omgwtflol, solar bikini, solar bathing suit, idrink, solar speedo

What Do You Power With a Solar Bikini?

omgwtflol, solar bikini, solar bathing suit, idrink, solar speedo
Wait...why is this a thing?

“OMFG its just so amazing, you can be at the beach all day grooving to tunes on your ipod and never run out of electricity while wearing this photovoltaic bikini! And who goes in the water anyways?”

– treehugger

A solar film bikini that charges your iPod! (With a USB connection!)

The suit is a standard medium-sized bikini swimsuit retrofitted with 1″ x 4″ photovoltaic film strips sewn together in series with conductive thread. The cells terminate in a 5 volt regulator into a female USB connection

Don’t worry guys! The male version of the Solar Bikini (coming soon) called the iDrink, features a greater surface area which equals more output voltage. This additional juice is used to power a 1.5 amp peltier junction which cools a single beer in a custom coozy. Double cool!

The iDrink solar swimware line is perfect for those who want to go the beach, listen to music, and enjoy a cold and deserved beverage, but who don’t want to get wet! You’ve got tunes, you’ve got beer, you’ve got sun, and you’ve got eachother in swimwear. The rest is up to you.

See you on the Jersey Shore!


  • does that mean there will be uh.. women in these this summer? pack for the beach. no jk, dont like the regular beach that much.

  • Amelia Alysse Kennedy

    Sounds like a good way to forget you’re plugged in and get your iPod all waterlogged. I smell a “sorry I pushed you into the pool, I didn’t know there was an iPod on your bikini top” lawsuit.