Weird Al Yankovic Spoofs Lady Gaga: Perform This Way

Weird Al Yankovic puts Lady Gaga back on the defense for borrowing heavily from Madonna in Born This Way. Depending on your comfort level with seeing Weird Al’s dismembered head CGI’d onto a dancing woman’s body, you’ll either love or hate Perform This Way. Personally, we’re in the “Weird Al still makes music?” camp.


  • Christopher Wells

    very funny, love it

  • HAH!   love it!

  • Weird Al’s still awesome >A< <3 I'm looking forward to his new album! It was a very good parody, this one!

  • I adore Weird Al! So glad he did this. 🙂

  • Anieh Yohbadad

    I thought it was cute and funny, and though playfully mocking, a great homage.

  • TC Wilson

    I think, in his own way, he was defending Mama Monster’s brand of awesome.

  • SuluMor Beaubier

    I loved it!!!

  • Ashley Valencia

    Didn’t know Al was so bendy lol.

  • ShowMeGuy

    Weird Al only goes after the best.  If he doesn’t do you, it is because you do not matter.

  • Tora

    I love it, honestly more than a Gaga video (omg a gay that isn’t crazy for her?). I’ve always been a Weird Al fan, and admire him for ALWAYS getting an ok from the musician he’s going to parody before recording the song. Apparently Gaga was happy to have him do this, so there’s no need to be rude to the man, she obviously likes the idea.

  • Brian Lester

    I love it. Weird Al has been quoted as repeating imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and I’m sure momma monster totally approves. 

  • You haven’t really made it as a musician if you haven’t been parodied by that guy, even if he’s been quiet for a few years!  I figured he’d do SOMETHING regarding Lady Gaga, I mean, come on…