The Internet trolling Anti-LGBTQ Activists with 54,000 ‘Obscene’ Fake RSVPs

The Internet Trolled an Anti-LGBTQ Event with 54,000 ‘Obscene’ Fake RSVPs

The anti-LGBTQ Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) is panicking after internet trolls RSVPed with 54,000 fake “obscene, insulting” names for an upcoming conference.

The ACL was planning to hold a conference at a Baptist church to discuss their opposition to same-sex marriage, a pro-LGBTQ Safe Schools sex-ed program and something they referred to as “euthanasia” (probably birth control or assisted suicide).

But when the ACL put up registration forms online, queer activist Pauline Pantsdown (also known as Simon Hunt) got hold of it and encouraged her fans to troll the ACL with fake registrations, urging them to “Be creative with your name.”

Alas, the ACL are too squeamish to repeat any of these names, but managing director Lyle Shelton called them “the foulest, most degrading, most obscene written forms of communication I have seen in my life,” according to ultra-conservative Life Site News.

In fact, the names were so rude that the ACL has hired three security officers to stand guard outside the church during the event to protect the homophobes from Mike Hunt and Mona Littlemore.

What name would you RSVP with? Sound off in the comments.

  • Vicki Maree Whateley

    Mine was Phukyu Innatwat + 98 of my closest friends

  • Darren Irwin

    Interesting that using derogatory words against a minority whose aggressively campaigned against another lesser minority for decades, lied and abused images and family members then have the hide to cry persecution and the moral high ground when it is done to them.

  • Joyllywood B

    I wish I had screenshot them, they were far from obscene, they were hilarious

  • Vicki Maree Whateley

    Pauline Pantsdown has them screen shotted on his Facebook page. Worth a look

  • wimsy

    Thanks, Buzz Kill

  • Darren Irwin

    It was aimed at the acl and religious rights

  • Joyllywood B

    thanks Vicki I will check it out! I missed that!