texas pride, cowboy boots and shorts, texas pride newspapaer

What Was So ‘Deeply Offensive’ About Texas Pride?

If it wasn’t the two men dancing with one another, just what “deeply offensive” element about this year’s Pride prompted an angry Texan to write in to a local magazine?

texas pride, cowboy boots and shorts, texas pride newspapaer
Faux pas-ride?

Ha! Love it!

  • Maybe they were black shorts and brown boots?  That IS offensive.

  • LMFAO! That has got to be one the dumbest complaints I have ever seen. That guy is a total douchebag for writing that. I guess he doesn’t like the fact that not all gay guys walk around in tight clothes. Maybe I should write in and complain about the fact that he’s an idiot.

  • I think he was just offended by their fashion sense; not that they were two gay guys. 

  • Chris Graves

    Love it!

  • Dyan Edwards-Cagley

    I dunno… it depends on the shorts and the boots, but I’m almost willing to side with the Texan. 

  • Jeff Dubuisson

    He was making a joke. I live in Dallas, and can tell you to get a joke like that (with the message that two men together doesn’t bother him) from someone in one of the smaller TX towns, is the opposite of being a douchebag. He’s pretty cool in fact. And to drive the point home, I’m not just in Texas, I’m gay.

  • Jeff Dubuisson

    Kevin, I can’t believe you don’t see the humor in this, that he’s making a joke. It’s funny. Especially to us gay Texans. Acceptance is acceptance, and that’s what this guy is showing from one of the conservative corners of America.
    And Time Magazine isn’t really a local magazine.

  • Todd Bartle

    I can see his point.  As a somewhat fashion conscious gay man, I would be offended by the shorts/boots combination myself.  Hell, not even the Duke boys could pull that one off.

  • Riff Raff

    They were just channeling their inner Daisy Duke! Who amongst us hasn’t done that at least once in our lives?!?! LOL

  • Luinne D’Llard

    I want to buy this man a beer. XD  At first I was like ‘Oh god what does this conserva-douche have to say now’.  But then I lol’d when I read the rest. 83

  • Anonymous

    It is all about style….

  • Michael Cooke

    Big props to Michael Lopez! What a cool, ironic and funny letter!

  • ShowMeGuy

    Too funny.  I made my college roommate from Wyoming go back up to our dormroom and change on several occasions. He always tried to wear black cowboy boots with a brown belt or brown cowboy boots with a black belt.   boots with shorts……for the love of Cher….NO ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • D Randy Stokes

    As a gay man, I may agree with the ad: boots with shorts. I mean, really. I thought New Yorkers had more fashion sense. Just sayin’.

  • Eric Smith

    I can see his point…BOOTS clearly do not go with shorts. While “offensive” is a terribly strong choice of words, he’s got a point. This is almost as bad as wearing white shoes after labor day, or brown at Christmas (both of which I do) because I dont give a crap what other people think.
    He says he doesnt have a problem with 2 guys dancing..lets take it at face value. Dont you think you’er being just as bad, (as you think he is) or worse by calling this one out??
    Im beginning to think that being on the left of gay issues is just as extreme as being on the right side.
    When I see this sort of petty nit-picking, it makes me point out that there are indeed, things to be ashamed of as a gay man. It’s guilt by association. 
    This is right up there with thinking its ok to bag a married man because he’s in the closet, and sleeping with someone else’s partner. UNACCEPTABLE is UNACCEPTABLE. 
    To the point, this kind of criticism of the straight majority is exactly why we have to fight so hard to get any foothold anywhere. 

  • Lolz. I love that the offensive part was the lack of fashion sense.

  • Amy Melene

    Omg! That was hilarious!

  • Matt Williams

    This is actually hilarious considering this guy lives in Nederland! I mean, I grew up in an East Texas town of 8,000, but Nederland isn’t much bigger. Glad to see homos representin’ in the Golden Triangle area!