Woman Calls 911 To Report Two Men Kissing On Park Bench

ABC News’ What Would You Do? has caught our attention quite a few times in recent weeks with their exploration of gay acceptance through various set-ups. Last week Nick shared a piece from the program in which a waitress refused to serve gay parents, and you all had plenty to say about it.

Today, let’s take a peek at one of the show’s more effective pieces shot in Birmingham, Alabama in which a gay couple in a longterm relationship lovingly sit on a public bench…even after police arrive after a 911 call to tell them to stop kissing in public.

It’s very eerie to see a television piece cross over into national news after a 911 call becomes public record.

This cross between investigative journalism and reality television admittedly has my heart in my throat at times. It’s shocking that someone would be ignorant enough to report the two kissing men committing a crime. While we don’t like to see such ignorance on display, I suppose real change can only come about by making the world aware that nonsense like this still goes on in some places.

Do you think What Would You Do? is enlightening America or chasing headlines?

  • It’s good to know that Gladys Kravitz is alive and well.

  •  If you watch the end the guys don’t give a Sh** if it’s two women kissing (the very end of the video it never gets to it) This world is full of hipocracy and its absolutely bull, I’m tired of having to hold back PDA when I walk down a mall strip and there are straight couples everywhere being “friendly” – as if humping each other while walking in the mall is perfectly fine but NOOOOO do it with my  boyfriend and all hell would break loose.

  • Anonymous

     Total hypocrisy as usual.  I am never surprised at the ignorance of deep-Southerners or straight men.   

  • Anonymous

     Furthermore, I DO think that “What would you do,” is enlightening America.  Without this show, these dialogues would not exist.  I appreciate the fact that the show enlists the guidance of mental health professionals to explain the scenario from a clinical point of view.  That way, it doesn’t come off as anecdotal.

  • Ignorance is so pervasive, makes me just sad!!

  • the shows great for proving a point, but i do believe the people who need to get a life are those who think that claiming shit they don’t understand is a crime, and also need to learn to bite their tongues and learn some proper etiquette!

  •  for the arrest part i really would like to see them try too but if it were me i would majorly resist hell even make it violent so they see who is the bigger person!

  •  Calling the police to report two guys making out is silly, and I’m sure the woman who made the call is now fully aware of how silly she seems. However, I’m not in favor of any couple, no matter what kind, necking in public. Show some class, gentlemen; take it private.

    As for the show, it’s both exploitative and enlightening. Sure, it’s playing for headlines–it has to pay the bills, right? But it’s also teaching people sensitivity and acceptance, so its heart is in the right place.

  •  to her there was a emergency… you have to remember we’re taking over the world *rolls eyes*

  • Shadow Wolf (craft name)

     The woman who made the 911 call needs to be arrested for abusing the system.  911 is for emergencies and there is no crime.  

  • iSwim

    Two things:

    1) Yes, I believe that the woman who called the police has no life and should probably be disallowed from owning any kind of mobile device whatsoever due to an astounding level of ignorance that many of us can’t even imagine exists.

    2) Seeing two hot guys making out is one thing… but seeing anyone making out in public is a little unusual (Unless it’s pride…but that’s a different story, y’all). As wrong as this woman’s actions were, the simple fact that two people were displaying affection in public may upset some people. Not saying that I’m a little angel, or that I’m not guilty of such action – it’s just that the public doesn’t want to be caught in the middle of a hot romance (I could think of some exceptions…).

  • It’s not just the woman that called who should be punished, it’s the 911 operator. She dispatched an officer for something she ADMITTED wasn’t a crime. She should have informed the caller it wasn’t a crime and that she shouldn’t be using 911 for bigoted complaints. 

  • I would be super grossed out by the straight couple making out in the middle of the restaurant if I was eating there! However, I thought what the gay couple was doing in the park was more tasteful. I think people should be mindful of where they are when they make out (whether straight or gay) because children dont need to see you groping or dry humping or whatever! I would never call the cops though. I hope the lady that did call them gets fined!
    Also, I think “What would you do?” is a great show because it show people’s responses both good and bad. I find the positive responses towards gays are very encouraging.

  • Anonymous

     So in other words if we see something we don’t like (maybe a str8 couple kissing?) then we can call 911 and complain about whatever we want, like the fact that they’re “slobbering all over each other”? And 911 will send out an officer to tell them to stop? That cop just amazes me – even AFTER getting a call from HQ he says “just don’t do it in public.” I wonder what would’ve happened if he hadn’t gotten that call. I bet they would’ve been tazed or something.

  • Christine McQueen

     While I agree that the show is making a difference, I have to disagree with your next point.  These discussions do not ‘depend’ on shows like this.  I would never have seen this without the groups I belong to on facebook.  What is more important is that there are people willing to HAVE these discussions.  Once I finish with this post, I’ll be back on facebook, re-posting the link that drew me here, helping to ensure that the discussion goes on.

  • Steve Cardinal

    I was replying to a homophobic comment on yahoo a few days ago where someone told me that we’re dictatorial and are taking over the world, I had no idea we had so much influence!

  • Rachel Ayers

    I am actually a fan of this show, it’s really interesting.

  • The one person who stands out most to me is the woman who was so open and excepting of them and welcomed them to town, she is a gem and I pray for more like her. The woman who called 911, I agree was abusing the system and needs to be made aware that times and manners have changed. This is about freedom for all people, Not JUST heterosexuals!The Peanut Gallery 

  • yet we still can’t get full equality in America, let alone other places…

  • I was highly disturbed by the scene in the taxi where the man said that gays need to be “put down right there”… I just… My mind can’t even comprehend how people can think that way…