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Warning: Kesha Without Autotune!

gay blog, gay music, ke$ha, your love is my drug, unedited, raw Just no.

Hide your kids! Hide your wife! This raw tape of Ke-dollar sign-ha singing Your Love Is My Drug may cause your ears to bleed. We give the girl props for writing mindlessly addictive bubble gum hits, but the voice on this young lady is enough to make us swear off music forever.

Warning: Friends don’t let friends listen to Ke$ha.

Listen if you dare, brave adventurer!

***UPDATE: Ke$ha’s people are understandably ripping the track from the internet everywhere they can find it. I mean, listen to it… Here’s hoping this version of the video stays up a bit longer than the last!

So was it good for you?

  • Bry

    At least she’s actually singing…Can you say that about Britney anymore these days? #justsayin

  • This song isn’t mean to be “pretty” or sound well without autotune…try listening to something by her like ‘Goodbye’, one of her first demos. Before you make judgments.

  • Brian K

    Yikes! Buzz’s girlfriend! Woof!

  • I’m not a huge Ke$sha fan. But this isn’t bad. Hello WITH auto tune ‘Friday’ is far worse than this.

  • i’m not a huge Ke$ha fan, i really was expecting something like wow but no she sounds good so who ever put this out i think is going to backfire

  • i didn’t think it was that bad at all i think your just picking on her cause she is making six digits + for her voice and your not 😛

  • Gillianne Rountree


  • SaraS

    Why should we judge her in the first place? She is a healthy and beautiful young woman. She’s having fun and ohmygod, she doesn’t have a destructive life like Brittney Spears or Lindsay Lohan. We should give her a round of applause and criticize her. She supports gay rights, so, why are we trashing her on a LGBT rights site? That sounds hypocritical.

    The song is really not all *that* bad. When “Friday” is gaining national fame, we should really appreciate Ke$ha and not scare her off. Do you really want “Friday” to be the number one song in America? C’mon, where is the appreciation? Because I’m sure that no one was hating on autotune when they were dancing/singing with the radio/in the shower to “Tik Tok” or “Blow.”

    Ke$ha isn’t Whitney Houston, but honestly, look at where the “great” stars are now. Most can’t even hold a tune any longer.

  • She can sing a lot better than some of the vocal students I’ve had for YEARS! Auto-tune helps to deceive, I will be the first to tell my students to stay away from it. But who knows what exactly this was for… She still has a good voice. I’m absolutely NOT a fan of hers, but my students love her, and someone mentioned earlier, she supports gay rights, so if anything, we should be praising her hard work, and thanking whatever we like to thank, that there’s Auto Tune to make her sound great and clamber up the top 40 each time she releases a new single! 🙂

  • Gillianne Rountree

    LOL! That’s why I don’t listen to Brit-Brit anymore either. I honestly wouldn’t really call this singing, though… it’s more like carrying a tune. Which IS impressive if you consider how many people out there can’t even do that.

  • I can’t believe that ANY of you are saying that this girl has an alright voice, that is sad. Her voice is horrible. I mean for anyone to even think she has talent to give her a record deal and all that money, and its auto-tuned, that just shows what america has become. And Im not bashing just Kesha, Im bashing every artist that uses auto-tune, because we americans ( not me thank god) actually give these people the millions they now have, and they have no talent. It’s sad really, that the people and artists who actually have talent, aren’t recognized at all.

  • It doesn’t piss you off that this girl is a talentless phoney, and is still a millionaire? We’re not judging, we’re listing facts here haha.

  • I don’t care how shitty she sounds, she’s a LGBT supporter and thats all I give a damn about.

  • I think she sounds the same almost actually. you guys are idiots. everyone without auto tune sounds like shit atleast a little bit. and besides are you the ones getting big ass pay checks for sounding like her? didn’t think so. jealous ass losers!

  • she sounds the same to me i love her anyways she dont give a …. what ppl think

  • Emily Phillips

    Yeah, the problem is that young singers who -do- have talent (even Ke$ha) are encouraged to sing songs meant for sopranos and she is not a soprano. She is an alto. You can find un-autotuned clips of her singing before she was well known and she has a beautiful, soulful voice. She sold out, yes, but this is the music industry. There’s only so much autotune can fix. The reason she sounds bad on the high notes is because she’s breaking her range and probably destroying her vocal chords.

  • Emily Phillips

    Friday’s just an awful song not because of the auto tuning but because the “singer” literally has a range of maybe 5 notes.

  • Shari Denis

    What I find horrible is that this story gets more responses and people are more outraged at Kesha’s voice than the story of the Libyan Woman who was raped which was another article on this site. Wow how Dumbed Down has this Country gotten that this silliness is more people find this interesting than actual relevant current events?!

  • Esty Figueroa

    this is horrible.

  • Gurrty

    Is anyone REALLY surprised by this??

  • no comment, but as long as she isnt hurting people and any other negative things, then well I can get to know her.

  • Ew. Her voice may suck but, I support her in her support of LGBT type things.

  • Stepen Collins

    um….what’s the problem? I don’t care for her music BUT she sounds like anyone else who is singing live and sounds just fine.

  • uhh honestly i dont think it sounds that bad. better than a number of artists without audio sweetening technology.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone? Really? Auto-tune didn’t come out until the late 90’s. There were many great singers before that (Freddie Mercury, anyone?), and there are singers now, who did not and do not need auto-tune to be able to sing well.
    I’ve heard worse than this, but it sounds to me like she was just talking funky during the verses. It doesn’t sound great to me…

  • Anonymous


  • That’s a dumb reason to buy her music, and as a LGBT supporter her vapid persona pretty much stains any movement she subscribes to. I don’t think someone who sings utterly inane and stupid songs is a good face for the lgbt movement.

  • If she was talentless then she wouldn’t BE a millionaire. She’s maybe not the greatest singer, but she sells her image and a lot of people dig her music and her style and her “image”. Why hate?

    Also… how is she a phoney?

  • Barbara

    sounds the same

  • Anonymous

    LOL the comments defending her are amazing. She has no musical talent, no “entertainment” skills, she can’t sing, her managers and producers control EVERYTHING about her career, her mother writes her songs, and the only reason she became “rich and famous” was cuz she stalked several producers until they let her sing on Flo-Ria’s track, which was a last second idea, ony cuz she was there.

    Seriously, get a clue. You can like her music all you want, but live in reality. SHE’S TERRIBLE. There are millions of more talented musicians out there who can’t get anywhere because all you shallow retards want is brainless manufactured bullshit, just like your precious (and worthless) Britney Spears.

  • Cyrano Carroll

    are you joking me? do you know anything about mainstream music? you don’t have to have any talent to be a millionaire. you just have to get lucky. really, you’re not even thinking before you talk. britney spears doesnt write her own lyrics, doesn’t make her own music, and can’t dance. yet she is extremely famous. AND her voice gets edited. where’s the talent? no where. mainstream pop is all about being a piece of shit like ke$ha. if you support this that’s kinda sad.

  • Cyrano Carroll

    Nah she’s bad. you’d understand if you were raised on good music.

  • I never said anything about writing, singing, or dancing.

    “…she sells her image and a lot of people dig her music and her style.”

    It seems like you have a LOT of negative energy going on inside. Hope things turn around for you.

    It’s easy to call someone a piece of shit when the only time you see them is on a screen. That’s a really horrible thing to say about someone and kinda makes you a little bit horrible.

    You’re kind of a troll…

  • The video got all killed and stuff. 🙁

  • Catherine

    So you’re willing to pay money to help further talentless people like herself, because of organization affiliation? In that case, I should be a talentless millionaire like her, because of that logic alone..

    Just because Kesha supports a good cause doesn’t excuse the fact that she is a terrible singer and dancer, but still manages to make more money than many people who actually possess talent..

    Maybe if this generation would stop allowing these kinds of musical monstrosities to exist, then maybe, perhaps maybe, artists with actual talent will rise to the surface.

  • Jesse Glass

    Goodbye is my favorite Kesha song. It’s beautiful.

  • Jesse Glass

    Find me a mainstream pop artist that is unedited. Britney, Kesha, Gaga, Beyonce, etc are all edited and autotuned. If you think that she sounds horrible listen to Goodbye (an early demo). Her voice is fantastic. 

    I’m only saying the industry comes with voice editing and autotune. No artist releases songs that haven’t been touched up. Much like the fashion industry where everything you see is airbrushed.

    I love Kesha because she’s an incredible songwriter and she’s true to herself. She’s a trashy, drunk slut and she has no problem saying it. Love it.

  • Rodney Johnson

    SMH I refuse to put MY hard earned money into TALENTLESS people amaking THEM rich UNLESS its of QUALITY…SMH u would think every one else had that kind of sense SMH i have nothing against this girl all the best to her BUT seriously??..Seriously gay men of the world ENOUGH with the stereotypical love of pointless  bubblegum POP TRASH…we are so much more than that and really ITS JUST SO PLAYED :/..