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Trump Can’t Stop Flailing Over Fundraising

Poor Donald Trump — he’s been a habitual failure at the only thing that really matters to him: Money. Not just in his personal life — not to discount yet another Trump casino closing — but in his campaign.

Trump’s campaign has always been an utter disaster when it comes to fundraising. In June, he raised about a million and a half — a catastrophically low figure, given the tens of millions on-hand for the Clinton campaign. To be fair, Trump doesn’t need to spend like Hillary does on publicity: He gets free advertising every time he opens his mouth and says something crazy.

Nevertheless, Trump’s fundraising failures have long been cause for panic in the Republican party. And he really seems to have no clue what’s going on: In July, Trump claimed that he had raised around $35 million — an improvement, to be sure, but nowhere near the $89 million that Hillary raised for her campaign and the party. But then the campaign later announced that they’d raised $80 million. Who’s keeping track of the money over there?

Regardless of which figure is true, it’s still a poor showing by Trump. Mitt Romney brought in $100 million in July during his campaign. And Trump should have done far better given that July featured the Republican National Convention, which typically gives fundraising a strong boost.

One possible explanation for Trump’s fundraising failures: Republicans just don’t really like him. Last week the Koch brothers explicitly instructed wealthy donors to avoid giving money to Donald and instead do what they can to prevent losses by Republicans running for Congress.

The Kochs have never been Donald fans — they’ve been telling people not to give him any money for months. But they doubled down at a millionaire meeting recently, grousing that while they can’t support Hillary, they’ll never support Donald.

What they don’t seem to want to admit, of course, is that withholding support from Donald is supporting Hillary. Even if they don’t want it to be the case, everything they do to keep Donald out of the White House is helping Hillary get in. It’s not like there’s a third-party candidate who’s going to pop up at the last second and defeat both of them.

But this is also bad news, in that it means that more money will be available to elect Republicans. The GOP already has a crazy-unfair advantage when it comes to congressional elections; following the last Census, they redistricted in a way that took many seats out of play. We’re stuck with Republicans in Congress for a decade until the next round of redistricting, and hopefully then Democrats can engage in the same gerrymandering.

So instead of flowing to Donald Trump, Koch money is now flowing to lousy Republicans in what few competitive seats they have, mostly in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Florida. Of course, Florida. It’s always Florida. This is the Florida-est election this country’s ever faced.

  • Paika123

    Pretty sure 2000 was the Florida-est election ever.

  • Isabelle Ziegler

    The fellow billionaires think Trump is slime. Think on that.

  • SayHi2YourMom4Me

    Listing the insane things Trump has said is too long. I can list at least 20 off the top of my head, each one which would be an incredible disaster if true.
    Listing the lies in a single Trump speech is too long. Listing his broken promises or the way he’s shafted people who trusted him is too long.
    Just know we have an unhinged guy, clearly very unhinged, reckless, capable of disaster, completely ignorant, doesn’t know what he is doing, incredibly dishonest, and we are thinking of giving him power over all of us, power the likes of which he has never seen in his entire life.
    It has got me incredibly worried.

  • Tom Hakim 32

    Where is Donald Tax Return for year of 2015 or 2014 year ? Are they still lost? when will we all see them, or does have something to not let us see them.

  • Kriis

    And even if all of that is true… He’s still a choir boy compared to Killary. Her lies and corruption dwarf anyone’s – up to and including classified information that just got a Iran Spy killed.

    Trump has issues? Sure… He doesn’t hide behind a prompter… but he hasn’t been responsible for the 40 years of scandals like Hillary has been.


  • Kriis

    They got emailed to Hillary… she made some Wall Street speeches about them…

    But… you go ahead and worry about his taxes and ignore the Clinton Foundation and all the funny money that goes through there… keep your head in the sand.


  • The Clinton Foundation releases all the money given to them and all the money they spend. That’s why you know about the “funny money” in the first place. You can find it on the Clinton Foundation website in a report they release every years.

    Trump is hiding because #1) He makes little actual income to justify his BS self-reported net worth #2) He gives almost zero dollars to charity #3) He’s heavily involved with Putin, Russia, and the Russian oligarchs.

  • cbsmft

    Your article scares me because the main point of your article seems to be that Trump is a failing candidate without money (i.e. only good candidates have money) Many a good potential candidate has the same shortcomings in the current political situation.
    You are speaking the truth and ignoring the elephant in the room..or, maybe that is the point of this article.

  • You won’t see them. They would reveal Trump is a fraud. He’s likely not even a billionaire, let alone 10 billion. He’s donated less than .0002% of his money to charity. He’s heavily involved with the Russian oligarchs and a pawn of Putin.

  • SayHi2YourMom4Me

    Iranian spy killed because of emails? Already debunked. Doesn’t even stand up to the basic facts of the case. He was arrested, tried, and sentenced in 2011. The email about him wasn’t released until last year, and it was the republicans who forced the release in the first place, in their scandal hunt.
    But the email didn’t cause it, again the trial was 5 years ago. So, how did they know that he gave up secrets? BECAUSE HE TOLD THEM, and then decided to return to Iran on HIS OWN ACCORD. These things have been documented, public, and they are indisputable public facts that are years old. Ffs, did you even read the story yourself, or did you just listen to the republican’s version of it?
    I literally don’t know how you can square these things, that actually happened, and yet continue to believe the hysterical garbage peddlers that apparently have seized control of a major political party, to the detriment of everyone that lives in the US

  • Wildee Wild
  • Trump uses prompters, ineptly, why is there a problem with teleprompters, I’m sure you’d love to screw up in front of 10,000 people. This whole teleprompter insult is beyond retarded, they’ve been around for decades for both parties, you sound like a brain-dead idiot using such an ad hominem attack.

    Which clearly you are, because the Iranian spy’s fate was decided a long time ago. You’re exactly the type to froth at the mouth over whatever baseless GOP smear rumor is running around at the moment. Is Obama a Muslim too?

  • SayHi2YourMom4Me

    The Clinton foundation has it’s books open by law
    Actual watchdogs watch major charities like these all the time
    They give the Clinton foundation pretty good marks
    Your own candidates in the primary debates believed that they only gave 5% to chairity. Actual numbers place it close to 90%. Your candidates were .. idiots
    Republicans have become the party of garbage, there is just, no other way, they are wrong every time, their pundits are wrong every time, they are just dihonest, they let Donald Trump hijack them, it would have never have happened with the Democrats, hence why he’s pretending to be conservative despite blatently not being one the overwhelimg majority of his adult life, Ozzy Osbourne sudddenly becoming a republican would have been more realistic
    “Oh they got big donations from rich people it must be crooked” – getting big donations from rich people is what big charities do, you moron

  • SayHi2YourMom4Me

    Involved with Putin? If I understand correctly he isn’t, but his main guys giving him advice are
    He soon will be, nevertheless, the main reason I hope Trump won’t win isn’t his authoritarianism, his desire to use torture and resort to the same tactics ISIS uses (disgusting, but I think he will give that one up), the fact that he might desire to liberally use nukes (too insane for even me to think about), the fact that he’s an incredibly dishonest sleazebag (we’ve survived those before), he wants to control media (Idc who he appoints to the supreme court, don’t think that one will fly), the fact that he is pro-environmental-devistation (actually, I do hate that one, but it’s not my main beef), the fact that he tilts the balance of power towards other powers that don’t exactly have America’s interests in mind for basically no reason (again I don’t like it, but not my main beef), the fact that he is a national embarrassment and extremely dishonest (we’ve survived those before), but the fact that many of his actual policies, that have an extremely good chances of passing a republican controlled congress, places America on a fast track to becoming a weakened, isolated, oligarchy itself, and we will be living in a ruined country – that’s what I hate about trump the most

  • Tom Hakim 32

    Donald says he is so RICH and he WORTH ALOT, them let him fund his hole campain, if a guy is RICH why give it to him and after the campain he get to keep all the money in his bank account and who are the loosers.