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Violet Chachki ‘Physically Dragged Out’ of Paris Gay Sex Club for Not Being Masc Enough

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On Twitter, Violet Chachki said she was physically dragged out of Paris’ biggest sex club Le Dépôt. Why? Because she was not masc presenting enough.

Chachki won the seventh season of RuPaul’s Drag Race and was in Paris for Fashion Week.

She tweeted this morning at around 4:00 am Paris time:

In this video, we see Chachki negotiating with bouncers to get her coat back:

We spoke with Chachki this afternoon. Here is what she exclusively told Senior Editor Alexander Kacala:

“It was a fashion week party. At club that has dark rooms downstairs for sex. I was there seeing 3 friends that were performing/dj. I wasn’t in drag but I had makeup on. I met someone there who also had makeup on but was obviously male bodied but very feminine. We tried to go downstairs to the sexy part when like 4 guys picked us up and dragged us out of the club.”

Violet Chachki’s fans are trolling the Facebook page of Le Dépôt

Upon reading the news, many fans went to the Facebook page of Le Dépôt, leaving hundreds of outraged reviews. The fans strongly denounce the “femmeophobia” of Le Dépôt and call for a boycott of the sex club.

Here’s what the french drag-queen Mirage wrote:

“Throwing Violet Chachki out, one the most know queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race, BECAUSE SHE LOOKED TOO FEM, and while there was an inclusive fashion show inside, is totally UNTHINKABLE and OUTRAGEOUS for a so-called gay clun. No parisian queen will come again to your place. Your Masc4Macs culture and you are OVER.”

Another had to say this:

“I had an awful experience in that place and now that the case of Violet Chachki came out, I feel I need to stand up as well. Two words describe the place, the whole concept of the club, the treatment we receive from the employees and from the public: heteronormative shit.”

We spoke with several customers who were a little surprised since yesterday night, it was La Toilette, a queer and inclusive party.

We also tried to reach the club and the organizers of La Toilette. None of them have reached out to us. We will update this post if they do so.

  • Sundra Tanakoh

    If you don’t shave your legs or armpits you will be ok.

  • J-c Bontemps

    Sorry. U seem not be pressed to tell the truth. An official communiqué has been made concerning the facts and they are far different about what Violet said how it happened …

  • Tom

    Why no update? The club has made a statement giving they’re side of the story.