united states of obesity, america, fat, health infographic, infographic

United States of Obesity

Put down the burger. Slowly back away from it. Now get your butt to the gym, stat. We don’t know how else to break it to you, but dude, you’re getting fat. Today’s infographic from CalorieLab has the proof.

Obesity is straight up out of control in our country, with most states weighing in with over a quarter of their residents past the obesity line. Mississippi, the fattest state in the nation, counts more than a third of its people as obese.

Even Colorado, the fittest state in America, has a 19.1% obesity rate. We love you dearly, readers, but it’s time for everyone to step away from the computer and go do a few laps. We want you to live long, healthy lives, and to look great naked!

united states of obesity, america, fat, health infographic, infographic
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How does your state rank?

  • I need to move to Colorado and get off the ridiculous amount of fat on me T^T………..

  • Jake Johnson

    I’m not quite sure this is exactly ‘news’, it’s more just a fluffy blurb on stuff we already know… Perhaps some scientific data correlating to associated causal disease or affecters? 

  • Terrell Wallin

    303 is in the house. I’m so proud of us.

  • Shelby Renee Burgess

    Wow, I live in the fattest state in the US. How sad. :C I can’t say much though, I do have a belly. c:

  • Christopher Wells

    Can I say 2 things about what is truly against the law about what the man is doing.  He was drinking and driving and in the State of Washington, Unicorn Booty’s home state, it is against the law to remove a shopping cart from the parking lot of the store.

  • James Peron

    Obesity is heaviest in the Bible-belt states, apparently Jesus makes you fat.

  • Ashley Valencia

    I live in Colorado, the skinniest state, and I am fat. There’s some grand irony in that. I love it!