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UNCUT: Southwest Pilot Attacks ‘Gays, Grannies and Grandes’ Over the Airwaves

gay blog, gay news, gay cultureIn what surely must be the most idiotic case of “stuck mic syndrome,” a Southwest Airlines pilot goes on an over-the-air rant that takes down “gays, grannies and grandes.”

The pilot, who apparently did not realize – or did not care – that his microphone was stuck, continued his diatribe by talking about all the “old dudes and grannies” (aka the flight attendants) that he works with.

Here’s the whole recording, it’s pretty absurd!

  • I don’t think that gay people should set themselves apart from this kind of behavior.

    It’s the kind of crap self-congratulating, cocky, horny, on-the-prowl men say.  

    “No fatties, fems, geezers, chocolate, or rice.”   Sound familiar?

    Whatever happens to this guy happens but I don’t think we should be posturing as his moral superior.  It’s a part of *our* culture. 

  • honestly that’s hysterical

  •  Just a douche making an ass out of himself…. hes kinda getting what he deserves and maybe he will learn to keep his mouth shut.

  • this guy needs to do youtube videos. hed probably become a sensation.

  • Anonymous

    Grannies? Fags? Doable girls? Old dudes? Open mic idiot. I don’t want that hate-monger piloting my plane. No wonder he’s “bagged” so few “girls”in the last few months. I’m surprised he’s ever been given an opportunity to “bag” even one. Sensitivity training is not enough to change this multi-phobe. Maybe a brain–and heart–transplant would do the trick.

  • Sheila Rose Crowe

    Wooowww what a classy man.  I would LOVE to be a flight attendant on his plane, sure, sexual harassment around every corner!