Trump Supporters Threaten to Boycott Hawaii; Hawaii Celebrates

On Wednesday, a Hawaiian judge blocked Trump’s second attempt to ban Muslims from entering the United States.

In response, Trump supporters threatened to boycott the state of Hawaii. They started a hashtag #BoycottHawaii and posted angrily about it on Twitter.

Some Trump supporters were so mad they forgot about the attacks on Pearl Harbor:

One Trump supporter even threatened to visit Galveston:

For the record, this is Kona, Hawaii:

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This is Galveston, Texas:

boycott Hawaii
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Sure, Hawaii has sparkling beaches, sapphire-blue water, rich culture, stunning geography and gorgeous hula dancers, but Galveston has something they don’t: flesh-eating bacteria.

Hawaii, for its part, couldn’t be happier. Why would anybody want a bunch of obnoxious, small-minded jerks around anyway?

Will the MAGA chuds really boycott Hawaii? Probably not. Most of them probably weren’t planning to visit in the first place. We expect this campaign to turn out as well as their attempt to boycott Starbucks, or Hamilton, or Kellogg’s.

But in the meantime, if you’re trying to get away from Trump supporters, Hawaii sounds like a pretty great place to visit.

  • kilawen-kalding

    You trumpistadors are DIMWITS! It is a fact and not fake news that American tourists are just a small fraction who visits here. There are the Japanese, Chinese, Australians, Mexicans and yeah, rich Muslims. The only positive thing I see with this boycott Hawaii movement is that it naturally exposes the ignorant and racists Americans who all thinks the world evolves around them. You all think you’re better than any other human race needs to realize that you ain’t. If you have trouble with that than you’re entitled to your own beliefs because a–holes, we live in a supposedly free country. Read this! Trump sucks! Aloha!

  • Rick Cunningham

    Where the hell are they going to get the money to go to Hawaii anyway?
    “Can you say unemployed”
    “Can’t swim”
    ….and “we don’t like “Foreign” food”….

  • Don’t lump all Muslims together, but the same doesn’t apply to Trump supporters. I see.

  • stephan

    Dry your eyes, snowflake!

  • Jude Brown

    Any dolt who believes Hawaii doesn’t take in refugees hasn’t been there: it is even more diverse than Los Angeles, where I’m from.

    And they really don’t need the pasty faced bigot hick tourist business, thank you very much.

    People from around the world come to Hawaii, and tend to skip Trumpville’s like Alabama and South Dakota.

    Enjoy your hick dystopias!

  • Philip Atherlay

    Huge difference. Muslims don’t support the actions that terrorists commit. But Trump supporters do just that. They Support the things he does no matter how wrong they are.

  • Kauaimarch Updahill

    I am from Hawaii. It is true we are celebrating. Fact is we have been taking in white refugees for 200 years. You imprisoned our Queen and took over our country vin a coup. You imprisoned our entire Japanese population during WW 2 and put them in internment camps but they still foughtvfor America the most decorated group in American military history. And we weren’t even a state yet. Recently we have had to absorb hundreds if thousandsvifbMarshal Islanders and Micronesians because Americabscset iff a nuclear bomb there before we were a state and now we are obligated to care for them because if global warming and their illnesses. We have absorbed people from 33 nations here and virtually everyone herrbus an immigrant. American tourists are not the bulk of our tourism anymore. Asians are. Good riddance. You are the worst tourists. You are loud ryde obnoxious and you are racist and do not tip. So aloha
    Beat it.

  • splorp!

    Please don’t lump us all in together. My wife and I (we are big tippers) took our third trip to the islands last September for our tenth anniversary (we went there for our honeymoon, too). We are fighting against the human Cheeto as best we can.

    The idiots talking about boycotting likely couldn’t afford to go there if they wanted to.

  • Wow

    You made an active decision. I lump you with yourself.

  • kilawen-kalding

    Sorry no can do. It’s like asking Trump to not lump all Muslims as terrorists which he can’t do. So as a trump supporter I’m sorry to say you are being lumped.

  • And if you think this, you’re by definition a RETARD. Also about the Russian thing… pretty sure that was all a bunch of huey, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Right. Hopefully now you realize how wrong you are. Trump’s base has been severely shaken, proving this ?? comment WRONG.

  • Philip Atherlay

    No. It doesn’t make it wrong because they wouldn’t be trump supporters anymore if the crap he’s done has turned them away from him. if you still support him for his racist, clueless actions, then yes. You deserve to be lumped in with such people.

  • Jon AndShelley Benedict

    Cause & Affect,

    Those that want the mainland Tourist to go away and not visit Hawaii, have no business here that depends on the Tourists. Yes, we have Tourists from all over the world come to visit our paradise. But, when you see about a 30% dip (Mainland Tourist) in your business by a Federal Judge opening his mouth to oppose Trump, maybe you might think differently. As a Trump supporter, this state needs to be boycotted. And, when it can be proven that our businesses here were affected by this Federal Judge opening his mouth, he’s going to be sued by me…Can you say, “Class Action.”

    The funny thing is, my friends who are part of the Hawaiian Nation, have it all backwards. They blame Trump lol. When you are selling coconuts on the side of the road and you have a 30% decrease in sales based on a boycott because a Federal Hawaiian Judge opposed the Trump Travel Ban, you don’t blame Trump!! What is wrong with these libtards? May our State continue to see a decline in Tourism. I can weather the storm of a bad economy. But, can my friend, who sells coconuts on the side of the road? This state is full of Democratic Libtardian Snowflake crybabies!! May this boycott affect all of them in one way or another. They say, “We don’t want or need the Tourist.” But, when there are no Tourists, they get what they deserve when there are more homeless and another coconut is not sold!! BTW, Jude Brown, who are you calling a pasty faced bigot? You don’t seem to be Hawaiian, African American, Chinese, or any other race, other than a Pasty Faced White Troll who has disconnected from reality!! Withhold Federal Funding for this State too!! When these entitled little minions get programs cut, they might want to think about who they support and what Federal Judge speaks out his/her mouths in opposition to our President!! Trump, drain the swamp!!

  • Jon AndShelley Benedict

    Teri, your an idiot. No ifs and or buts about it!! Put yourself up before a firing squad!! Better yet, grab a rope and hang yourself. We could use less of idiots like yourself on the planet!! Why don’t you, Antifa, BLM, and all the other George Soros funded idiots start a Civil War in our Country? Go ahead, take a quick look at that elections map again…. You might want to see that small minority of blue across the nation. It would take us a week to rid our Country of Democratic Libtardian Snowflakes like yourself. Go Ahead!! Make my day!! Say when!!

  • Jon AndShelley Benedict

    Take the Muslim Terrorists into your homes!! Be 100% responsible for them too!! I bet you won’t do that now will you? The Muslim ideology is of hate!! And, you idiots want them here!! Lump all Muslims who believe in the Karan, Sharia Law, and the Prophet Mohammad together. They are a basket full of Christian, Gay, and Women haters!! Won’t happen on Trumps watch!! Now go run off and find your safe spaces Libtardians!! If Antifa is your fighting force, your all doomed!! LOL, say when!!