Tyler Robinson from ‘The Voice’ Slays ‘Bad Romance’

While our homegirl Vicci Martinez made it through her Battle Round last night on NBC’s The Voice, our gay Mormon buddy – and avid Unicorn Booty reader – Tyler Robinson did not! @&*%^!

It’s a complete shame, because he far outgunned Patrick when it came to performing Elvis’ “Burning Love.” Even Cee-Lo and Adam said they would have picked Tyler, so we were in shock when Blake Shelton didn’t pick Tyler as well.

Tyler’s cover of Bad Romance:

  • okay, i’m posting this before i watch tyler’s videos (mainly cuz its idol hour here, and thats more important 😛 ) but i did watch the show last nite, and tyler sang patrick under the table. I have defended blake’s off-hand comments and jokes in the past, but honestly feel that last nite’s decision was craptacular, and was colored much more by WHO the contestants were, and not their voices. I honestly hope this decision comes back to bite him in the ass and patrick loses the whole damn thing for him.

  • Let’s hope he goes far, he’s awesome!

  • Cheryl Brown Strickland

    I HATE homophobes!! I truly hope Tyler’s career sky rockets from here!! In Cee Lo’s words Blake Shelton F- you!!

  • Anonymous

    He’s wonderful.