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Sign The Kill The Gays Bill Petition Before It’s Too Late

Many a gay blog was up in arms last year about Uganda’s proposed hateful Kill The Gays Bill, which could punish those accused of homosexual acts with the death penalty. Well, it’s back. And it could become law as early as Tuesday.

A vote is expected to happen in the early half of this week. While we are sitting pretty here in America arguing for our right to marry, Uganda’s LGBT citizens are wondering if they might be killed with the passage of this bill.

We just learned the “kill the gays” bill – a death sentence for LGBT people in Uganda – could come up for a vote in the next 72 hours if we don’t act now.

Conservative leaders are trying hard to push the bill forward before the millions like us who oppose it have a chance to speak out.  If we can create a massive international outcry, theres a chance to stop this bill from becoming law.
This hateful bill appears to be a political diversion, a way to distract from the legitimate grievances of pro-democracy activists, who have been beaten, teargassed, jailed, and even killed in recent weeks.
There are only days left to make sure your voice is heard.  Will you join me in demanding the Ugandan President Musevini veto the “Kill The Gays” bill should it be passed in Parliament?  Sign and share this urgent petition:

Please, please, one thousand times please, take a moment to add your name to the growing petition of international citizens speaking out against this travesty of a bill. It will take you less than a minute, but it could save countless lives. Be a hero. Sign the petition.

  • We need to put pour strength in thought and deed behind these Ugandans

  • Pasquale, ‘Sign the petition’ is hyperlinked. Clicking it will take you directly there.

  • Pasquale Barletta

    You gave no place for us to sign the petition.

  • andrewalcock

    This is outrageous legislation as it victimizes innocent people. Those pushing such legislation apparently do not understand that homosexuality is genetics – not choice.

    Gay people should not have their basic human rights threatened by ignorant and hateful people and responsible politicians should not seek to enact such discriminatory legislation.

  • Dita

    Meanwhile boycott Ugandan coffee, Really, it’s their primary industry. Yes, sadly there’s a risk this will hurt farmers but they may quickly get the point and will be rewarded by my coffee habbit

    It’s so easy to do, not even a boycott really just make sure your coffee (shade grown fair trade, right??) is from …. wait for it …. anywhere but Uganda. There are soooo many to choose from; Brazil (about to offer civil unions), Hawaiian Kona (already got them), Ethiopian, Mexican (offers equal marriage rights in Mexico city I believe), I could go on and on and on with the many fine countries who grow great coffee and are …. not Uganda.

    Ask your barista where their coffee is from and have that conversation of why you will drink anything but Ugandan coffee right now.

  • Anonymous

    done–and no Ugandan products OR donations to Uganda or other contries that legislate hate. Total withdrawal. I urge it.