What Would You Do: Interracial Couple Harassed and Gay Parents Bashed

In our continuing coverage of ABC’s What Would You Do?, we’ve brought you gay parents denied service and now we bring you the most recent episode, which asks: What would you do if an interracial couple is harassed or gay parents were bashed?

WWYD? goes to Dallas, Texas, and discovers that it is, indeed, the Lavender Heart of Texas. Bucking all stereotypes, Texas actually has a higher percentage of bystanders speak up in support of an interracial couple, as well as both the gay and lesbian parents.

“I think silence is one of the failures of people today,” said one man who stood up for a lesbian couple with kids. He even wrote a note that caused the actress to break down in tears, saying, “This is my everyday life, so when they’re saying those things, they’re really talking about me. So yeah, I’m desperately touched by this and happily so.”

“Why should I hate you for something you didn’t choose,” said one black woman when confronted with a man harassing an interracial couple.

  • I live in Massachusetts, it being my birthplace, but I moved to Louisiana when I was about 18. I was traveling around the country and my car broke down. I can honestly say I’ve been almost jailed, lost my job and been beaten up for standing up for inter-racial, glbt parents (I live right next to a town with the highest population of lesbian women and second only to SanFran for gay men (last I saw something on it). People are humans, OMG, who is with who is a personal choice, and should not even cross someone else’s mind as a problem. It does NOTHING to their lives, if they are a stranger. Seriously, the stupidity of the mostly Vanilla population amazes me. Homosexual marriage has the option, or will most definitely, ruin the sanctity of marriage? How the F*** does that even make sense. If it’s not your thing and it happens to bother you, Don’t STARE! As for racial couples, um, most of us are an amalgam of many different cultures, whether we want to pretend we are PURE or not. Not to mention, if you are too pure, you probably have birth defects in your family, lovin’ cousins and all that. My stepmother told me I had an overblown sense of justice, and yeah, she’s totally right. I can’t stand by and let someone be ridiculed in any way, for their choice in a partner if the reason is lifestyle/race/religion/class… whatever. I generally try to start calm and rational, but usually just telling them, “Wow. Fine. I’m just gonna stand here in front of them until you leave.. want to hit someone or yell at someone, do it to me. I don’t abide bigots. We all started with brown skin anyway, since we lived near the equator on Pangaea until it spread out and separated the human race by water. White people lost their pigment because we were dumb enough to go where its COLD! Less sun. And if God doesn’t make mistakes, as Lady Gaga said, you were born that way, the same as about 20% of the animal kingdom. You saying that the gay horses are going to be struck down at some point? It’s nature, we are animals, even with the “evolving” thing. Of course you have to wonder what evolving really is? My dog could care less if someone is gay, including our male Bichon Frise (rip) who had the hots for him. When the animals don’t judge, and Jesus said (I’m not personally Christian) don’t judge, and wow I bet the antagonist’s lives could use some scrutinizing… how do you justify judging someone for their relationship choices? We don’t always make good ones, but that has nothing to do with race/lifestyle/religion or class. Oh man, humans, get a clue!

  • um.. parents also means couples… and individuals.. (parents? wtf?) Anyway wanted to clarify that.

  • Thomas Baggett

    This is a helluva video.  Well done, all involved, well done.

  • Mal enor

    “Gay Parents Bashed” is obviously faked. Why was the camera on the customer who confronted the waitress? We know the waitress was an actress, and so was the gay couple. They were all acting, every one of them, and the customer’s spiel to the waitress was scripted. ABC is phony.

  • Jessica

    I love this show :3

  • Jason Shreeve

    Not really the camera was on the resturant patrons because the patron instead of ignoreing it like the other people in the dinner they actually started to pay attention to what was going on and their body language gave it away that they felt it was inapproppriate and that it was disturbing them.