Gay blog: Stand Up! PSA

WATCH: Cutest Anti-Bullying Video EVER!

Gay blog: Stand Up against homophobiaIrish non-profit Belong To has just launched one of the best anti-bullying campaigns that we have ever seen. Called “Stand Up – To Homophobic Bullying,” it targets youth and demonstrates to young people that they can and should stand up to gay bullying wherever and whenever you see it.

It makes it normal and cool to stand up for gay friends.

This video is just so cute and inspiring that it made our hearts soar and our eyes swell. We truly wish that this was the way that people reacted to bullying all the time. Unfortunately, we know all too often that kids fall into the herd mentality and just laugh right along when bullying happens to someone.

We hope that this video succeeds in inspiring young people to stand up for those bullied and say this is not cool with me.

What do you think of the Stand Up! PSA?

  • That was so adorable ^_^ i wish that happened to me when i was growing up. (not the bullying part that happened alot but the acceptance and openness)

  • Stephanie Timmons

    Now THAT was absolutely too cute. We need more people like those shown in this PSA in the world.

  • Stephanie Timmons

    Now THAT was absolutely too cute. We need more people like those shown in this PSA in the world.

  • Ashley Valencia

    Aw my gosh! So adorable!

  • should be on US TV and cable

  • mad2439

    Brilliantly done…so sweet!

  • mad2439

    BRILLIANTLY done, so sweet!

  • Gurrty

    so cute!

  • Ryan Nicholas

    AWESOME! Made me cry, but totally awesome none-the-less!

  • Romtic

    Man I have to say that I’ve been in one of those “need a good cry” moods for the past couple days and this had me on the verge of tears because of how touching it is.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely beautiful! should be seen all over the world…

  • Gus Anderson

    Reminded me of Mtv’s *Undressed*.
    But at nearly 4 and a half minutes in length….no American teen has the attention span to sit through a full viewing.

  • Anonymous

    This is a kick ass vid!!!! Loved it so much! Makes one think….

  • Anonymous

    Love it!!!! Makes one think….

  • Eric Jeffords

    That was amazing. But I agree with Gus Andersen, no American teen would sit through this entire thing XD Most unfortunate.

  • Please share this…

  • This is terrific!

  • Bullying with a happy ending!

  • Justice Calo Reign

    Eric & Gus.. that’s just not a true statement about American teens. Give them credit.. come on now boys.

  • Anonymous

    A picture perfect video – it only takes one person starting to break the thin line of homophobia!

  • Anonymous

    This is absolutely wonderful! Well Done!!! Can we get it broadcast in the US? In Seattle? Everywhere!? LOVE IT! Barb CE – a PFLAG Mom/Aunt/Friend

  • analogous

    Great piece of work~! Wonderful ad~! We should see this on US TV and cable~!  

  • Tess Bastian

    This makes me smile!

  • Goose bumps from head to toe!  !  Love is Love!  We just need more & More Love in this world!!