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Trump is Upset that the Hamilton Cast Trolled Pence, Suddenly Supports ‘Safe Spaces’

President-elect Cheetoh Hitler got wind of the Hamilton cast calling out his lil’ buddy Mike Pence last night (y’know… the most anti-LGBT Veep of all time), and The Cheetoh is not happy:

Considering Trump’s brashness and offensiveness, you might think he wouldn’t support “safe spaces”, but apparently he does. Maybe he thinks the show should’ve had a tigger warning like, “This show contains racial issues, a gay, HIV-positive Latino actor in the lead role and political ideas that may make you uncomfortable, especially if you don’t support full equality for all Americans.”

  • sfgate

    Mike pence is a pussy

  • Vassago Gamori

    Thin-skinned triggered safe-spacer orange snowflake cry-baby President Cuck Lil’Fingas is wrong; cast was polite and brief with valid concerns; some in audience {aka somewhat microcosm for country} booed, so get used to it Trumpgrumpchump and the Pensive albino, cause millions will do so for at least four years…

  • Steven Visek

    I’m not a Trump fan, but I recall Ben Carson getting a lot of grief for calling out Pres. Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast, and that was a public forum. My issue with the Hamilton actor’s actions is that Gov. Pence was a customer. You don’t lecture your customers. He had every Constitutional right to do so, but it is disrespectful to treat a customer that way. It would have been easy for the actor to modify what he said just slightly and it would have been fine. I suggest everyone use “the other foot test” and reverse every situation and see how it looks. Would the actor have done the same thing to a Vice President-Elect Tim Kaine, expressing alarm that the incoming Hillary Clinton administration would abridge the religious and gun rights and civil liberties of people they don’t agree with? Somehow I doubt the actor would have done anything but fawn over Kaine. Sorry but I’m for equal treatment of all.