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Which Animals Are Gay: Infographic

Why we’re covering this: We love science! And the next time some fundamental religious person yells about homosexuality being “unnatural”, you can point out that there’s plenty of natural reasons for animals (and you and me) to be LGB! 

Last week, the internet buzzed with reports of two male lions getting it on in a Botswana safari park after reportedly ignoring the local lioness and driving away the other males — what divas! There was also news of a male penguin couple being moved from the Berlin Zoo to a male-only sanctuary in Hamburg where they could live without the pressure of procreation. It got us thinking about other gay animals in the wild queendom.

Apparently there’s gay, lesbian and bisexual dolphins and bison and woodpeckers – oh my! Today’s infographic takes a quick peak at some of the many known species with homosexual members and the biological benefits of their same-sex desires. But in addition to the animals listed below, scientists say that they’ve reliably recorded same-sex behavior in about 450 different species and that over 1,000 more are likely to exhibit it as well — RAWR!

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True story: Unicorn Booty was thiiiiiiiis close to being called Fruit Fly. I think we made the right choice, eh?

(story originally published June 14, 2011)

  • I just signed in and saw Glenn Beck’s name in my account, I must have put him in there so I could comment on some of his crap but now I feel so yucky that I don’t even want to touch myself.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a little sad that it isn’t called fruit fly, lol

  • I’m soory I’m not a social-biologist I don’t get how if a single gene promotes survival how can two promote homosex? and How can an allele (a trait right?) that promotes homosex in one sex increase fitness in another…..please all you bio med students out there explain.

  • ShowMeGuy

    Just be sure to wear a condom and keep handi-wipes close at hand.

  • Denise Forbis


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