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VIDEO: Dad Outs Son to Entire Family in ‘Touching’ Kodak Commercial

Kodak recently released a touching, tear-jerking short film called “Understanding” about a closeted high school kid who has to face his father after he gets caught kissing his boyfriend. It’s beautifully shot and emotionally moving, but it has a kinda messed-up ending.

First, the dad snoops through the son’s bedroom to find proof of his son’s homosexuality, goes through his drawers and then steals a private photograph. Then, to show that he’s totally okay with the gay thing, he basically outs the kid to his entire family by giving him a framed picture of the enlarged private photo of his son and his boyfriend. What the shit is that?!??

Maybe dad’s trying to teach the son that there’s nothing to be ashamed of in front of family, but coming out should really be the teenager’s choice rather than the dad’s. After the commercial ends, what if grandma and grandpa start yapping on about how they’re “Okay with that lifestyle even though it’s unnatural and a sin”? What if grandma and grandpa don’t know what the hell is going on, and the teenager is forced to say, “Ohhhh, yeah, that’s a picture of my… friend,” just to avoid making dad’s awkward outing even worse? What if dad told grandma and grandpa before the birthday party even happened, committing the dual sin of outing his son and denying him a coming-out experience.

Christ, dad. Join PFLAG. Get a clue! Either way you slice it, it’s messed-up. We don’t tolerate outing LGBTQ kids in real life. Why should we celebrate it in a commercial?

Yes, yes… we’re slightly jesting. If taken entirely as a fictional short-film, it’s very nice. Just don’t imitate it in reality — alright, parents?

  • RyeSeronie

    you’ve missed the mark on this one UB – Watch it again… He is outed to his mom and dad by his little sister. Mom and dad have talked to their parents about what to do /say/deal with the situation. Dad, in an effort to understand his son goes snooping (which let’s get this one thing very clear, is completely within the rights of the parent to do) The son is struggling with being outed before he is ready, unable to concentrate at school, play, or home… The present was the parents way, and from the expressions on the rest of the family it seemed they were all in agreement, this is our way of saying ‘We Love You No Matter What”

    I really think you missed the mark in your critique of this fantastic and uplifting ad.

  • Agreed. The reaction of the grandparents was they already knew not only about him being gay but about the picture as well. Seemed like the family coming together to say “It’s okay, we love you anyway.”

  • Persa Verance

    Sorry but “outing” within a family in a loving supportive environment is exactly what needs to happen. The idea that you should never ,ever tell other people that someone is gay is an outdated fear based pov. EVERYTHING is contextual. Kids should know that their parents love them and accept them as they are and that includes being gay or lesbian and secrets can be very destructive. This father did exactly the right thing. Without saying a word he let his son know that he loves him and his family has his back so that something that was tormenting him now just becomes a natural part of who his is. AND the father not only showed his support for his son he also embraced the fact that his son has a boyfriend.

    You response, if well-meaning, was very reactionary. This was not an “outing” this was an acknowledging within a loving family that “We got you”.

    Beautiful message and great commercial.

  • point_counterpt

    Why would you assume the grandparents would react negatively? They were shown smiling.

    You do realize that not everyone’s coming out is some terrible, traumatic thing, right? That’s all this ad was showing, a nice story. Quit being so butthurt about it lol