Bachmann Joins Republicans Against Marriage Equality

It’s shaping up to be the most intensely divisive election in the young history of the United States. With the Republican party divided, and becoming more and more radicalized by the Tea Party, and Obama’s Democrats reeling from some tough-but-necessary compromises, the political landscape is the most explosive in recent memory.

Demon Michelle Bachmann
In related news, this picture turned up when we Googled Michelle Bachman.

The LGBT community already being used as a wedge. The Republican National Committee identified Obama’s action on gay rights as essential points in the 2012 election, Barbour supports reinstating DADT, and Trump has talked hypocritically about liking gays but not gay rights.

Michelle Bachman spoke just last month to her ultra-conservative base in Iowa, and she laid out what will likely be her strategy for winning the nomination in 2012: Remove the government from any decision making and let “the family” make their own decisions.

She boasts about her introduction of the Lightbulb Freedom of Choice Act:

I think Iowans are to be trusted in the choice of their own lightbulbs. They are really smart people! Or who can access the Internet or what our schools can teach. We don’t need them to give us the answers to those questions.

And while she is pro-choice when it comes to lightbulbs, she is equally passionate about the government giving gays answers to who they can and cannot love.

This weekend in Iowa, she also delivered a rousing right-wing speech deriding Planned Parenthood as the “LensCrafters of abortion,” and spoke harshly about marriage equality.

In 5,000 years of recorded human history… neither in the east or in the west… has any society ever defined marriage as anything other than between men and women.

Not one in 5000 years of recorded human history. That’s an astounding fact and it isn’t until the last 12 years or so that we have seen for the first time in recorded human history marriage defined as anything other than between men and between women.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is gaining a ridiculous amount of media attention surrounding his unofficial presidential bid. It’s hard to know if he’s serious – this is the king of media manipulation after all – and yet us media types are having a field day with his oft-radical statements.

This time he’s saying that even if he does not get the Republican nomination he will run as an Independent – and win. We actually do hope he runs as an Independent, as this would further fracture the conservatives and galvanize the liberals to rally against complete right-wing takeover of all facets of public and private life.

Trump realizes this, saying, “The concern is that if I don’t win, will I run as an independent, and the answer is probably yes. That bothers me only from the standpoint that if I don’t win, we’re not going to get a Republican, and Obama gets re-elected.” Thankfully, we can surely rely on the Donald’s ego to prevent him from running, even if he is not sure to win as an Independent.

Between Gingrich (the lying and cheating husband), Bachman (the batty Tea Party darling), Trump (the miserly, egomaniacal billionaire), and Barbour (the Southern gentleman gay rights opponent) the Republicans are fielding a team that would make Charlie Sheen in Major League proud.

(photo via City Pages)

  • Gloria Hole

    In 5000 years of human history, there was rape and violence recorded. 5000 years. That doesn’t make it better.
    Neither does what this bright little bulb here says, just because it has always existed doesn’t make it right or wrong…

  • Wrenn Simms

    Ghods. In the middle ages, you were married (if religious were involved, and it was not necessary) ON the church steps. You weren’t allowed to do it inside. The state (or government) did not get involved at all until the Reformation, and that was because Martin Luther consideredit a a ‘worldy’ thing. Not a sacrament. Catholic marriages rules were set by the Council of Trent in 1563 (the Counter-reformation), and what was THEN required was a priest and 2 witnesses. Religious ceremony was required for a marriage in the protestant (English) speaking society until 1753 (the Marriage Act). Marriage rules/mores/habits… have changed many many times over the past thousand years, the past two thousand… These people need to learn history, instead of spouting what they want, what they know as familiar, as the historical constant. Because it’s not.

  • Gus Anderson

    The Republinazi are great about their vision of *smaller government* and *less gov’ment spending* and being *pro-life*….when they are not in control of the city/county/State/nation. Odd how when they are in control that they create more government and bigger government, they increase government spending, and the only LIFE they care about is the life of the UNBORN. Once you get born, the GOP doesn’t think you have any rights.

  • Ignore Bachman, friends. She’s a carny barker, that’s all, shouting silliness that only the furthest right considers worth hearing. She’s no threat–even less than Palin. She’s only a fairly pretty face spewing hate; she has no power (and never will) to impose her views on anybody.

  • heystopthat

    Most states pay foster parents,   in some cases up to 1200  a month to foster a child, 
    the Bachmans raised 23,   now- no one takes foster kids without a huge heart,  but the money sure did not hurt any,,,,and out of 23 foster kids,  and 5 bio kids,  if one is gay,  with they be shunned,  called barbaric,  will Daddy try to have GOD chase the gay away!  Check out their business, it is plain ass scary —  Some stuff to think about when considered POTUS as a job…..