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UNC Gay Burn Victim Made Story Up

gay blog, gay news, university of north carolina chapel hill, anti-gay, gay-bashing, freshman, campus, attack
Quinn Matney: Victim, total babe

Yesterday we told you about the horrific third and fourth degree burns University of North Carolina Quinn Matney received after he was attacked by a stranger who branded his wrist while telling the gay student he was getting “a taste of hell.” Today we are creeped out to tell you that UNC Chapel Hill has announced that Matney made the whole thing up.

An announcement from the school’s chancellor reads:

“The Department of Public Safety has determined that the alleged aggravated assault reported to campus last night did not occur. That report, filed with campus police on April 5, was false. The University will not report it as a hate crime.”

“It is important to recognize that incidents of harassment do occur,” Thorp continued. “When they do, we take them seriously. We strive to foster a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment at Carolina.

gay blog, gay news, gay-bash, branded, unc chapel hill
Matney received third and fourth degree burns, tendon and nerve damage, and a loss of sensation in his index finger and thumb.

UNC came under fire for hesitating to report the branding as a hate crime to federal officers a week after the attack. It’s clear now why they hesitated. No further information was given on the cause of Matney’s injuries, but we assure you that incidents like this one – where an openly gay man alleges anti-gay violence against him – becoming national news do absolutely no favors to the LGBT community when they turn out to be false.

We’re as disturbed about the counterfeiting of this story as we were about the branding that was alleged to have occurred in the first place.

So why did Matney make it up?

Via News Observer

  • I love Matney says that it “doesn’t make sense” in the video. Well, of course it doesn’t make sense! You made it up, you jerk! Lol.

  • I love Matney says that it “doesn’t make sense” in the video. Well, of course it doesn’t make sense! You made it up, you jerk! Lol.

  • You know…right from the start I was thinking “why didn’t the friend he was talking to help him?” so I guess even he didn’t see the hole in that story. Too bad. He’s still cute though. Hope that gets him far in life.

  • The one that says it doesn’t make sense is not the alleged victim in this. It’s a completely different person.

  • anything, some folks will do anything – for that 15 minutes of fame.

  • Jake

    The strongest action that would have be given had the story been true, should now go to him for making it up.

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes people lie because they envy Snookie’s fame. Sigh.

  • Wow… And we complain about heterosexuals causing us strife… Guess this goes to show everyone that some individuals will do anything to get their fame. I hope this guy is punished for filing a false police report at the very least.

  • Ariel B. Dreamfalling

    That is just reprehensible behavior………PERIOD! Like Kevin just stated, stunts like this do nothing to help our community out especially in these times of struggle for equality. I think he should be sentenced to do time in a mental institution for doing this AND issue a public apology to all of the LGBT community across the nation for doing something as stupid as this. SHAMEFUL!

  • Caleb Andrew Beal

    O.O really? He burned himself for attention… psycho.

  • R C

    He apparently…needs help…

  • R C

    Apparently…he needs HELP!

  • This boy needs help. He’s obviously got some deep-seated problems, and calling him names or punishing him isn’t going to solve any of them. Sure, he’s done us damage with his lie, but we have to look beyond that and figure out what on Earth he was thinking to even come up with something so fucked up. On the upside, things are so awful in the world right now, this story isn’t getting much play in the mainstream media.

  • Ben Medina

    Snookie who?

  • Ariel B. Dreamfalling

    I find it reprehensible that this guy even did what he did. We are all affected by social realities in that I agree. But facts are facts…….he LIED and in the process he’s hurt our cause as an LGBT community. You’re entitled to your opinion but I for one don’t find his behavior excusable in any way shape or form. If he needed help there are better ways to approach that rather than concocting some outlandish stunt like this and then expect people to be sympathetic after finding out that he made the whole thing up. Label it what you want. Go ahead and point the finger at who you think should be accountable but I’m also entitled to my opinion and how I feel about this issue. I am not alone in thinking this guy needs to do something not only to help himself but also make recompense for using the injustices that our community suffers as a platform for personal gain or attention whatever the reason. And considering the condition our society is in today and the garbage we have to face as LGBT people, anything that puts an even further negative spin on who we are as a community should NEVER be tolerated especially if those ideas are fabricated and foster further negative stereotypes. We walk a very fine line socially. Each day is a battle to stay balanced on the knife’s edge we call equality here in this country. The problem being is that we have too many people that don’t think to look at the big picture. Sadly the actions of the few will greatly affect the many in this case because our community is under constant scrutiny. So no……..I believe he gets everything he deserves and for his sake yes I do hope he gets the help he so desperately needs but that doesn’t mean he should act irresponsibly when his actions may cause any harm not just to himself but to others around him. Not only did this man lie about the incident but he’s also put negative attention to an institution of higher learning that’s had no such incidents in the past and appears to be doing all they can to be an inclusive place of learning. The worst part about all this is it garnered national attention. So you tell me exactly how any of that is right?

  • Luke Harris

    I think it’s important to remember that people are deeply affected by the hatred of people around them in both direct and indirect ways. If this man is struggling through enough turmoil that he decided to burn himself, it is vital that we look at the social realities that led to this being the most effective way for him to make it through the night.

    In addition, mental institutions should not be a punishment–it should be a place where people go to get help when they need it. As a member of the GLBT community, I find it reprehensible that people would further persecute someone who so clearly needs help from those around him.

  • Sethjj1975

    I wish he’d been attacked by a barber. 

  • idiot

  • Katie Cetin

    I’m confused about how they decided it was made up.  While reading the article, and the one linked, I didn’t see anywhere that the student admitted that it didn’t happen, or any witnesses to say it was self-inflicted.  The article just says that the kid couldn’t describe the attacker…can anyone clear this up for me?

  • thats okay….there are teachers burning crosses into students who are proud of it. just do google search….no lie.

  • Mark

    I’m not understanding how we’re sure he made it up.

  • Patrick Clementine

    that photo is gross, i could barely read this article 

  • I hope that if it did really happen he chickened out by reversing his story.