Gay blog: Attacker arrested in McDonald's attack

Update: ‘Gay’ Man Arrested in Connection with Brutal Beating; Not Charged with Hate Crime

Gay blog: Attacker arrested in McDonald's attack
Damian Furtch

In an update to our earlier story of the gay man that was beaten outside of a McDonald’s in Greenwich Village, a homeless man has been arrested in connection with the assault.

Multiple news sources are reporting that a 21 year-old homeless man, of all people, was taken into custody on Friday night un Bushwick, Brooklyn. His name is Anthony Bray and is being charged with assaulting Damian Furtch alongside one other as-yet unidentified man.

In a stunning twist, Bray confessed to the beating – but insists that it wasn’t a hate crime because he himself is gay!

We could hardly believe our eyes when we read that the attacker is claiming to be gay. We are suspicious that Bray is claiming to be gay to avoid being persecuted under the federal hate crimes law. How could we not be? It just seems ridiculous that one man would savagely beat another while calling him a faggot, and then claim to be gay. But then again homophobia is rampant and leads people to do really strange and horrible things, so Bray could just be one f*cked up dude.

Bray says that he was “disrespected” by Furtch, and thus earning the savage beating. Furtch, Bray and the third man got into a heated argument inside the McDonald’s when Bray made fun of Furtch’s bright clothing. The two men then followed Furtch outside, where Furtch was on the phone with a friend because of the escalating situation. They then beat him senseless.

Bray, who has previous arrests for pot, graffiti and robbery, is being charged with misdemeanor assault. And while the police have not ruled out a hate crime, we find it hard to believe that they could overlook the fact that these 2 guys who hurling anti-gay slurs along with their punches.

They should be charged with a hate crime! It does not matter if Bray claims to be gay or is a latent homophobe – they yelled hateful, anti-gay slurs as they were beating him – motivated clearly by more than just the heated exchange.

What do you think about Bray NOT being charged with a hate crime?

  • Anonymous

    he should be charged even if he is gay we do not use hate speech and this is just a ploy

  • Dude, that’s just screwed up. He should totally be charged with a hate crime. I don’t care if he claims to be gay, there’s no way that he is. If you’re beating up a man, because he’s gay and hurling anti-gay slurs at him, then I swear to god that you should be charged with a hate crime and by all means there is no way that you can be gay. Like it says in here, he might have said that because of the fact that he didn’t want to be persecuted under the federal hate crime laws. No, he should definitely be charged with a hate crime.

  • Anonymous

    Please remember that most homeless people are challenged with a or several forms of mental illness. I do not know that to be the case – let us wait before delivering your verdict. If there is hatred it really could be directed towards himself.