Vanity Fair Calls Grindr ‘World’s Biggest, Scariest Gay Bar’

…which is really just weird seeing as how it’s neither scary nor a bar. More like the world’s biggest, headless zombie passive-aggressive festival.

Grindr: Welcome to the World’s Biggest, Scariest Gay Bar

Grindr, the popular “geosocial networking” iPhone app for gay men, has more than a million users in 180 countries, including Iraq, Iran, and Haiti. It’s been called a “revolutionary dating tool”—and also “the scariest gay bar on earth that is all over the earth.” From his virtual bar stool, author Matt Kapp decodes the lingua franca of smart-phone-assisted gay dating and wonders whether Grindr can translate into hetero.

VF writer Matt Kapp practically lifts his headline from blogger Choire Sicha, bit something about this just rubs us the wrong way. Maybe it’s the fact that the article manages to use a whole bunch of words to say absolutely nothing. Or maybe we just don’t appreciate gay culture being used to hawk magazines to straight people in their 40’s.

But it’s probably the fact that Vanity Fair just does not understand how to discuss gay culture without sounding like intolerant buffoons. Surely we’re not the only ones who remember VF writer Brett Berk calling the gay characters on Glee “foam party fags.” Whatever the hell that even means…

Kapp’s fluff piece never gets around to explaining what’s so scary about Grindr, leaving the reader to believe that the fear simply derives from the 1,000,000 gay users who use the service. Not cool.

Let’s make a deal, Vanity Fair. You stop making a homophobic fool of yourself by poking your nose where it doesn’t belong, and we’ll throw you a headline every now and then.

Big, scary gay bar, my ass…

(via Vanity Fair)

  • Duke Marine-Lochar

    I think the title is meant to be an ironic reference to Choire Sicha’s use. I found the article amusing. It didn’t seem intentionally inflammatory or derogatory. Am I crazy?

  • Just saying… grindr is like the biggest hook up app/site/anything for gay guys, but I also think it gives gay guys a bad rep.   I mean it honestly is alllll about sex and it kinda gives the heteros ammo on there theory that being gay is all about sex……. which its not….. the sex is just a bonus… lol

  • it really wasn’t that offensive…. the app is kinda like a gay bar…. not that scary though haha

  • Nuri Pazol

    Did Kevin Farrell take the time to read the article? I’m starting to think he’s just as incendiary as the article he *thinks* he’s attacking. The author he’s actually quoting was Choire Sicha, who was quoted by Matt Kapp, like Duke wrote on 5/27.