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What Would You Do If A Waitress Refused to Serve Gay Parents?

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ABC's "What Would You Do?"

With one in five gay couples raising children in the United States, the concept of the “traditional” family has changed dramatically. And with “Glee” and “Modern Family” ushering unconventional family structures into the homes of Americans all over, the idea of the traditional family continues to shift.

Tellingly, a sociologist at Stanford University, Michael Rosenfeld, found that “Children of the same-sex couples are as likely to make normal progress through school as the children of most other family structures.”

So, given that there are more gay parents than ever, how are everyday people reacting to seeing two men or two women with kids in public?

In an awesome show called “What Would You Do?” ABC News set up hidden cameras in a restaurant, brought in some actors, and had a waitress pretend to refuse service to a gay couple.

The cameras are set up at Norma’s Cafe in Farmer’s Branch, Texas. As the couples sit down to eat – first a lesbian couple and then a gay male couple – the waitress begins to probe their parenting skills and becomes increasingly disturbed with the gay parents.

Surprisingly, the Texans came to a vigorous defense of the freedom of the gay couples to eat wherever they want:

Our actress portraying a waitress: “I mean it’s bad enough you’re lesbians but you’re also parents and they don’t have a father. I think that’s kind of bad…I think this is terrible. I think they need a Dad!” *** Reactions from bystanders who witness the waitress’s behavior: “I’ve never felt so uncomfortable and so beside myself with anger. You are a horrible person and a horrible waitress, and you need to leave.” “You’re the hate monster.” “This is not the place for a political debate. This is a place for you to do your job.” “You are not king. You are not God. You have no choice. You have no place to put anybody in their place.” *** “It’s about the quality of the parents and the love that there is in the home more than it’s having a mom and a dad.” –patron who defended the gay parents interviewed by John Quinones.

The show airs tomorrow at 9 PM EST, but for a little teaser check out the videos below where hidden cameras capture reactions to gay scenarios in our favorite WWYD? segments below.

Father rebukes gay son:

Homophobic son rejects gay dad:

Gay bullying:

Gay parents (from last year’s season):

  • Petition & protest… 

  • Kate

    I would call the manager over and explain that since the waitress made it clear their establishment favors bigoted personal politics over good business, I would also save the register from my dirty homo-money. And walk out.

  •  Every one of these videos made me cry. 

  • Fight for a national public accommodations law that protects sexual orientation, gender identity (transsexual/intersex medical condition) and gender expression (crossdressing). 

  • Stephen Merritt

    Did you notice that even the sympathetic witnesses kept referring to being gay as a “Choice”?

  • OMG people need to get a grip so what who cares who’s gay or straight or whatever their lifestyle is… Isn’t there far bigger problems we should be concerned about in the world? I am gay and proud and have dealt with a lot of disturbing people when I came out 30 yrs ago but it didn’t push me back in the closet and stop me from living my life, but it does hurt others a great deal sometimes even pushes them to suicide, it’s sad that we have come so far in advancing but yet people are still prejudice… I am also a gay parent raised my daughter and shes straight but she is definitely open-minded and far from prejudice… Let me clear this up it is not a choice it is who we are the choice is whether we live true to ourselves or what society expects of us…

  • Depends, If I were the owner, I would immediately fire the server and comp the offended table’s meals. I would then announce that the servers views are NOT the views of this establishment. If I were a customer, I would have defended the couple and their children and gone on the verbal attack on the server up to and including chasing her out of the restaurant. Being a gay male myself, I do not tolerate any attack on my homosexual brothers and sisters and their families.