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UK Court: Catholic Adoption Center Not Exempt From Anti-Gay Discrimination Laws

gay blog, gay news, gay adoption, discrimiantion, englandThe headline here says it all, including the troubling fact that Catholics assume that they should be allowed to discriminate in the name of their God.

Pink News UK reports:

Leeds-based Catholic Care have said they will have no choice but to end their work finding homes for children if they are forced to comply with the new equality regulations which prohibit discrimination against same-sex couples wanting to adopt.

The case went to the High Court last year before being referred to the Charity Commission, who would not back Catholic Care’s position. And the Charity Commission’s stance was upheld today by a first-tier tribunal which dismissed the appeal.

Although the tribunal acknowledged that the potential loss of any children’s charity was a negative thing, the threatened closure from Catholic Care – which is not certain – had to be balanced against “the detriment to same-sex couples and the detriment to society generally of permitting the discrimination proposed.”

Speaking to the Independent, Naomi Phillips of the British Humanist Association said: “When groups are providing public services, not least vital services such as adoption, it is legitimate to prevent unjustified discrimination, as the law seeks to do, in order to ensure that those services are equal, accessible and operate in the interests of those they are helping.“

That’s right, folks. These good Christians would rather close up shop and let children go homeless than put an end to their homophobic ways. It’s disgusting, it’s discriminatory, and I’m so glad that the UK is having none of it.


  • really? the catholics would rather close up shop than end their homophobia!?? OMG I NEVER WOULD HAVE GUESSED!!! sorry… careful not to slip on that pool of sarcasm i left there…

  • Calynn Torres

    HELL YES, go UK! Goddess, it’s nice to get good news once in a while. Wouldn’t it be great if a TON of people who worked there then go on to start another (secular) charity because finding homes for kids is more important to them than the church’s ego? I hope that’s what happens!

  • Wonderful news! hopefully this will quiet down all those people in London who are putting those trashy stickers up and threatening people!

  • I’ve always believed in separation of Church and State, so i think the church should do what they see fit, but they are pretty low to STOP helping kids because they don’t like us gays. I don’t like telling people what to do, but the fact that they’d leave kids behind because we vote for equality, is sick.