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Meet Tree Man, a Sexy Fitness Athlete the Internet Is Full-On Obsessed With

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When Twitter user @vickto_willy published a series of tweets along with a photo saying, “This is not a man, this is a tree” — the internet fell in love. But who is the mystery tree man?

After some investigating, the internet discovered that the object of Willy’s affection was Danny Jones.

Jones is a fitness athlete and online personal trainer based in Southern California. At 6’7″, he is a tall glass of protein shake.

We can’t help but drool over Jones’ Instagram that shows the mountain man enjoying pizza, wearing bras, showing off his bare booty and posing next to doors. Random, but who are we to judge? We just took a photo of a vintage Britney Spears poster we had bought from The Wall.

Here are 16 photos of “Tree Man” paired with some random observations:

1. This is the photo that made Tree Man famous.

Don't really know what I was doing here, but I'm pretty sure there was a large pepperoni pizza directly below me…

A post shared by Danny Jones Online Training (@dannyjonesfitness) on

2. Tree Man loves posing next to doors to show his size.

3. Here he is with another one, only this time shirtless.

Making doorways look small since '09 💪🏼

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4. These jorts are actually an extra large, but on him they are tight AF. So tight they are actually now considered janties, or jean panties.

6. We love that he explores his feminine side, even if it is at Halloween.

7. He has a tendency to cover his junk with things, like roosters …

8. … and smiley faces.

9. With a body like that, we can forgive the flip flops.

10. We’re hoping he joins a nudist colony so we see his bare cheeks more often.

Sometimes you just gotta be one with nature…🤣 #thatsonewhiteass #ihopethehillsdonthaveeyes

A post shared by Danny Jones Online Training (@dannyjonesfitness) on

11. Dad.

Spring break is almost here! 🍹 #thatsahand #notapenis

A post shared by Danny Jones Online Training (@dannyjonesfitness) on

12. Oh, and he supports gay businesses — and go-go boys.

It's been an interesting night to say the least… #theabbey

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13. He looks even better when he’s wet.

14. He defies science, eating pizza while still having abs.

15. He seems to be sexually open.

Ran into Adam Levine at the mall…😂 #ifthisoffendsyouwewouldntbefriends #thatsafinger #notapenis

A post shared by Danny Jones Online Training (@dannyjonesfitness) on

15. But he’s mask for mask.

I must say, this is a first…😂

A post shared by Danny Jones Online Training (@dannyjonesfitness) on

16. That doesn’t mean his inner queen doesn’t come out once in a while.

Because blondes have more fun 💁🏼 #halloweenherewecome #daniellejonesfitness

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Find Danny Jones on Instagram here.

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  • Dani

    Your envy apparently

  • Rick Cunningham

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  • Rick Cunningham

    Love your hair,hope it wins.

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