Eye for an eye makes the world blind and all that.

    …Though a darker side of me would love to see them have a taste of their own medicine, I could never wish it on anyone.

  • Anonymous

    noyb22 , You upset people because you defend the actions of those that were clearly in the wrong.

    If a car is on fire and there were people screaming for help would you just say “Oh thats not my problem they probably put E85 gas in the car” So Im not going to do anything, its there fault they caused it.

    I alway pitch in and assist when in an emergency, because its what I would want someone to do for me. Its the modern human way to offer help to those in criss.

    Its not a race thing if it would have been Caucasians beating up an African American transgender person I would be just a sad and repulsed.

  • Anonymous

    You are an idiot!!!!! I didn’t need to be in the bathroom to witness how this poor girl provoked these two animals, the video speaks volumes, just like I do not need to personally know you to know you are a moron!!!!!!

  • You’re a very ignorant for calling the her man/woman, her name is Crissy Lee Polis, & it’s a she. People like yourself who are “Uneducated” about transgenderism are the reason hate crimes like this happen. So perhaps maybe you should get educated on the subject, or until then keep that hole in your face shut!

  • I hope that the admins/mods or what not approve my response, I posted a link to wikipedia of the past 10 or so years of Transgender deaths and how gruesome they are. IT IS NOT complete but it is a list and it is absolutely horrendous.

    basically go to google and search “deaths of transgender” and its the top link to wiki.

  • You should really work on your grammar & writing skills a little more because you totally such & come across as an unintelligent bigot. How is anyone suppose to get you when you make no sense? Hope you get your ass kicked one day & dragged across the floor of a public place, & maybe you’ll know exactly how what girl felt. Meanwhile just shut your stupid face!

  • Wish I could get my hands on them nigger bitches because I’d show them cunts a real good time of hate.

  • OK that’s just uncalled for and is helping nothing at all with that kind of hate. It’s stooping down to their level, which is not okay.

  • Diana Cunningham

    Did everyone miss the beginning of the video where the man in the blue shirt (manager?) pulled the two girls off of the trans girl? He repeatedly told them to stop, and when they didn’t listen he physically removed them. They did come back, yes, but I keep reading in the article and other posts that the only person who tried to help was the older lady. She was the second.
    I got the sense that these girls and the employees have absolutely no understanding of the LGBT community, especially the fact that a transgender person feels trapped in the body they’re born with and more comfortable as the opposite gender. In her case, it was appropriate to use the woman’s restroom because that is her gender identity, regardless of the body in which she was born. These people have no concept of what it means to be transgender; to them, a man dressed in woman’s clothing used the woman’s bathroom while two other women were in there, and they were uncomfortable with it and “defended” themselves. They’re clueless as to the real reason that the trans girl used the woman’s bathroom.
    I find it absolutely despicable that the employees stood by and watched (even videoed!) such a horrible, violent attack. The fact that they laughed about it makes their behavior that much more horrifying. Regardless of their ignorance of gender identity, the fact that violence of this intensity entertains and even amuses them is deeply troubling.

  • Anastasia C

    This is a lesson for every transgender person: lesson #1–fight back, don’t be a victim.
    Don’t passively lay there and let others beat you up, like this one did.

    A lot of transwomen get a VERY WRONG idea of what a “WOMAN” is–they think (and try to be) a weak, worthless, prostitute-like, hideous creature in mini-skirt and wearing high heels.


    Women are strong and can kick attacker’s a** if necessary. Women dress comfortably. Women stand up for themselves. So, if you go through gender transition to a woman, it doesn’t mean you need to pump yourself with estrogen to the point of being hideous and weak: KEEP YOUR MUSCLE, YOU MAY NEED IT. This doesn’t make anyone *less of a woman* if they chose to identify as a woman.

    I LOVE one older vid of transsexual beating the crap out of drunk guy who assaulted her on the street–2 powerful punches had left the perp lying like dead. That’s how it should be.
    Just cause you’re a woman, doesn’t mean you can’t lift weights and beat the crap out of someone who attacked you. If that tgirl summoned the fighting spirit I’m SURE SHE COULD KICK THE LIVING **** OUT OF THESE 2 GHETTO *****

  • Anastasia C

    Sorry, but it’s legally possible to change sex in this country and State.
    If you have a problem with that, may be you need to pack your sh**, bigot hater, and move out to Iran?

    It’s also possible to be charged and convicted of hate crime in this country and this is the case of it.

  • Anastasia C

    Old lady is a brave one, I applaud her. People like that are heros.

  • Anastasia C

    I only disagree that employees should do jail time: they’re just minimum wage burger flippers–they’re not security guards and not under any obligation to interfere and risk their life and health at that slave job. All they should have done is ask attackers to leave as trespassers and call 911.

  • Anastasia C

    F*** hoodrats if they tried 2 run me up they’d be the ones on the ground. Nothing “racist” here: hoodrats ghetto trash that’s what they are

  • Anastasia C

    What are you, crazy? How EVERY employee should be fired? The ones that laughed at, yes, they should be fired. But others: they have nothing to do with that, and minimum wage slave job doesn’t turn them into security guards or police officers neither requires them to risk their health, well-being and yes, LIFE at that job. Get a grip.

    It’s a matter of personal choice to interfere. You never worked those jobs? They instruct and require employees before the hire not avoid getting involved and to call 911 (because there’s a liability that comes with workspace injury or wrongful death).

    Sorry, when we go out to a restaurant, we’re on our own, and employees have NO obligation to protect us as guards. It’s up to us to ensure the place has security on duty.

  • Anastasia C

    Just go kill yourself, bigot

  • Anastasia C

    The animals made a mistake… lesson #2 for the dogs: at least never try to beat someone up in a place that most likely has cameras. It WILL be used in court later.

  • Adam Kuglin

    You’ve got no idea what you’re talking about, and the proof is in your continued use of phrases like “man/woman” and “she/he”. Crissy identifies as a female. It’s not your place to identify her in any way other than as female. “Reacting” isn’t a defense to unprovoked assault no matter what your views on gender issues are. It used to be that people would “react” to seeing a black person using a white drinking fountain with lynchings. You expect us all to believe the black person was at fault for that? It sometimes still is the case that gay men are murdered for being gay… and that’s the gay man’s fault? Who the hell do you think you are??

  • Adam Kuglin

    I’d push back a little bit on this and say that racism self-perpetuates because of images similar to this. It’s not fair or just to say that black people cause racism (I’d argue that it’s not fair to say white people “cause” racism, either), but it is fair to say that this sort of behavior (which is pervasive in much of the images of black folks, thanks to the media, and, I think fairly, thanks to elements of black culture that inculcate young black people to violence as a means of expressing themselves) perpetuates that racism which already exists. Certainly, as a white person, images of black people acting like hoodlums (as these two horrible women did here) reinforce the racist mental model of black people I, and all white people, are raised with. Are they behaving this way because they’re black? No, but I certainly think that there are elements in African American culture that reinforce violence and intolerance of this nature which cannot be ignored, and which are used to justify racism. That isn’t to excuse the cultural elements among white people from the violence they have produced, mind you… it is simply to state that I don’t think it’s accurate to portray this situation as independent of racial influence on the part of the attackers.

  • Adam Kuglin

    I think it may even be OK if they’re just making you “uncomfortable”. I mean, what if a straight guy catches a gay guy checking out his ass and it makes him “uncomfortable”? I guess that makes it excusable to kick the shit out of the gay guy until he’s in seizures on the floor.

  • I can’t understand for the life of me how you can in any way justify this. Even if, on some strange offbeat possibility, she DID make them “uncomfortable,” if I beat the living shit out of everyone who made me uncomfortable, I’d be in jail. They seemed pretty comfortable ripping at her hair and hitting her. They seemed pretty comfortable kicking her when she was down. I think it’s safe to say they were comfortable with her.

  • It is incredibly sad that of everyone there, only one elderly woman stepped in to help.

  • In their defense, they DO make close to no money and all their peers were apparantly supporting the fight- even if ONE stepped in, they could have been scared to be attacked as well. Also in the manager’s defense, he tried in the beginning of the video and failed, then went off screen- I like to think maybe he called the police, because I have a little bit of faith in people still, even after this sort of thing happens regularly.

    The idea that these people should lose their jobs is just sad- what, for being at the wrong place at the wrong time? Only those guilty of a crime should be punished, per the framework of America. Now I’m very very very supportive of the LGBT community, and a member, but I think you should watch that video again and see that someone else DID step in to help, and it’s not like the employees were over there taking bets and calling the winner. They just work at McDonalds and were scared of the group turning on them too if they stepped in.

  • It’s also a term regularly used to refer to young black people in a discriminatory manner, and completely irrelevant. For all you know the attackers were two black administrative assistants who make 60k a year. Let’s try and avoid discriminating and hate based on something they can’t control, eh?

  • If only this were Reddit.

    Seriously? Racism and threats of physical violence? Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • I’m nonbiased in this- but you do realize the “black friend” argument is almost a surefire sign that you are, in fact, a little racist, right?

  • So what you’re saying is, every stereotype is there for a reason, and you’re justifying people hating based solely on race due to these stereotypes. You do understand that that essentially justifies their hate for LGBTQIA community? It’s all based on stereotypes- the “stereotypes” created in the heads of the stereotypers! Some of these “stereotypes” have even been proven 100% false by statistical research. Let’s not excuse racism, or any other hate’ by claiming the stereotypes are realistic and can make you understand. Would you understand how people hate LGBTQIA’s if one committed a violent murder of a child in your neighborhood, and justify it based on right-radical accusations that gay people are predators who harm children?

    Please think things through before you post them.

  • Wait, did I miss part of the article where they said she was in the stall watching them urinate?

  • Ariel B. Dreamfalling

    Well considering that these employees did NONE of what you suggested and merely pointed, laughed and even stood there and videotaped the entire incident they basically were condoning the crime and are considered accessories to the attack. If there was one employee with any sense they would have been the ones calling the police. You don’t see that person in the video. There was one employee who looked like they were trying to help and stop the two barbarians from continuing their attack. But you also hear the idiot videotaping the entire thing hurling insults and even telling the girls to leave before the police show up which basically shows he supported what they were doing. So instead of filming such a brutal and disturbing disregard for the life of another human being why wasn’t he using his phone to dial the police? Yes I agree that the employees shouldn’t put themselves in harm’s way but the fact that they were all egging these girls on and were adding insult to injury should NOT go unnoticed or unpunished. Bad things happen when good people stand by and do nothing. Unfortunately for Miss Polis NONE of these people were good save for the few customers who tried to come to her aid AFTER the fact.

  • I don’t really care what color they were – those girls were behaving like animals. They need to be locked up. If any of the rehabilitation programs had ever been shown to actually work, I’d say they needed to go to one to learn how to behave like decent human beings, but since there aren’t any programs like that, locking them up will have to do. I agree, comments about their looks, race, etc, have nothing to do with anything and the people making them need to grow up and focus on what’s important here – people treating other people as if they didn’t matter.
    If you listen to what the assaulted woman was saying when the girls headed back to her for another round of gang-up-on-the-already-injured-woman, she was telling them she IS a woman and would show them her driver’s license to prove it. That’s not provoking anyone, and it shows she wasn’t somewhere she shouldn’t have been. She didn’t provoke anyone. Did the old lady who tried to help her provoke the girls who hit her? The manager made a half-hearted attempt at best, and the employees did nothing.

  • Absolutely disgusting! Ignorance at it’s best is what I see – not race, gender, but ignorance! The two girls who beat Crissy should be jailed and then given community service at an organization that can provide education of Transgenderism, then maybe they will see the error of their ways. Maybe a victims impact panel with parents of transgendered children who were murdered for just being who they were. Let this be a lesson for all of us to love each other and respect each other for our differences.

    God bless and heal Crissy!

  • If he was a man in the girls bathroom he was WRONG,.. but it did not warrant a beating like that,…both girls should be prosecuted for their crime,., but he should be prosecuted for his crime also,..if i as a woman went into a men’s bathroom dressed as a man i would expect to get my ass kicked,..

  • It wasn’t a man in the girl’s bathroom. She’s a woman.

    (Also, even barring that, it’s not illegal to use the opposite gender’s restroom so there would be no crime even if she wasn’t a woman.)

  • There is enough hate out there directed toward transpeople from society at large, we don’t need any more of it from within the gay community. If you’re visiting this site for GLBT news, you probably identify with part of that community or allies of that community; your lack of understanding about transpeople is, frankly, appalling. Transpeople are well within their rights in this county to have their names and genders legally changed to reflect their identity–which includes the right to use the ladies’ room. Additionally, if you are attacked, no matter how brutally, you legally have 1 return hit. You cannot beat your attacker. This young lady did everything she could to protect herself.
    Moreover, anyone who would punch or kick an elderly woman deserves a special place in hell.

  • I don’t believe that the color of someone’s skins defines their animalism–the violence they commit does. While it is certainly uncouth to make comments based upon race or butt-size, calling then bitches, animals and trash do not have to reflect their race, only their actions.

  • breadbox101

    Excuse me, but I am half black so I’m not a racist. Hoodrats are just ghetto trash. It has nothing to do with “race”. It has everything to do with how they act. There’s plenty of white hood rats out there too we just call them white trash. If you don’t want to get called something, don’t act like it. Those girls acted like hoodrats. If they were white, I’d call them white trash. Because that’s what they are when they hurt someone else: they are trash.


    A half black girl from the ‘burbs

  • breadbox101

    Hunny, those girls were hoodrats. What they did to that trans woman was terrible. Forget their race. If they were white, they’d still be trash. They acted the part and that is why they are being called out. I have nothing against any respectful, black person. I love my black friends. Hell, I’m half black. Screaming at the top of their lungs and beating someone up in a half assed manner to the point of where their weave came out and making a scene like that proves what they are. If they were white, they’d be white trash. There’s no excuse for that and people who act that way are nothing short of trash.

  • Jessica Bolduc

    This shouldn’t be about race, it’s about the brutality that poor girl survived. Those two vile wastes of humanity would be just as disgusting and horrible people no matter what defines them. I understand that since race was brought up, people will discuss it. But really? Not the right forum. The attackers are clearly guilty and clearly an example of the worst in humanity. And that’s that.

  • Michelle Kulinski

    To begin with this post, I would just like to say that the victim of this crime’s name is Crissy. She has it states on her driver’s license that she is a woman (which, if you listen to the audio on the video closely, you will hear her say.) She has also undergone gender re-identification surgery, so your “if you haven’t cut your wang off yet” argument is a little void. But, hey, awesome, all right. You didn’t know. It wasn’t mentioned in the original blog post, so we will just say that you didn’t know and move on.

    (See? I’m even making arguments in your favor!)

    I identify as a lesbian woman. I often, however, dress is more masculine clothing (a shirt, tie, belt, even men’s shoes) to go out and about in everyday life. I have my hair cut short. In the right type of clothing, you cannot even see my breast-line. On some days, I can pass for a rather feminine looking boy. Yet, when I use the bathroom, I use the woman’s room. This is because I do not identify as a man, I merely enjoy dressing like one because I like the fashion and I enjoy how it makes me look. I have gotten more than one strange look from women in the rest room when I enter, but the worst I have gotten is a dirty look and whispered remarks when I am in the stall (great acoustics, those places have!)

    The point I am trying to make here, though, is that I am still a lesbian, and I dress as a man. To suggest that Crissy was going to watch girls pee just because she was in the bathroom is like saying that I, an individual actually sexually attracted to females, was going to do the same thing. Now, I do not know how Crissy identifies herself as far as orientation is concerned, but I will say that I am almost certain that she did not dress up like a woman that morning with the intention of sneaking perverted looks at girls under the stalls of her local McDonalds’.

    This post (and please correct me if I am wrong, and I will make any apology that will be due) suggests that this was not a hate crime since the girls were only trying to protect their oh-so-fragile dignities. Now, honestly, I was not there, but from what I hear tell, there was a verbal disagreement between the two girls (sorry, I do not know their names) and Crissy. They told her to get out of the bathroom because she did not belong there, and she verbally defended herself. This means, she had a chance to verbally explain herself. They had to have known on some level that she was transgendered. In knowing this, and in assaulting her for her gender identity, they labeled her as something that infuriated them, and they took it out on her physically.

    This all could have been avoided by simply walking away. Complain about it to your friends later. Post about it on your blog. Fume over it, as insignificant as it is in your very busy life. But there is not need for physical violence. You seem to agree with that… What I am counter-arguing is that you seem to think that Crissy had it coming on some level.

    So, Chad… Am I allowed to use the woman’s restroom?

  • Anonymous

    Crissy described the incident for camera’s later from her perspective and memories. She did not remember most of the time during the seizure and has a hard time believing that one actually occurred, and she was facing the opposite direction while being kicked on the floor when the one employee did try to partially assist her from being hurt further, so she only remembers the one lady customer who was wearing all white came to her assistance. (That lady also was pushed by one of the assailants) Anyways… according to Crissy’s interview, she shared other information that has not been mentioned clearly yet from just viewing the video. “As she came into the McDonalds, she was stopped by a male employee who seemed to her to be saying that she needed to buy something first before she went into the bathrooms to freshen up, but as she really needed to use the toilet first she had to decline but let him know she had intentions to order some food after she came back out. One of the girls who later assaulted Crissy had an affection for that employee and got jealous that he would be talking with Crissy personally. The girl came over to Crissy with a warning that she should not be getting too chummy with her man and Crissy replied that she did not know who she was talking about. In the film Crissy was kicked in the head many times, dragged across the floor by her hair (which she also lost some of her real hair from her head unlike the wig peice that was spoon all over the floor from the assailant’s hair weave falling out… most of which the girl herself took out herself for convenience I suppose since half of it already was near the bathroom floor. Crissy’s earlobes were damaged as they tore them when tugging on her earrings, and the seizure in my medical opinion is very typical in length & appearance of a real one; Crissy is seen early on holding or protecting her head from being beaten any more then it already had been, but she described that as the time period before the seizure occurring when she felt as if she was going to have a seizure or be ill soon which from my knowledge can also be what is called an aura which is the beginning of a seizure before going unconscious and can help a person to know to protect themselves as she did by sitting on the floor. Anyone claiming that she should have been protecting herself more at any point in the film where she was holding her head needs to realize these facts. She did try to keep the girls off of her by hitting back at one point but was unable to fight them both after the 2nd girl came in hitting again as well. In her interview she came across as a very intelligent girl and one I wish I could meet in real life actually. I so wish her well and that she can recover from this horrible unwarned act of violence. Currently she shared the fact that she is now scared to go outside because of these now justified fears created by this incident.) I hope you never have to witness the film. I admire you for not watching it.

  • The woman who came to this young lady’s aid is a HERO!!!!!! I would NEVER want to step in that McDonald’s in Baltimore if I knew which one it is. Obviously, the employees did not go through training to stop this type of violence!

  • Terrell Wallin

    I’m not going to attack you or anything but there are a few mistakes in your argument.
    1. The altercation directly caused the seizure to happen. And the altercation ended only a few seconds before the seizure happened.
    2. You are making a hasty assumption that the attack was provoked by Crissy. Like you said, we don’t know the whole cause.
    3. The employees have a responsibility to ensure the safety of customers and employees. So saying “perhaps should have called the cops” is wrong. they had a moral duty to call the cops and to break up the fight completely. They especially should have helped and stepped in when the elderly woman tried to help because in that instance the fight became more than just a dispute based on an incident, it became something that was dangerous to other people as well.
    4. Also, you have made a hasty generalization by assuming that the Crissy was in the wrong bathroom. We have no idea what Crissy has and cannot make the assumption and even so, we cannot say that she was in the wrong bathroom. Sex is what you’re born with. Gender is a social construct of masculinity and femininity in terms of what the person feels. It is legally recognized.
    5. Also, in terms of your “couldn’t have lifted a finger to help himself” statement, during the civil rights movement, blacks and whites alike didn’t fight back and they were fighting for race equality.

  • Brenda Williams

    It is totally obvious that there was definately something else going on in these girls minds other than a transgender individual being in the bathroom…for example; when a person has been violated themselves there is a highly sensitive responce radar to detect hidden agenda’s of others such as predators hiding behind the cloth of religious orders or transgender choices…this also can be percieved when a man that identifies with the female identity intrudes on the privacy in a rest room meant for biological women to feel unsafe. It is sad that there are sooo many misunderstandings in the areas of sexual orientation…however we do live in a society that promotes violence in the venue of differences rather than having conversations to create understandings about differences. I hope everyone that was involved with this experience will take a step back to consider if they played the role of a solution to the challenge or did they continue to be part of the problem in America of burying their head in the sand in hopes that the real issues will just go away…because it can only get worse if we do not wake up and respond intelligently!!

  • Stephen

    Even Iran allows sex changes. Actually, Iran is the second sex-change capital of the world after Thailand! Don’t believe me? Google it!
    Scumbags like Noneofyourbusiness22, just need to die off so civilization can keep evolving past neanderthal mentality.

  • George Archibald

    Your hearing is better than mine. I did not hear anybody offer a drivers license. That is exactly what I was looking for. I am weary of following media when there is an agenda behind it. The details beyond the attack itself and the victim’s statement are very sparse. To every story there is 2 sides. We have heard one and spin by 2 groups, race equality groups and gender equality groups. I have seen tons of hate speech from multitude of groups. While the attack went WAY over the top, I am not yet ready to say it was unwarranted until I hear the rest of the story. If the victim is pre-op and was in the womens restroom with an underage teen, I can find cause for alarm not the beating to death that was attempted but also not the innocent victim that was portrayed.

    This could turn out to be another “Boy in the balloon” story. I will wait for the rest.

  • Tony Williams

    Yes, standing and watching. that’s pretty much the way MacDonald’s works. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve taken my little grandchildren to the MacDonald’s in downtown Peabody, Ma. and listened to the loud and constant use of the “F” word by some of the coarser patrons while the employees do nothing. It happens almost all the time in the mornings.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen seizures first-hand before, and that one looked pretty legit to me. Those two girls are such disgusting pieces of filth. And that manager… At least he did more than the employees did, but he was still pretty weak. It was like everyone watching was like, “Girls, maybe you shouldn’t do that… Um… Uh… You should stop, okay? …Girls?” instead of actually doing a damn thing about it. The ending of the film also disgusted me, when one of the employees was saying, “Oh shit, she’s having a seizure! She’s bleeding! She’s having a seizure right here on the floor!” but it sounded like they were having fun watching the drama more than actually being concerned for her well-being. I just feel so… ill and enraged. God bless that older woman for being the only one with the guts to actually stand up for another human being. I can’t believe those two girls had the nerve to just waltz around the restaurant before going back to beating the woman again, as if they owned the place or something. Pure trash.

  • How can people be so ignorant. A person is a person no matter WHAT! We are all born inherent dignity and worth. This behavior is unfortunate and unacceptable! I believe it is time that every person who has ever felt the injustice of discrimination in any form to stand up against hate crimes such as this. Let your voice be heard and don’t stand down. Don’t ignore or say nothing when hateful slurs are slung at someone. Have dignity and respect for your fellow humans.

  • Alex Roberts

    I’m a little late in seeing this story, but I just want to say that regardless of Crissy’s gender identity, this scene is disgusting. It doesn’t matter why it started, the fact is two people ganged up on one person and beat them to seizure in a public setting while an audience watched. I would be just as repulsed if it had been two dudes beating up on one guy.
    Grow some f*cking humanity, people.

  • Kenji

    There is a huge difference between an African American, and someone of color being called a horrible racist slur. In this case, those two women deserve to be called all the horrible names possible, because thats not even an iota of what they put that woman through. Had they been white girls, I would be calling them whatever I could think of still, Hispanic, same thing. They crossed the line between being human, being people, to being monsters, and a danger to the public. I respect the hell out of you for your comment, but those two are not humans anymore, they are monsters and deserved to be treated as such by society.

  • Kenji

     Shes a woman. Get the hell over it. If an effeminately bodied man walked into the mens restroom, and you were there, and realized, hey, this man wasn’t born a man . . . Would you HONESTLY beat the shit out of him until he had a seizure? Think before you post, you idiot.

  • Kenji

     Try Texas, being a member of the LGBTIQ community is a felony there.

  • Kenji

    Just an FYI, Obama would probably be on the side of Chrissy, so, don’t even go there.

  • Kenji

    I concur, I know more white and hispanic hoodrats than blacks. 

  • Kenji

    She tried to fight back in the beginning of the video, pushing them away, hitting them a bit . . . but when you have to larger people beating on one thin as a rail person, theres not much they can do to fight back. 

  • Y!Aeatmyturd

    Ignorant monkeys

  • Everyone at the McDonalds should be fired. Does not matter who the person is. They are sitting there laughing. That would NEVER happen were I live someone would be shot