Barack Obama, State of the Union

VIDEO: Obama Speaks About Everything (But Same-Sex Marriage)

Obama was in New York City last night at an expensive gala for the LGBT community, marking the start of what will surely be an aggressive courtship of gay dollars for his 2012 re-election campaign.

Compared with all previous presidents combined, Obama has a commendable record when it comes to LGBT rights. He has been a staunch supporter of the gay community, and has always supported equal rights for the LGBT community.

And yet, even when the crowd of $1,250-a-plate supporters called out “marriage,” he brushed it off. He talked about “the power of our democratic system” when discussing New York’s current debate on gay marriage, and steered clear of stating direct support of same-sex marriage.


  • Ashlei Kennybrew

    ok first of all, Obama doesnt personally support same sex marriage, but he does agree gays should have equal rights. The reason why he didnt mention it is because he doesnt want to seem like a “bigot.”  But just because he wouldnt vote on it, doesnt mean he cares if it does eventually happen. Thats why he put it up to the states. There are some gays that i know that dont personally support marriage, bc it is following the hetero normative tradition & want to have their own traditions concerning unions, but they do sympathize & support gay marriage supporters, because they feel that people should what suits them. & they see the benefits of being in marriage w/ someone has, Obama is trying to get reelected and not piss off any future supporters, when gay marriage is the hot topic of today…. He may address it another day, but just not right now, because i dont think he wants to say the wrong thing when it comes to gay marriage and end up offending a room full of people.

  • Whether or not any candidate supports gay marriage, I think it would be political suicide to openly say that they are in favor of it.  Sure recent polls have shown that a majority of the country supports gay marriage, but that isn’t going to be the only thing voters consider in 2012 and I also think that a lot of the people who take the time to fill out such surveys are probably fairly liberal.  In reality, I don’t think that a majority of Americans support same sex marriage.  However when you take the electoral college into consideration and weigh that with the fact that the states with the most electoral votes tend to be more liberal than those with fewer, It may in the foreseeable future actually be a good platform on which to run.

  • I agree – im sure he is for it – but it would be political suicide if he was openly in favor of it.

  • Buddy Englett

    Obama, The Great Waffler

  • Anonymous

    He would get way more support from the gay population (anywhere between 5%-%20 of the overall population), if he would “come out” in favor of us.  But then, he might lose a significant amount of democratic voters who are religious, or hold certain (made-up) religious beliefs about same-sex marriage.

  • Anonymous

    I get your point, but isn’t it sad that he should worry about “offending” people over human rights and equality?  Isn’t that one of the factors that helped him garner so much support- the fact that he overcame racial inequality to win the election…

  • That is ridiculous. He didn’t need to say the word marriage… It was implied… Go Obama….