United States of Anal

A butt-shaking round of applause for our nation’s most anal state, Alaska. Levi, Bristol and Sarah Palin herself must be so proud.

I hang my head in shame as the three states that I call home failed to even score a single anal bead in the anal infographic rankings. Why so serious, Washington, Louisiana and Pennsylvania? It’s hard to fit beads in your butt when you already have a stick up your ass.


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How adorable is the tugboat full of anal beads on its way to Texas? If Trojan’s sex toy food truck doesn’t work out, we’d love to see them try this next!

How anal is your state?

  • Hailey Stephenson

    I was almost surprised by Louisiana, but then I remembered that the French Quarter is only a very small part of the state.

    As for my state of Kentucky? Not surprised.

  • Maritess420

    What does Alaska know that we don’t?

    And does having more than one anal toy in a household count for more than one?

  • Kathleen Sharp

    So….Alaska is definitely not abbreviated AL, lol, not sure I can trust the rest of the infographic after that!

  • Eliot

    I’m not even IN this map of the United States… somebody left the Upper Peninsula off of Michigan! If there’s one thing that I’m anal about (ok, well, other than sex) it’s accurate geography!

  • Erin Lockwood

    Iowa, so not surprised to see how depressingly barren of beads you are. But there has to be more than that here! Hell we had legal gay marriage before New York!

  • David Schildt

    Arizona is so Anal