U.S. Debuts Terrifying Warning Labels On All Cigarettes

Beginning in October of 2012, every package of cigarettes you purchase will feature a photo of a man with a hole in his throat, a cancerous set of lungs, a corpse stitched up after having been split down the sternum, or one of six other gruesome images.

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The photos, all depicting the very real and very inevitable consequences of smoking will take up exactly half of the space on all cigarette packaging. Good luck enjoying that drag after seeing a photograph of mouth cancer in a toothless grin.

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Proposed in November under a law that put the multibillion-dollar tobacco industry under the control of the Food and Drug Administration, the new labels must be on cigarette packages and in advertisements starting in October 2012.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg were to announce the nine new warnings at the White House, but the labels were released early Tuesday.

They show images that may disturb some, including one titled “WARNING: Cigarettes are addictive,” illustrated with a photograph of a man smoking a cigarette through a hole in his throat. Among the images to appear on cigarette packs are rotting and diseased teeth and gums, the corpse of a smoker, diseased lungs, and a mother holding her baby with smoke swirling around them. They include phrases like “Smoking can kill you” and “Cigarettes cause cancer” and feature graphic images to convey the dangers of tobacco, which is responsible for about 443,000 deaths in the U.S. a year.

Other messages point out the dangers of secondhand smoke to children, tobacco’s causal link to fatal lung disease, cancer, strokes, heart disease and death.

Sebelius said their goal is to stop children from starting to smoke and offer adults who want to quit some help.

cigarette label mouth cancer, cigarette label teethcigarette label stitches, cigarette label chest, cigarette label corpse

If you are a smoker, please stop. You are killing yourself. The proof is in the pictures.

(via MSNBC)

  • Those pics are disturbing.  I hope they get the three people in my life that I love dearly and smoke, to quit.

  • Now that is a very good idea. Shock people out of smoking. Bravo.

  • Why not put FAT people on McDonalds and other fast food packages?  Why not show DEAD people from exhaust fumes and auto accidents from cars on new car price stickers?  Show DEAD babies on candy wrappers or toys that they were choked on?  RIDICULOUS?  Of course it is!  The tobacco industry has taken the blunt of this ‘easy’ political crap, making our law makers look good to a ‘vogue’ trend.  We are all, supposedly, adults… so let’s make our decisions to smoke, eat till your fat or whatever based on our own decisions as adults!  Get over trying to protect ME… I don’t need your advise, your opinion or your photos.  GROW UP and stop the litigation expenses we all pay for to supposedly protect an ‘adult decision’ in this country! 

  • Im a smoker those pics wont make me stop lol what they are doing is waste of money that we cant afford to be spending. The cigaret company’s are one of the few  things keeping this country afloat that

  •  Because marijuana shouldn’t even be classified on that “illegal drug level” first of all. And if people wanna smoke, let them. I guarantee this will not stop that many people from smoking. It’s going to save some lives, sure, and that’s great. But I’ve never been a fan of scare tactics.

  • While I personally abhor smoking and think it’s disgusting, I don’t care if other people smoke. You want to kill yourself slowly? Fine by me, just keep your smoke away from me.

  • One thing I’d like to know is…how are they going to replace all the tax dollars they are going to lose from cigarette sells? Raise taxes on something else…or tax the hell out of everyone else? 

    Who knows if this will even stop people from smoking…I know they do this in Mexico already and I’ve seen the boxes and know it doesn’t effect the chick that buys them at school…so who knows…

  • Christopher Wells

    It is about time they put these on cigarettes.  I just can not understand why a medically proven cancer causing, highly addictive product should be able to be sold in the first place.  It is time to put tobacco on the same illegal drug level as marijuana.  Or how about we move the product that does not cause cancer off of the controlled substance list.       

  • Christopher Wells

    When you get cancer and can not work will the tobacco company pay your medical bills? 

  • Christopher Wells

    When you get cancer and can not work will the tobacco company pay your medical bills.  Fast food now has to show clearly the fat content of all their food.  A baby does not decide what toy it plays with, it is the adult who bought the toy in the first place.  The only litigation in regards to the new stickers has been from the tobacco company’s themselves.  

  • Nicholas Cash

    well, they do allow alcohol to be sold, which is arguably the most addictive, legal on the market, and can be just as dangerous.

  • Cara Andrichak Rosson

    Ron and Dominic – I am glad they put these pictures on cigarettes packs. I hope they get scarier. And it’s not about telling you what to do, or what’s bad for you. It’s purely economic. Smokers like you will get cancer, and yes, at some level that’s your choice. But cigarettes cause cancer and that is a hard, cold fact. But when you are draining the health care system, whether public or private, you are causing my rates as a healthy non-smoker to go up. When thousands of people are smoking, and thousands of people get cancer and need all kinds of expensive treatment, they cause all of our health care rates to go up!
    Same goes for people who eat nothing but fast food and processed crap – fat or not fat. Trans fats cause heart disease and diabetes, it’s a FACT, and even in middle aged people. So as those who eat garbage start to become a drain on the health care system in their 40s and 50s, they’ll spend 30 or 40 years as a drag on any health care provider, again, making EVERYONE’s rates go up. (Though this issue is much more complicated because poverty and the market system often means the impoverished can’t afford any food but crap food, and are often trapped into unhealthy diets as a necessity – so their health problems are partly caused by the mere fact of poverty, and the unavailability of good foods at all anywhere near them. When was the last time you saw a Whole Foods in the ‘hood?)
    Anyway – I hope the government bans them, and more things that KILL people, because I am tired of my hard earned dollars (which currently go into a private health care provider’s pocket) paying for the medical care of some idiot who smoked for 30 years, and now at the age of 55 are going to be a drain on my health care provider’s system for another 10, or 20 years – with cancer treatments and radiation and oxygen tanks and home health care nurses, etc, etc, etc.

  • Stephanie Timmons


  • Emily Hodge

    yes,  thats so true im 15 and i dont want to pass on because  of some ass who smoked next to me  or took my money….i say ban them what good have they done in this life … one cig a day shure  but moste people smoke a whole pack its not good for you so why not stop or cut back   try and make them last … and dont smoke next to kids and or people who hate it  cuz they can get ccancer to   just like you(people who smoke) will end up getting it !!!! DO YOURSELF AND YOUR CUNTRY A FAV  AND STOP.

  • Elize Jekabson

    These ones seem really photoshopped! Canadas looked real, and i would get a sharpie and draw mustaches on the people or scribble the entire teeth out if i got it.
    Really, pretty sticker and cigarette case sales will go up more than people will quit.

  • they’ve had stuff like this on smokes in canada for years. *yawn*

  • Anonymous

    That wont work. No one is going to quit because they put pictures on packages that we see on tv in anti smoking ads already. This is just another excuse to spend taxpayer money and watch taxes will go up.

  • Jason Shreeve

    Australia has had this law for years now and now the Australian Governments going to ban the brand names from the packaging so it is basically a box with a huge picture of a smokers brain who suffered a stroke cut in half with the blood clot ozzing out cased by a blockage from cigarrettes, Also the Australian Government has Taxed them and made it law that retailers are not allowed to display them in sight of customers (banning smoking in public areas also) BEST IDEA EVER …..

    So in other words I feel more lucky to live in Australia then America if they are only acting on it now.

  • Anonymous

    I bet cigarette case sales skyrocket after this!