The Truth About Orgasms Infographic

How many…gulp…gallons of semen will a man ejaculate in his lifetime? Which animals orgasms are strong enough to break their genitals off? How many orgasms a day is too many?

All of these answers and more in your daily gay infographic.


truth about orgasms


  • @facebook-654610253:disqus

    ” I know women that can completely get off merely by thinking….” so can guys! Guys can get off by Wet Dreams which have no physical stimulation.

  • Reva Baylets

    1 in four or 1 in three (OR MORE!) women can’t climax??? Thats a bunch of baloney!!!!! It sounds like statistics paid by a drug company marketing the sex cure for women. Some women might have a difficult time orgasming for a variety of reasons but that doesn’t make them completely unable to come. and besides, which culture of women is this based off of because sexual satisfaction is hugely dependent on what one’s culture defines as sexuality.And I’d wager there’s far more ways for a female to orgasm other than vaginal or clitoral… anal is the most obvious but I know women that can completely get off merely by thinking… so more baloney on female biology, on what our bodies can and can’t do. This ain’t even the tip of the ice burg. 

  • LorettaB

    SUCKS to be a drone!! 

  • Rachel

     we still believe Freud’s misogynistic bullshit???  give me a break!  Women do not have two different types of orgasm.  An orgasm is an orgasm, whether it’s caused by stimulation to the clitoris, vagina, or elbow.  Sigh.

  • wow……………..kinda makes me wanna be a pig…………

  • TC Wilson

     actually,  I’ve talked to more women who can’t than the ones who have.  But I think they mean by just having sex though, so I don’t think thinking or dreaming (I get off more in my sleep than awake, and much better) counted as part of the study,

  • TC Wilson

     women can to, though most won’t remember when it does happen.  It seems to be the only way I could achieve an internal one, because I have woken up halfway though.  Now -that- is something there needs to be more study on! lol

  • Kristen Starkey

    actually, it’s true. There are MANY women who cannot have an orgasm, either for mental or physical reasons. Just because you don’t believe it, doesn’t mean it’s not true. Also, the number of women who CAN orgasm from JUST intercourse is low. Most all females need some sort of clitoral stimulation. Even if it is indirect stimulation.  You should probably take a formal psychology and biology class before you feed more nonfactual info to people.  

  • Emily Stallings

    Maybe it’s just me, but although they’re definitely pretty similar, a vaginal orgasm is way more intense. And I’m not sure that that’s misogynistic considering it definitely works in women’s favor… 😉