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Two Men Cha-cha-cha Together On Dancing With the Stars

Vadim Garbuzov, alfons haider, gay news, gay blog, gay television
Haider and Garbuzov: Stars, baby!

Austria’s version of Dancing With the Stars kicked off a new season with gay television host Alfons Haider making the controversial decision to dance with male partner Vadim Garbuzov. Australia’s own version debuted the first female duo last year when Gil Shem Tov and Dorit Milman teamed up, but Austria is the first to feature two men doing the same-sex samba. Fantastic!

Or it would be, if Haider had any dancing ability whatsoever. We kid, we kiiiid. Back in DWTS preseason, Haider told reporters, “I am going to dance with a heterosexual. This is not about being gay. I do not want my appearance on the show to be reduced to homosexuality. This is about the show, about entertainment. I am not the gay Joan of Arc.”

No no no, not the gay Joan of Arc. (Whatever that means.)

It will be interesting to see how far Haider advances in the show. 42% of the country are reportedly opposed to his dancing bromance. We’ll keep you posted! We know how you simply adore Austrian primetime.

So how do you think they did?

  • honestly wasn’t that impressed… they weren’t really dancing together… more like dancing around each other…. bleh…

  • Andy Collin Brown

    I think by “gay Joan of Arc” he means playing the part of the opposite sex and starting a “revolution”, without actually hiding the fact he’s male or dressing as a woman.
    I find it highly offensive that he would assume people would think that about him. Plenty of men dance with other men for performances, he’t not the first, and he won’t be the last.
    He doesn’t want to be seen as a trend setter, but by making that statement he assumes that others would think that he is, which is extremely arrogant.

  • correction: the first version of DWTS to feature a same-sex couple (Dorit Milman and Gili Shem-Tov) – was that of Israel! not Australia!